Tripping over tent guy lines?

Guy lines everywhere!

Anyone who has camped for long enough has tripped over tent guy lines - every time! No matter how aware you are of their presence they will always catch you out, often quite painfully. And there are usually quite a few guy lines about, particularly if you're camping in a group.

A handy tip is to use small rectangles of tinfoil approximately two by two inches and fold it once in half and then fold it again over your guy line. You can use one to two of these per guy line and make sure you do every guy line and don't miss any - that'll be the one that catches you late at night when heading out to the toilet! The tinfoil acts as a reflective strip which will show up with your headlight, torch or even just the moon.

Remember to remove them when breaking camp and of course they can be reused when next you pitch your tent. Do not dispose of the tinfoil on the beach, re-use or throw in the bin when you get back to civilisation.

Affective, free and re-usable!



Published On: 30th March 2016