Beach Clean by Kayak

Woolverstone Marina
"It was great to learn some basic techniques before heading off to our beach clean location. All the necessary equipment..."
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Collecting small plastics on the NOMAD Community Projects beach clean in Suffolk. A kayak Guide briefing volunteers prior to cleaning a beach of trash. Sea kayak guide collecting refuse off a wooded beach on the Orwell estuary. A sea kayak guide collating data for MCS records in Suffolk. Volunteer kayaker bagging beach refuse & recording items collected for the Marine Conservation Society. A roller skate collected off a beach by a kayaker volunteer. Syringes collected downstream from Ipswich, the drug haven of Suffolk. Recording data of refuse collected for the Marine Conservation Society. White plastic and tins on a forest floor. Volunteers separating beach refuse in to their groups for recycling; a pile of glass ready to be bagged. Two orange sea kayaks on the slip ready to launch. A volunteer recording data for the Marine Conservation Society. Bags of refuse collected and ready to be processed. All refuse collected on beaches is recorded and bagged for processing. Volunteers using litter pickers to collect jetsam trash on a Suffolk beach. Large clear plastic bottle lying on a beach. Thick white plastic bag discarded pin a beach. Refuse collection rings & litter pickers next to bags of refuse collected by volunteers to NOMAD Community Projects. Refuse collection by volunteer kayakers in Suffolk. Matching grey buoyancy aids lined up alongside kayaks. Red buoyancy aids lined up ready for use with Orange kayaks in the background. Guests on a sandy beach with sit-on-top kayaks & green treelined shore Plastic bottles lying amongst green undergrowth. Data sheets for recording refuse collected. Kayakers collecting rubbish on a beach in Suffolk. NOMAD Sea Kayaking's motif Baba Kraken.

Beach Clean by Kayak

Join NOMAD Community Projects to beach clean & help our environment. Our thanks to NOMAD Sea Kayaking & Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund for their funding & support.

£30.00 p/seat

There are currently no dates scheduled for this event. Please telephone 01473 - 375 026 for available dates for this event.

Join us & NOMAD Community Projects & do something that is good for our environment & puts a smile on your face, knowing that you have done a good deed!

Did you know that the Suffolk Coast and Heath's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty covers an area of 403 sq km? This includes 283km of beachline/waterfront of which only 73km is coastal. The majority is shoreline along the 5 estuaries at the heart of our AONB.

The shore along the Orwell estuary is an important part of the AONB but is also a very busy waterway; running to the port of Ipswich. Being so busy creates all sorts of challenges, one of which is the amount of refuse & debris which collects in it and is then washed onto the shore.

Hosted by NOMAD Community Projects & supported NOMAD Sea Kayaking & Coast and Heaths AONB Sustainable Development Fund, we are organising 'Beach Cleaning by Kayak' to help tackle some of the waste that has been collected along the shoreline of the Orwell estuary, concentrating on the areas north of Woolverstone Marina. 

Launching from Pin Mill & travelling by sit-on-top kayak, our group, led by our NOMAD Sea Kayaking Guides, will paddle up the estuary with the help of the tide. We'll land on a selection of designated beaches & shoreline that desperately need our help. Armed with gloves, litter picking equipment & collection bags we will be equipped to collect, sort, bag & dispose of everything we find responsibly. We'll ensure that we recycle all that we can using Terracycle.

People forget that our estuaries have issues with rubbish, just as our seas do. From plastics & debris blowing off the land, being dumped at sea, or just people carelessly discarding things, it all ends up somewhere, usually washed up along the waters edge on coastal & inland beaches. These items get caught along the shore in grasses or on low-hanging branches. NOMAD Community Projects supported by our sister company NOMAD Sea Kayaking, are determined to do our part to make our countryside & coastal areas cleaner for both ourselves & more importantly the local wildlife & ecology. 

This NOMAD Community Projects event has been part funded by the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund and part-funded by NOMAD Sea Kayaking, which enables us to offer this event with a small contribution from our guests. NOMAD Sea Kayaking & Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund cover the balance of £60 per guest volunteer in support of this important work. In addition NOMAD Sea Kayaking provides the kayaks, equipment, vehicles & guides & covers the cost of fuel.

PLEASE NOTE: Every £20 donation secures one seat & is non-refundable. Every £20 donation is used to further support environmental work within our local AONB area. IMPORTANT: All 'no shows' will be charged the balance for this event which is £59.99.

This event is charitable, hence the subsidised low price. Please turn up; don't waste your seat. The NSK Guides for this event are volunteers, as are our guests & everyone is doing their best for our environment. Please take this event seriously, use your seat, don’t let it go to waste & please don't waste the goodwill of NOMAD Sea Kayaking who are part paying for your seat on this event.

Sixteen years of age & over.

Would you like to paddle as much as you like & as often as you want? Take a look at our 

Robin Baldry

May 23rd 2021

Can't thank Becky and Kurt enough for an enjoyable beach cleaning at Pin Mill. We had been along time booking up so their patience was incredible. Thank you so much.

Tony Boardman

May 1st 2021

A perfect way to re-connect with the 7 tenths of our planet that comprise water. It brought home to me how much impact the remaining 3 tenths that we inhabit affect the seas, and ultimately, our lives. Hopefully, the research and records we took of the 70 kilos of crap we cleaned off the beach will raise awareness of our duty to protect our environment, and that of all the creatures and life giving plants that we share with our planet.

John Birch

May 1st 2021

A very well organised trip led by two clearly experienced leaders. It was great to be able to share a very enjoyable half day with like minded people who care for the environment and to be able to make a small but significant impact on part of the river. The equipment provided was top quality, as was the direction and advice given.

Thank you John, it was lovely to meet you and get Diane back out with us too! thank you for your help, it really is making a difference. See you on the water again soon we hope!


Diane Birch

May 1st 2021

I enjoyed this event, spoilt only by the unseasonably cold weather.


Launch location



Sit on top kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid


Free or Pay and Display.

Additional Notes

Bring snacks and a drink. We will provide gloves, refuse sacks, litter pickers and will recycle & dispose of all the items collected during the beach clean as responsibly as we can.

This event is to enhance, support and get people out into our local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is generously supported by a Sustainable Development Fund Grant which helps us to offer this trip. For just a £20 donation you secure one seat. This is non-refundable. Every £20 donation is used to further support environmental work within our local AONB area. Please turn up & don't waste your seat. IMPORTANT: All 'no shows' will be charged the balance for this event which is £59.99 including VAT.

The NSK Guides for this event are volunteers & so are the guests. We are all doing our best for our environment. Please take this event seriously & participate in the spirit in which we present it. Thank you.