NOMAD Community Projects


NOMAD Ventures GB CIC (a community interest company) 
trading as NOMAD Community Projects.

This is a 'not for profit' enterprise with no shareholders and no dividends paid out and all assets legally locked into the enterprise - all for the benefit of our local communities!

Objectives: To help our local communities to better understand and support our natural environment whilst remaining physically and mentally healthy. We have a particular interest in invertebrates (insects) with some extensive knowledge and experience in this area within our business. NOMAD Community projects will select projects with an invertebrate bias where possible.

NOMAD Sea Kayaking has traded for fifteen years, helping the public to enjoy our beautiful coastline in an adventurous and safe way. NOW with our Community Interest enterprise, we can progress our personal passion and business objectives to support and add value to our local communities, using our extensive experience over the past fifteen years to support our environment and connect people with nature and the host of environmental issues we now face.

We want to excite and inspire communities to get involved with nature and their local environmental challenges, to take action and make a real tangible difference. 

Our communities will benefit as follows;
1. Access to outdoor activities led by qualified and experienced Guides and instructors.
2. Promote exercise and personal activity to enhance and promote good health and mental well being through specialist outdoor events.
3. Educate and expose communities to environmental issues such as climate change, loss of habitat and species conservation and management.

NOMAD Community Projects (NCP) will educate and enthuse as many people as we can to be active and healthy, both physically and mentally and be aware and passionate about the wonderful diversity of our natural world and what they can do to preserve, nurture and improve the environment for themselves and their communities. 

NOMAD Community Projects (NCP) will use our existing skills and expertise developed over fifteen years of UK operations to achieve the objectives agreed with our clients. So for example, we could lead a group of youngsters in canoes down the Stour River in Essex, teaching basic canoeing skills and enjoying the exercise and fresh air whilst learning about the diversity of the local entomology along he river as well as any possible challenges faced locally.

To discuss your potential community project, please contact us;

Office: 01473 - 375 026

Facebook: NOMAD Community Projects
Instagram: nomad_community_projects
Twitter: NOMADCommunityProjects