FAQs - What should I expect from my event?

Will it be cold and wet?

NOMAD Sea Kayaking do everything we can to ensure your comfort and safety. That being said, this is kayaking and most often in deep, tidal conditions so you can expect to, at least, get mildly wet (feet and bum) and sometimes conditions can make for a colder experience. So please read through our guidelines carefully and help yourself by coming prepared. Open your mind and engage with the beautiful environment around you.

What is the size of your groups?

Group size will vary from one event to another and the time of year but as an average, our groups number ten to twelve guests with two to three Guides per event. We do accommodate groups up to seventeen with three to four Guides. It should be noted that events only go ahead with a minimum of six (6) guests.

How long are your trips?

Events will vary dependant on;

a) The ability of the group?

b) The weather & sea conditions?

c) The nature of the trip?

Our website event description should provide an accurate estimate of the duration of each of our events and you will receive your 'Event Details' email which will also indicate the duration of your particular event. Generally, our events last anything from two to six hours and entire weekends for our wild camping events.

What do I do with my valuables?

Leave your valuables at home wherever possible. We generally park in public car park's and spaces and your vehicle will be subject to all the normal security risks associated with public car parks. Guides cannot safe-keep your car keys so please ensure you have a waterproof bag for your keys and a secure place to place your key bag.

Is food included in your events?

We don't include food in our day trips but we do provide freshly cooked meals on all of our 'Suffolk All-Inclusive Kayaking & Wild Camping' weekend trips. We recommend our guests bring a packed lunch and plenty of snacks and fluids for their event. Guidance is provided in your 'Event Details' email and on our website when you place your booking.