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Recessed Deck Fittings

Make sure you check all of your recessed deck fittings (RDFs) to ensure they are secure and will hold your weight when doing recoveries. It's imperative that you have adequate deck lines all round your kayak to ensure you can safely and securely hold on to your kayak when you're in the water in roug... Read More

Published On: 15th July 2015

Contact towing.

A Simple Contact Tow.

For our sea kayakers out there using contact tows, you don't need an expensive cow tail with carabiners or an expensive tailored bit of kit. Simply double up a sturdy bit of bungy chord and attach to your deckline in front of your cockpit. Place one on either side so you can do your contact tows on ... Read More

Published On: 29th May 2015

Servicing your kayak.

Servicing Time!

This is a good time of the year to service your kayak. Stand it on a pair of trestles and give it a good wash down with hot soapy water, rinse well and dry completely. A bit of acetone on a clean dry cloth and wipe down the entire boat; this will remove any stubborn grime and old polish. Then use a ... Read More

Published On: 11th April 2015