AS Tucas Millaris Bivy and Sestrals Quilt

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AS Tucas Millaris Bivy and Sestrals Quilt - Initial Thoughts.

AS Tucas is a small cottage company based in Spain making specialist lightweight outdoor gear, specifically quilts and bivvy bags with a small assortment of other specialist items for the long-distance or 'thru-hiker'.

The video made on a two-day trail with an overnight wild camp is a short summary of my initial thoughts on these two items of gear purchased in April of 2019. A detailed review of each will follow once both have been put through their paces on the trail.

The video ends rather abruptly for reasons unknown but you're not missing much, just a summing up and close. Enjoy and feel free to contact us with any questions or views.

Published On: 23rd May 2019