Kayak Trips & events

NOMAD Ventures GB CIC is a Not-for-profit, community enterprise with the goal of doing good for our natural environment in and through our local communities. You can contribute by purchasing a sapling or two, planting your sapling/s, volunteering your time or making a donation. Trees are planted to offset the carbon emissions of all of our events.

Later this year, guests will be able to do all of the above when booking any event, thereby helping to offset the carbon footprint of their event as well as their own personal travel to and from the event. We hope to receive our first funding to deliver seven bespoke kayaking trips with twelve guests each, collecting and surveying rubbish washed up on inaccessible beaches throughout Suffolk for the Marine Conservation Society.

Telephone us or email apply@nomadcommunityprojects.co.uk to engage with these important, local events.