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Suffolk ALL INCLUSIVE Kayaking & Wild Camping

Bawdsey Quay

Price: £289.98 p/seat
Fully Booked!

Wild camping with 'luxury' added to the mix! Everything is provided, your tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and liner and even your evening wine with dinner, and tea and coffee with breakfast as well as your kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid all provided, just turn up and enjoy your guided Kayaking adventure. This is wild camping without the hassle!

Arrive on Saturday morning at Bawdsey Quay (Suffolk) to meet your Guides and brief for your guided Kayaking Trip. Each guest will be provided with a geodesic tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag with liner as well as their own kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. We launch off the shingle beach with a 'seal launch', sliding down the shingle slope straight into the sea for a bit of fun and paddle north up the coast enjoying the deserted and quiet coastline with the rich history of the Second World War 'D Day' preparations and the Cold War nuclear test bunkers at Orford Ness. Conditions provide for flat calm to rolling swells to play on the swells and your Guide will stop from time to time to tell you about the area you're in and the local wildlife. The area is rich in birdlife with Kestrels hunting over the grass and bush verges of the beaches so binoculars are recommended.

Arrive at our campsite in the early afternoon to set up our base camp and enjoy some downtime to relax and settle in with a cup of tea/coffee. Once you've settled into your tent and had a look around the campsite we have the option of paddling out again in the afternoon. This time visiting the mouth of the River Ore which leads up to Aldeburgh with beautiful views out to sea and north to the lighthouse on Orford Ness, the famous former secret nuclear test site.

It doesn't end there; once back to our camp, we'll visit the local Martello Tower and take a tour of the historic site, enjoying the beautiful view from the *top.  Once back at camp we'll enjoy a glass of wine sun-downer on the beach, relax and chill. Then free time to enjoy your surroundings with a walk, bird watching, contemplating life or just having a snooze outside your tent or in the sun. Dinner is prepared for you in camp and we can cater to most dietary needs. The evening is spent around the fire with a drink or walking along the beach in the moonlight which is particularly stunning on a full moon.

Breakfast on Sunday morning, not too early and after a coffee/ tea, we'll enjoy a relaxed and informal meal on the beach overlooking the sea. Pack up your kayak ready to set off down the coast to Felixstowe Ferry, around two hours paddle and finish the day with a snack and drink at the local cafe before setting off home. A great adventure without the hassle, cost and worry of tents, sleeping bags, stoves and food!

Weather Remit: A wind of a maximum of 15 knots steady blow and this includes wind gusts. The trip will be rescheduled if the wind exceeds this limit and there is further discretion on the part of the Lead Guide with all-night events. Rain, snow and other conditions don’t generally affect our ability on the water. Exceptions are sometimes made and this is at the discretion of your Lead Guide and/or the Operations Director. Your Lead Guide will make a decision based on the wind speed (including wind gusts) in combination with tide strength and direction, time of day or night and size of the group alongside other factors that may influence the safety and comfort of the entire group. As this is a two-day event, bale outs may be necessary for safety reasons.

NSK wants to get your event completed as soon as possible; please trust the judgement of your coach/Guide.

* Subject to access

No experience needed just a good positive attitude to the outdoors. Over sixteen years only. It should be noted that events only go ahead with a minimum of six (6) guests.

Launch location Bawdsey beach
Departure time 11am.
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag with liner, kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. Meals (dinner & breakfast)
Parking Free at launch
Additional Notes The price includes your evening meal, evening wine (red or white), tea and coffee, and morning breakfast with coffee/tea. Most dietary needs can be catered, please inquire to adventure@nomadseakayaking.co.uk. *Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.* It should be noted that events only go ahead with a minimum of six (6) guests.


IMPORTANT - Corona Virus
Due to the new guidance of the government and the fact that some guests may be self-isolating through no choice of themselves, all events have been scheduled to the 4th July 2020 or after.  This has been confirmed individually by email to each guest. We have added two new and important protocols to our 'standard operating procedure' for all events and you can see these in our FAQ's under 'Important Stuff'.

These are difficult times for NSK and we need your support. We respectfully ask all of our guests for their patience and consideration, we are trying to survive a serious pandemic and do the right thing for all of our customers as well as look after our staff and freelance Guides. We will ensure that every paid and confirmed guest WILL get their event.

*Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.* It should be noted that events only go ahead with a minimum of six (6) guests.

Event Notes

Launch confirmed from Bawdsey Quay for 09H40 SHARP - arrive at least an hour before to pack your kayak. Do not be late as we have to follow the tide and you will be left behind.

All guests have received an email with details for this weekend; please check your email inbox. Launch venue postal code is included in your original 'Trip Details' email when you booked. Post Code: IP12 3AZ

This is an 'all-inclusive' event but each guest is responsible for their own warmth, energy levels, hydration and paddle speed. Please bring plenty of warm clothes, snacks/drinks. You are part of a group and we can only move as fast as our slowest paddler so please consider your fellow paddler and apply yourself as necessary to the conditions. Paddle hard as required, your Guides cannot paddle for you! Your Guides will try to accommodate everyone's needs and abilities but we are limited by weather and conditions so please work with us - thank you.

PLEASE read through all of our online notes, FAQ's and your 'Trip Details' email (with attachments x2) and COME PREPARED. We are available during business hours to answer any and all questions so please don't be shy, we are here to help make your adventure a memorable experience and as comfortable as we possibly can.

Be advised that your Lead Guide has the legal right to deny participation without refund if your Lead Guide feels that you are unprepared and pose a danger to yourself, the group or your Guides. This could be because of your clothing, equipment, spare warm clothing and/or food/fluids or even a generally negative attitude (this is not an exhaustive list).

This is a great trip with a lot of good, healthy outdoor fun. We look forward to welcoming you for a great weekend.

Thank you.

Email: adventure@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Office: 01473 - 375 026


All guest reviews have been verified by NOMAD Sea Kayaking. In addition our guest reviews are verifiable directly with the guest who made the review. Please contact NOMAD Sea Kayaking for further details on how to verify our website reviews for yourself.

Engaging guides, great food and blessed by good weather.

− Isabel, Jan 2020

Fun, good food, good company and good safety.

− Sarah, Jan 2020

The leaders were fantastic: personable, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, kept us safe, supported the group to fix up camp, made it fun with a few challenges, showed us how to filter water, excellent learning experience (from putting up a tent to thinking about the change in weather, tides and how to keep safe and warm). The others in my group were lovely people and we all worked together and supported each other throughout the weekend. The whole weekend was an excellent learning curve for me regarding sea kayaking and keeping warm and safe. Awesome food and it was just so much fun!! I will definitely do this again.

− Sandie, Jan 2020

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