Guest Reviews from 2015 - 2020

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Suffolk ALL INCLUSIVE Kayaking & Wild Camping

  • Great weekend away - clearly a very knowledgeable team and a lot of fun was had. Would thoroughly recommend. TOM
  • Everything was great!! The guides were very entertaining and nothing was too much for them. They interacted with us and wanted to get to know is us. TAMZYN
  • From the organisation of the trip to the equipment and the guides, everything was very professional. SYLVIA
  • Just back from a great weekend Kayaking and wild camping on the Suffolk coast. These guys are enthusiastic and passionate about their sport and the environment, also good fun and go out of their way to make the trips enjoyable and they are happy and willing to share their years of experience. Highly recommend it today! STUART
  • Fun, good food, good company and good safety. SARAH
  • The leaders were fantastic: personable, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, kept us safe, supported the group to fix up camp, made it fun with a few challenges, showed us how to filter water, excellent learning experience (from putting up a tent to thinking about the change in weather, tides and how to keep safe and warm). The others in my group were lovely people and we all worked together and supported each other throughout the weekend. The whole weekend was an excellent learning curve for me regarding sea kayaking and keeping warm and safe. Awesome food and it was just so much fun!! I will definitely do this again. SANDIE
  • My first kayaking-wild camping experience was on bonfire night this year! So exciting!! Five of us set off and started to set up camp with about an hour’s daylight to go. With tents up, wood was collected and a gorgeous fire was got going. Such a relaxing and fun evening stretched ahead and getting to know another group member who I hadn’t met before. Laughter, chatter, eating, and of course drinking, with fireworks going off all around. A cold night, with a mixture of conditions, but nothing could dispel the fun. Waking early to see the sun come up, standing on the beach, with hot chocolate in hand is one that I won’t forget in a hurry … if ever. The weather was kind until we had to leave and the tide helped to propel us homeward bound. Would I do it again! Of course, and soon! KERRY
  • Have been waiting a while to do this trip and it fulfilled all expectations. A journey along the coast to set up camp, a tranquil rest on an isolated beach and then a slightly more challenging but exciting paddle with wind and waves a little further up coast. Seals!! Stunning sunset and sunrise. Great guides. I'm told the night sky was amazing by those who sat round the campfire till late. If you've never done this sort of thing before, give it a go!! No-one to go with? Just go anyway, the company will be good. No car? Don't let that put you off. Trains, taxis, ferries will get you there and home again. JENEFER
  • Engaging guides, great food and blessed by good weather. ISABEL
  • This was my first time camping and what a fantastic first trip. The most amazing scenery and a great group of people to share it with. Becky and Kurt excel at making people feel at ease and their knowledge and skill is exceptional. You are always in safe hands. There is nothing quite like camping under the stars with the waves lapping nearby and an evening by a campfire making new friends over a few glasses of wine. Sea kayaking can be quite challenging but providing you have a sense of adventure and are reasonable fit I would recommend trying it. The sit-on kayaks are really stable, and even if you do fall in, Kurt and Becky are at your side to get you going again. I left the weekend feeling exhilarated, exhausted and with a whole group of new friends. None of us knew each other before the trip, but we have been in touch ever since. I have already booked my next trip and can’t wait! GAIL
  • Expert guiding and kayaking advice. Great wild camping, totally back to nature and no frills. EMMA 

Wild Camp and Kayaking on the Stour

  • My first trip was from Shotley and along the Stour – just a day trip this one, no camping overnight. Six of us set off from the ferry pontoon at the marina. A beautiful day to be out and on the water. Shortly after launch, we came onshore for a ‘had to be done’ quick bite to eat near the Bristol Arms pub. After that, we took things at our leisure close to the shore and further out, and finally decided to come ashore at a lovely stretch of beach after about an hour and a half. Idyllic – beautiful scenery and sitting among a group with relaxed banter, laughter and conversations going on around. If a bit of escapism and freedom is your thing – in addition to having fun and meeting lovely people – then this is for you! KERRY
  • My first kayaking-wild camping experience was on bonfire night this year! So exciting!! Five of us set off from Shotley and started to set up camp with about an hour’s daylight to go. With tents up, wood was collected and a gorgeous fire was got going. Such a relaxing and fun evening stretched ahead and getting to know another group member who I hadn’t met before. Laughter, chatter, eating, and of course drinking, with fireworks going off all around. A cold night, with a mixture of conditions, but nothing could dispel the fun. Waking early to see the sun come up, standing on the beach, with hot chocolate in hand is one that I won’t forget in a hurry … if ever. The weather was kind until we had to leave and the tide helped to propel us homeward bound. Would I do it again! Of course, and soon! KERRY
  • A lovely weekend in good company. I was impressed with the guides; very professional and patient and we had a wood fire in the evening, bonus! Strongly recommend this for those of you who don't want a long paddle but want to enjoy a wild camp. LORRAINE

St Osyth Sea Kayaking & Wild Camping 

  • Great weekend. Was very windy and the sea was a little rough which made it a little tricky to get the boat to do what you wanted it to do. WAYNE
  • Hi to everyone reading my experience on this trip. The journey was exciting and challenging coping with strong winds, the scenery breathtaking. Our guide Kurt was attentive and informative throughout, an experience I will always treasure and can't wait for the next adventure with Nomad Kayaking! LORRAINE

Stag Party

  • We had a fantastic overnight wild camping trip with Nomad Sea Kayaking for a friend's stag do. The itinerary was fun and flexible. We got to take things at our own pace, which meant extra paddling and 'surfing' in the afternoon after making camp on the first day, but a prompt finish back at Bawdsey Quay when tired on the second day. The camping was in a great location - lots of interesting buildings to explore, and riprap to scour for firewood. I particularly enjoyed finding and filtering our own water. The only down side was the number of night fishermen around - but I suspect that had something to do with it being the hottest weekend of the year. Kurt and Becky were excellent hosts. We felt safe and in good hands throughout, but without being mollycoddled. They were good company too - with great stories to tell. If you're after an adventure, something a little bit different, I'd definitely recommend a wild camping and sea kayaking trip with Nomad Sea Kayaking. STEPHEN

Shotley to Pin Mill

  • Great day out, thoroughly enjoyed it. I can imagine it being a little daunting if it was your first time in a kayak but Kurt would easily guide you through. Now waiting for our new kayak purchases to arrive before becoming members. JAMES

Seal Colony Eco Tour

  • A group of friends and I had a wonderful time on this trip. We were all new to kayaking, but our guide, Kurt, did an excellent job of explaining the basics to us and leading our trip along the picturesque Essex coastline. When we arrived at the colony, the seals we met were very inquisitive and some popped their heads up out of the water right beside our kayaks. The beach we stopped at for a well-earned lunch was a beautiful place to rest before our paddle back to the departure point. The day was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks to Nomad for an unforgettable experience! MARK
  • Thank you for a fab day on the water and for giving us the opportunity to change trip dates so we could make the most of improved weather conditions. I didn't fancy wind and rain!. I think we found it tougher than expected but most enjoyable. It was great for us to see healthy seals in the water before stopping for lunch on a lovely beach and happy to do a quick beach clean before heading back. I can recommend this trip and would love to do it again myself. JO
  • After such a long break due to lockdown it was great to finally be back out on the water with NSK. The wind was building all week, so it was a great relieve that Kurt and Becky came up with a back up plan to avoid a large group being disappointed. A flotilla of 18 split it up into 3 groups of 6 - socially distancing of course! A lovely day and a chance for some guests to try out the brand new fleet of sit-on-tops. TONY
  • This is my second trip to see the seals, and its a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon! Good company as always. Even though this is my second year as a member and my confidence on the water is building, it is always good to know you are out with such an experienced guide as Kurt. If you are thinking about trying out sea kayaking, you will be in very safe hands with this guy! TONY
  • A lovely trip looking for seals of which we saw a few. Kurt is a very informative guide and is very knowledgable about the local area and obviously very passionate about the natural environment and wildlife. I had an invigorating day and would recommend this trip- make sure as the trip details - to bring lots of warm clothing as the weather can change very quickly. Thanks, Kurt and team. Always in safe hands. TAMSIN
  • An absolutely fantastic trip. Very knowledgable guides who both know the area and their craft but also instill a sense of trust in the ecological impact of kayaking trips to visit seals. Safety and technique for kayaking were paramount; there was no glossing over the hard work of kayaking and that is to Nomad's credit. The payoff was that, whilst paddling away, no part of your mind is worrying, meandering or concerned ....its just you and waves...they take care of everything else. I would most definitely recommend them for a trip. RICHARD
  • I would thoroughly recommend this trip, I organised a team building day which worked a treat. The weather was not the best with the wind blowing towards us for the trip to the seal colony. This made for quite a tough kayak for some, but both Kurt and Becky were encouraging without being demeaning. With their encouragement and support, everyone finished the trip during which we saw plenty of seals but more importantly helped each other and experienced kayaking for the first time for most. A great expedition not to be missed, well organised throughout. I will definitely be back to sample another trip, thank you. PATRICK
  • Had a fantastic day out with Kurt and NOMAD. The weather was great and the seals were a bit shy and kept their distance but the trip was worth it. The paddling was quite challenging at times as we were against the tide and it was a long journey for a novice, but being with a good group of people kept the spirits up. Kurt is a very knowledgeable, environmentally friendly bloke and very easy to get on with. I recommend anyone to have a go. PAM
  • Wow-what an experience, literally awsome :) a bit of a paddle to get there, but well worth it!! It was truly amazing to be sitting in a kayak (in the sun too!) being investigated by curious seals. I'd only ever seen one before so this was just breath taking :) at one point there were 4 of them around me just watching me, and some come surprisingly close! - close enough to be splashed! Obviously, I would recommend this trip, and I'm looking forward to going again. NAOMI
  • I am a reasonably experienced kayaker who had been wanting to try out sea kayaking for a while. I booked a touring boat as that is more similar to what I'm used to. Since I have paddled plenty before I didn't find the paddling part very hard, indeed I had frequent rests as we waited for some of the less experienced people to catch up. However, it was too much for one woman, who was really struggling to control her boat and wasn't able to keep up with the group. She ended up having a much shorter journey - one of the guides went back to the start point with her. The weather was perfect - warm, a light breeze, only very gentle waves. The biggest danger weather-wise was sunburn! That said, I did have a long sleeve top and paddling jacket on, I probably would have been cold if I had just a t-shirt. We saw maybe half a dozen seals - some on the beach and some in the water. Some of them came pretty close to have a look at us. All in all, it was a very enjoyable journey and a perfect introduction to sea kayaking. It was my ideal type of trip - not too hurried, with interesting things to see along the way, and the all-important stop for food! Although if you've not been kayaking at all before, I would strongly suggest doing one of their shorter trips first. MYRA
  • A group of friends and I had a wonderful time on this trip. We were all new to kayaking, but our guide, Kurt, did an excellent job of explaining the basics to us and leading our trip along the picturesque Essex coastline. When we arrived at the colony, the seals we met were very inquisitive and some popped their heads up out of the water right beside our kayaks. The beach we stopped at for a well-earned lunch was a beautiful place to rest before our paddle back to the departure point. The day was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks to Nomad for an unforgettable experience! MARK
  • This day trip is incredible. Kurt, Becky and Joff were great guides and made us feel really comfortable even though we hadn’t been kayaking before. You need to be relatively fit to do the day of paddling but don’t need to have kayaked before. I’d love to go on more adventures with Nomad LOUISE
  • What an amazing day, the weather was glorious and my fellow kayakers such good company. Kurt our guide professional, informative and attentive as always teaching me how to get the best out of my performance. The seals popped up periodically to say hello, it was awesome. The scenery as always breathtaking and the peace and quiet except for the sound of wildlife was surreal. This trip is a must if you want to experience all of these wonderful things. Lunch on the beach with good conversation and sharing goodies with lovely people. Go on try watching telly and on the plus side, you're keeping fit and breathing all that fresh air!!! LORRAINE
  • A great way to spend the day. We left Harwich and paddled for an hour or so to reach the seal’s habitat. You’ve got to work a little bit to make the tides in time but it’s totally doable. There was a range of ages, levels of experience and fitness and we travelled as a group. Every time the group got a little spread out the front would stop to allow everyone to catch up. We arrived at the seals in time and chilled out watching them for a while from our kayaks. I saw seals pop their heads up out the water about ten times. Someone had been on the trip before and said there were loads more and they were popping their heads up right by the kayaks. If you’re just in it for the seals I hope you see a whole bunch. I think the paddle was worth a day out in itself and made seeing the seals a more rewarding experience. After watching the seals we stopped on a beach for some well-earned lunch before heading back to Harwich. A round trip of about 7 nautical miles and a total time of about 4-5 hours. Can’t wait to go on the next trip; one of the two-day wild camping ones. LINK
  • An Exhilarating Day! If you’re anything like me, there are lots of interests and activities you’ve secretly stored up, thinking you’d like to do one day, one day soon, but somehow, something always holds you back. Me? I’d been thinking about buying a canoe (or maybe a kayak) on and off for simply ages, but there are so many different types, for different waters, different adventures(!) not to mention then the associated storage and transport requirements. What did I really want? And could I then justify the cost? Nomad Sea Kayaking provides the answer. Offering a wide range of canoe and kayak training courses from beginner upwards, and a varied assortment of trips, my eye was caught by their ecology trip to visit a colony of seals. This involves a round trip of 7 nautical miles of sea paddling, (a slightly daunting prospect – my only experience being the odd paddle in Canadian open canoes in sheltered, inland waters) , but broken by a beach stop to eat a packed lunch together with as many floating paddling rests for the group as needed. The kayak (in this case a very stable sit-on-top or SOT), a double paddle and a buoyancy aid would be provided by Nomad. Throughout the trip, the group would be under the professional guidance of Kurt, not only an expert sea kayaker but also it turned out, a trained entomologist, pleased to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world. All I had to do was pay the (not unreasonable) one-off cost and arrive on-time, suitably dressed with some food, water and a positive attitude. The scenery of the Essex coast provided a stunning, shifting backdrop and along the way at points near to the shore, there were channels busy with local boats to navigate and wrecks to negotiate. We enjoyed fine weather with calm seas. All too soon (though just over some three hours later), we left Stone Point beach for a deep-water paddle directly back to Dovercourt beach. And you know what? I had an exhilarating day! I’ve visited places I’d only previously read about fondly in books and magazines over so many years, I’ve seen those secretive seals and learnt something about them and their habits around kayakers. It was a special and memorable day. Most importantly, I proved to myself that under the guidance of Kurt I had the confidence to handle this type of trip. Something I could never have done on my own or any other way. Oh, and as a side benefit I improved my paddling skills. It doesn't mean that's the only type of paddling I ever want to do, but I discovered that sea paddling is something I do like! If any of this in any way strikes a chord with you may I recommend you give Nomad Sea Kayaking a try. JOHN
  • Wonderful day trip - so good to be out on the water with some cooling breeze. Good paddle upwind with some swell to deal with, lovely quiet creek with lots of seals to spot. And some interesting boats too! STopped to eat on a small beach with beautiful grasses and watched a ringed plover fuss over youngster learning to feed itself. Haunting trilling call. Back in the kayaks again to paddle back to the start point. Thoroughly enjoyable day out with excellent guides, mixed group but everyone managed well. Would definitely go again! JENEFER
  • Totally different experience the second time around, loved it just as much. Our first trip was full of excitement with a Member taken ill. This meant we missed the weather and tide windows. All exciting but not for all first-timers. This time around the pace was quicker with a more capable group. We hit the tide windows and were blessed with amazing weather. Yet again the guides excelled themselves with their knowledge and witty banter. Highly recommend. JAMES
  • A fabulous, elemental day on the East Coast... We’d been drawn to Nomad out of a desire for my partner, Grace, and I to finally make more use of the wonderful East Anglian coastline we have the privilege of living near. We’re both reasonably active, love the outdoors and have, in our time, both enjoyed kayaking in non-tidal rivers and lakes but a sea kayak seemed a more serious undertaking so hence one of the introductory kayak sessions offered by Nomad seemed the perfect way for us both to begin to, literally, dip our toes. Originally we’d signed up to a night kayak in winter but, due to various circumstances, ended up, via lead instructor Kurt’s helpful advice and recommendation, on the Seal ‘Eco’ Tour from Harwich on a warm, balmy afternoon at the height of summer. Start time was advised as 12:30 with a planned launch time of 13:30, enough time for us all to meet and go through the safety drill while trying to place Kurt’s accent (hint: he’s not from Basingstoke and does, it seems, occasionally enjoy a ‘Braai’). The group was small but perfectly formed of two novices (us!), two experienced kayakers and Kurt – and while, initially, we were both a bit worried we might slow the others down and detract from their own trip, it was clear from the outset that the ethos emphasised by Nomad would be inclusive and friendly, irrespective of experience, with a caveat to be sympathetic of others as well as your surroundings. This was certainly evident when, following Kurt’s safety and technique briefing delivered in a refreshingly no-nonsense style, we were both helped by the others to launch our supplied sit-on, day-glow-observable-from-space kayaks into the choppy waters of Harwich Bay and a fresh South Easterly headwind. Within seconds it seemed the familiar British seaside scene at Harwich, complete with ice-cream van, screaming children and lobster coloured adults faded from sight and sound and we were finally underway… …heading south along the coastal edge toward Hamford Water, within the Walton Backwaters, and the local seal colony. Sure, we were both slow but kept a steady rhythm and every so often Kurt would stop and regroup to make sure everything was ok. While bulky, the sea kayak feels incredibly stable, almost impossible to capsize, which ensures the novice can focus on rowing technique (use your ‘core’ and not your arms) as well as how to wave at friendly sailing boats without losing your oar. It also allows for a degree of solitude, despite the group, which is also alluring if you wish for moments of true peace and reflection in an otherwise busy life. And yet, despite the undeniable truth that time seems to slow on water, within what seemed like an instant we had regrouped just outside Hamford Water and entered the seal colony, with Kurt’s guidance, in silence, with little tweaks of our oars gently moving us toward them. This felt truly special, surrounded by the spectacular views within the estuary, yet also watching harbour and grey seals swim inquisitively around us, bobbing their heads above the incoming tide apparently untroubled by our presence. A pair of binoculars is recommended. Eventually, the spell was sadly broken by a motorboat and so we departed, heading against the tide and following Kurt through the decaying Thames Barges protecting the Hamford Nature Reserve (‘don’t land there unless you want to be shot at by the owner!’), towards our only landing of the day at Stone Point, at the end of Walton Channel, for some much-needed food and replenishment. And in the glorious sunshine with wondrous views all about there seemed few better places to be at that moment as we snacked and chatted about the real magic of the past few hours. Very soon it was time for the last leg of the day: returning directly across Harwich Bay towards our original launch site. The tide and wind were now with us and again the minutes flew by as we passed the buoys of the main channel and were soon all rushing ashore. All was now quiet in Harwich and 5 hours had seemingly passed in an instant. Grace and I both agreed that this had been a fabulous, elemental day and we would definitely return for more. Many Thanks to Kurt for a truly great day out and to Mark and Tony for their patience with us. GARY & GRACE
  • This was an experience that was well worth the wait and I would highly recommend this to anyone with a keen sense of adventure. You will need to be reasonably fit to tackle this trip as it will test your stamina levels. However, the Guides led the trip at a reasonable pace and were very good at coaching your techniques along the way. Both Kurt and Becky were very passionate about their jobs and made it a pleasure to share this experience with. We were lucky enough to spot several seals and they were brave enough to pop up near our kayaks. It was a privilege to see these majestic animals in their own habitat and people on the trip were very respectful. Being on the water with these guys was a privilege and would love to tackle another trip with them in the future. DAVID
  • After a long period of off the water due the dreaded virus we were set to go out on the seal colony tour on the 4th of July. I watched the weather all week with anticipation as it was very windy. On the Thursday before the tour plans were changed by Nomad sea kayaking. Rather than cancel the trip we had all been waiting so long for it was decided we would set off from more sheltered setting at Pin Mill. A great day was had. It was nice to see guests from previous trips and meet some new ones. On the way back we even saw a seal. CHRISTIAN
  • Another great day out with the Nomad Kayaking team. The weather was changeable so the day was planned ad hoc to suit all participants ability and conditions. This along with all other outings and courses have been very enjoyable adventures and social occasions. Thank you. CHRISTIAN
  • I found it very therapeutic and peaceful. Good tonic for busy heads. Kurt and the members were lovely. I am inclined to apologise for not being too conversational when I was there -- surely, if I had a mind to come up with questions at the time I would have had some interesting answers. But, the rhythm of moving in the kayak (and my body moving it) and being on the water and the quiet was refreshing and somewhat meditative, and I was disinclined to pull myself from it. Thankfully my friends were rather more conversational, and thus I got the benefit of listening to some interesting things without needing to press my brain from stillness. For those who have no concept of what 7 nautical miles is, you probably paddle for a few hours or so over the whole thing at a steady pace, probably not including bobbing and occasionally moving to avoid the mud/land with the seals, with a couple of short breaks, and then of course the long lunch break to add to that also. The seals kept the distance, in our case, as such a pair of binoculars might serve you well, but it is still nice to see them even without. Information that might be of interest for beginners: 1) You might find the first hour trying (dealing possibly with a lot of zigzagging as in my case!), but you will get the rhythm of it with some tips from people present and just being conscious of your body and what you are doing. For this reason (among others), I am glad I did not go for some session that was only an hour somewhere. 2) Your legs and feet will get wet. If you can wear clothing that will decrease how wet you get or that stops the water from clinging to you during the lunch break, you will get less chilly during it and feel more comfortable. As long as you can accept and get on with the fact that you are wet, it should not bother you in the slightest whilst kayaking - there's not the movement of air across your legs to make you cold. 3) You will almost certainly get stiff muscles/body parts. What muscles are stiff depends a little on how you sit and paddle. When you sit forward rather than back, you quad muscles are in use; the more you twist and pull, the more you use your obliques, and top of your abdomen; if you are avoiding twisting for whatever reason (injury, or in the case of one member of our group who was pregnant), you will feel it more in your wrists, and possibly chest if you are actively pushing; you will use the bit behind your shoulders (but this is awesomely good for you with most people's hunched over desk jobs!); you may find it painful if you have smashed your shoulder in the past few years (as one of our group), or otherwise injured it in such a way that it hurts to do the motion. Despite the various bits of stiffness, everyone still seemed to enjoy it. 4) You will be warmer than you think on the water. Recommend bringing a layer in a dry bag on the kayak to put over you when you stop (if it's not a warm summer's day, and most certainly if you tend to feel the cold like me). 5) if you find sitting upright on the floor uncomfortable with your legs out straight, due to a bad back or flexibility, you may have problems sitting in those kayaks uncomfortable (although possibly less so if you grab one with a seat added to it). 6) Yes -- as one, I can say that -- this trip is perfectly doable for beginners. Relevant to if you book... Some practical paper related stuff: 1) After payment you will get a confirmation email DO NOT ignore this thinking it's like the others you have had in your lifetime from various popular internet outlets (which is to say, exists only as a `confirmation' of your payment/order). It contains your launch time and an arrival time (which is an hour before the previous). You will not (unless there is some change, presumably), contrary to what it says above, receive an email a week before the launch time with this info in it (the members might of course, but not the non-members). 2) If like me you did not notice, the grey labels to the side on the right `kit list' etc are links (again, this does not come to you in a separate email the week before as implied by this webpage). If you are reading them thinking they are a bit intensive for a day trip, just remember, that these are the lists I think they use for the wild camping trips too, and make appropriate mental adjustments... 3) For those who are hoping to arrive on public transport, our launch time was 8am, which is to say, that whilst it is vaguely doable from some places to arrive for 10am on a Saturday (if not on a Sunday), it moves as far back in the morning to 8am reduces the `catchment area' that will be able to get there. As such, you might want to email beforehand to check what the present potential time is before booking. I think that just about covers everything! Apologies for the length, but I do like to be thorough. In conclusion, if you are drawn to it, can get there, and are happy to get on with things, go for it! AIMIE

Sea Kayaking Members Day Trip

  • An awesome day out to Harwich from Felixstowe Ferry with Kurt & Christian. Nice run down the coast to Langard Point and then a quick dash across the shipping lane. Breakfast at the cafe on Half Penny pier was followed by a tour round Light Vessel 18 famous from the film The boat that Rocked while we waited for the tide to turn. The trip back was more exciting - a NE wind over the ebbing tide - some of those waves were over my head! Definitely one to do again - perhaps on a nice summer's day next time! TIM

Rough Water Day

  • I find this to always be a fun day out, who doesn't like a good play in the sea with friends. This course is great for building confidence in slightly more challenging conditions, while under the expert eye of the instructor. JEROMY
  • Not very rough but unfortunately the weather can not be ordered. Flexible planning meant a good paddle up the coast to the Martello tower for lunch with a bit of towing practice thrown in. JAMES
  • A good day out, thank you, Kurt. Although limited 'Rough Stuff' we did play in the groynes and practice some recoveries in deep water. Good friendly day out even in the heavy rain at the end!!! DAVID

Recoveries For Sea Kayakers

  • A 'must-do' course for anyone serious about sea paddling. I've always had a fear of falling out of my boat into deep water, even with someone with me and this course helped me overcome this. Not only did it teach me all of the different recovery methods that are available but it built up my confidence hugely. Now I know I can recover myself as long as I judge the conditions safely. I scored 4 Stars only because it was SO cold on the day but that can't be helped....and there was a lot of emphasis on hypothermia and the associated dangers so lesson learnt. TOM

Recoveries for Kayakers

  • Good day at Alton water, covered a lot of different recoveries in the time we had. Always good to practice and go over techniques. JAMES

Private Tuition 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Following on from my 1 to 1 with Kurt yesterday, I cannot recommend this session highly enough. I have been kayaking for the last 4 years and due to not enough time on the water felt that my progress had plateaued. Having access to Kurt's skills and knowledge for the day has provided a great boost to help with my progression. Basically get on the water and practice! Thanks again Kurt! TONY
  • As a new and enthusiastic paddler I wanted to take a course that would fast track me to the point where I felt comfortable in the majority of situations and the one2one course with Kurt did not disappoint. Although I see value in working in groups I really relished the undivided attention I received because whatever issues I had regarding technique could be quickly identified and addressed as well as the many questions I asked answered without the feeling I was holding up the group. The emphasis on safety was apparent and has set me in good stead to enjoy this wonderful sport, but always make sure I get home! Thanks to Kurt and Becky for organising the course on short notice and exceeding my expectations. See you both in the not too distant future. SAM
  • I attended a 121 with Kurt prior to my trip to Faroes, Iceland & Greenland - my only previous experience being canoeing in a swimming pool about 30 yrs ago! Kurt took me through the basics including recoveries & capsizes as well as some great tips on technique & helpful advice. Covered everything I asked for & more. Can't recommend this highly enough - book up and give it a go! I'll definitely be doing more. MIKE
  • Had a great day as a tailored introduction to Sea Kayaking and improving some of my skills. I have been paddling inland for 2 years, at BCU level 3, and now wanting to venture out to sea! A fellow paddler joined me, of a similar level, so was tailored for both of us. The day started with a good overview of equipment, reading the tides/current. Then off for a paddle - improving basic paddling skills, towing, landing, manoeuvres etc and lots more I will hopefully remember in time! Had an enjoyable and informative day – thanks Kurt! Look forward to joining you on trips or the next step in my journey. MAXINE
  • I chose the 1:1 coaching session on the strength of the reviews on here, and it did not disappoint! I am new to kayaking and wanted to start with a really good foundation. I also wanted to be able to have lots of time with the coach so I could ask lots of questions. Kurt contacted me before our session to find out exactly what I was after. I wanted to practise handling a kayak on the land, try getting it on and off my car and have it set up comfortably for me. I also thought it would be helpful to learn good paddling techniques from the start! On the day, Kurt and Becky swiftly put me at ease. We started with the basics and then Kurt tailored the session to me at my pace of learning. We also practised assisted rescues and it was reassuring that this is a skill I could use if I need to! Overall, I was super chuffed with the day. I am much more confident on (and off) the water and I had so much fun! It reminded me that adults need to carve out time to have fun and play too!!! LOUISE
  • My chosen 121 was on Self-Recovery. An essential skill. The alternative being nothing less than total reliance upon others, (who may not even possess the few kayaking skills I have!). No matter what I’d tried previously, wasting hours trying to emulate those “expert” (but strangely unhelpful) videos I’d found on YouTube I hadn’t been able to achieve self-recovery. This was worrying. Was it me? On the 121 Kurt reassured me that my problem was by no means uncommon; many factors such as different heights, weights, muscular structure, general build, gender, plus different lengths, widths, deck heights and weights of kayak mean that every paddler/kayak combination is unique. You have to work those to best advantage. You’ve also got to have your own recovery process clear in your head and practice, practice and practice to make it instinctive. Kurt analysed where my recovery problems lay and quickly came up with alternative methods of approach. Trying each of those we arrived at a good Plan A (a fast self-recovery with no additional assistance). Plan B (as backup and using an aid) came next following the same process. Nomad’s 121 option offers excellent use of Kurt’s knowledge and experience. The whole time spent learning to self-recover the proper way was made enjoyable. I’ve still got to practice and then get signed off in deep water, but over just a few hours I gained a skill that may one day save my life. JOHN
  • I had a days kayak training with Kurt back in September 2014 so this testimonial is a little overdue, but so impressed was I with the professionalism that was shown throughout my entire experience, that I felt it necessary to write this belated testimonial. I am an operations manager with a huge amount of experience dealing with high powered customers and providing them with the quality of staff and staff training that they expect. City financial brokers/ bankers can be tough customers so I know how hard it is to provide the ultimate in customer service. So let me tell you that I felt welcomed and appreciated as a customer and right through the card my trainer Kurt continued to impress me with his enthusiasm for his sport/occupation. He made me feel very assured and comfortable that he would be personally responsible for my safety at all times and his skills and confident manner ensured that I had a great day out that I will remember for a long time. I have disabilities involving my power and mobility of my lower limbs and to some extent, my flexibility at my waist is limited by pain. Kurt ensured that the level of each activity was enjoyable and kept within tolerable pain levels and at no time did I feel embarrassed or pressurized to give more effort and potentially overdo things. Of course, you are using a lot of muscles that you may or may not use in your normal daily routines so you feel that you have to be prepared to get stuck in. Well, you can if you want to but Kurt did not expect this and tuned the activity levels down to ensure that I had enough rest and I decided how far I wanted to go. I had to take routine medication during my training and Kurt ensured that we stopped and rested at this time. Okay so I am a big fan of Kurt but I feel that Nomad Sea Kayaking are a caring and professional company and their training methods and presentation skills are far in excess of what I was expecting and I would be glad to personally recommend them at any time. Well done and thanks for a really enjoyable and informative training session. GRAHAM
  • I have been sea kayaking for almost a year without any tuition and needed to learn some more skills, we did self rescues, checked my paddle strokes were good, learnt some new ones, all of which I can now practice, and checked over my PFD and boat set up. The 1 to 1 session was just what I needed and great value. It was tailored to my exact needs and also a lot of fun! I will be doing more with these guys. Thanks, Kurt. GILES
  • I spent a very cold and wet day with Kurt on an Essex estuary in preparation for some kayaking in Antarctica. His attentive professionalism (and self-deprecating humour) impressed on me and I felt immeasurably more comfortable on the water after the excellent session. I've also never seen a man capsize with such confidence. Highly recommended. ED
  • Thank you, Kurt and Becky!
  • Helen and I wanted to thank you for a fabulous day on Saturday Everything turned out to be perfect and we so appreciated the personal attention and fantastic training that we received We feel far more relaxed about the upcoming trip to Antarctica and confident that we can manage anything that they throw at us!!!
  • We hope we may be able to join you for an adventure in the future. NICK & HELEN 
  • My work schedule means weekends can be a bit chaotic so I decided on a weekday private session with Kurt. I am a complete novice. It was a really positive experience and I learned more than I expected. The weather was glorious and we met at Brightlingsea. Kurt took me over the basics and we headed off. Under Kurt's watchful eye, I was surprised by how quickly I could apply the basic steering principles of the kayak. He paid close attention throughout as we weaved between the boats. The wind picked up slightly, creating a very small chop on the sea and we headed out to open water. Ordinarily, for an inexperienced paddler, this may feel a little daunting. But again, Kurt is a guy who, by his meticulous detail and attention to safe kayaking, made me feel secure. We paddled across to Mersea and ate lunch on the beach. More guidance on technique followed. Next up was the dreaded self-recovery. I say dreaded, as I'm a weak swimmer and though I've never been phobic about water, I'm not very confident either. Kurt slowly explained the drill and what I should expect regarding cold water shock etc. Again, it was a positive experience due to his calm and assured guidance. I never felt in any danger and when you know what to expect, it makes the experience a whole lot easier. Due to the lovely weather, we stayed out on the water for a few hours in total. On returning to Brightlingsea Kurt gave me a really helpful brief about equipment, clothing etc. Overall, these kind of first try sessions relies on the competence and personality of the guide. Kurt is a top bloke and certainly a lively character. His passion for the job - and kayaking in general - is apparent from the start. As a former military guy, his attention to detail is strong and while he takes it very seriously, I never felt patronised. Kurt puts a big emphasis on paddlers enjoying themselves and it was refreshing to hear someone talk about the rights of paddlers on the water, while being responsible, as opposed to a 'don't do this, don't do that' attitude which can suck the joy from the experience. It makes you feel empowered on the water and this helps with your confidence, I'll be hoping to complete another shorter session on recovery, and maybe a trip. Nomad Sea Kayaking is a brilliant place to start kayaking and if you can't make weekends or would like a bit more of a personal training plan, then I'd highly recommend the 1-1 sessions. Admittedly, it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for. It's a proper full day of training and a bedrock to expand your kayaking skill set. If you want a top-quality experience then I can't get imagine you'll get better value for your money anywhere else... ANDY
  • Wow what a day! Amazing 1-2-1 with Kurt yesterday! Sea kayaking is new to me and I decided to book a 1-2-1 with Kurt to really develop my skills. Kurt and Becky provide a top level experience from start to finish. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I will be booking more trips and courses in the future and would 100% recommend NOMAD Sea Kayaking to anyone who's thinking about taking 1-2-1, course or trip with them. ALEX

Private Events

  • My first intro to sea-kayaking and haven't been kayaking for over 10 years. It was knackering! Kurt was a great laugh and very professional. Highly recommend it to anyone else who's keen to give it a go. I was well proud of myself! But very tired afterwards. Cheers, Kurt! JONATHAN
  • A great day! A tailored private tour is perfect as you get to go at your pace but feeling safe and confident knowing you are in expert hands. The highlight for me was open sea kayaking (I had never ventured so far from shore) & the still and silence of remote creek backwaters, broken with just the splash of seals!! NICOLE
  • We had an amazing day Kayaking from Dovercourt to the Walton backwaters to view the Seal colony there. We saw at least 50 seals in the natural habitat, some basking in the sun and others swimming over to us to say hello. Kurt the guide was excellent, providing us with lots of information during the trip, but also giving us space to enjoy the day. After stopping for lunch on a beach only accessible by boat, we kayaked back to our starting point, tired but happy! BRIAN
  • My family (four of us, with two boys aged 17 and 13), took a one-day sea kayaking course with Kurt earlier this month. We cannot recommend him, or the course, highly enough. He tailored our day to match the requirements of our sea kayaking trip coming up in Alaska. Kurt is incredibly knowledgeable but also a great teacher - we learnt so much and gained so much confidence. It was fun, interesting and memorable - all the things good training should be. He went over and above, giving us advice on clothing for Alaska, tips on wild camping and so on. We have done a lot of activity-based training in the past but this was the best by far. If you want any of the kayaking adventures that Kurt and his team have to offer then there is no need to look further - choose Nomad Sea Kayaking and you will not regret it! Five stars is simply not enough..... MYRA

Pin Mill to Shotley Day Trip

  • This is a lovely trip, ideally suited to anyone wanting to get a feel for sea kayaking. The distance and duration are about right especially if the conditions are calm, as on Sunday 8th April. Guidance and friendly support from the trip leader and fellow paddlers, with a lot more experience than me, made this a very enjoyable excursion. Highly recommended. STEPHEN
  • This was my second trip with Nomad and proved to be thoroughly enjoyable! The distance was about right to give a good paddling time but not so far as to be too tiring. It's a great trip with added interest of paddling past boats and with plenty of wildlife to see. The pub makes a good rest stop with a chance to use the facilities and refuel (if you can consider a pint of Adnams as fuel!). The wind and tide made it tricky to track in a straight line at times but a few corrective strokes soon put this right, Kurt is an informative and engaging guide with a very matter of fact attitude and a wicked sense of humour. If you are thinking of booking this trip, stop thinking about it and just book it, you won't be disappointed. PATRICK
  • We have now been on trips with Kurt and his team a few times. As usual, the advice, training and help were excellent, which made the afternoon very enjoyable. If you haven't tried a trip with Nomad Sea Kayaking, then what are you waiting for? We certainly will be booking another trip. NEAL
  • Such fun was had by all who kayaked today. I spent the day with fellow kayakers who I met on previous trips and I also met new ones, fabulous people as always. The weather was glorious and as always Kurt was attentive and professional making sure all his members were getting the most from this lovely day. Kurt always gives us the history of the area in great detail which makes the trip totally fulfilling. So go on girls and guys give it a go, what have you got to lose, get kayaking you will love it, peace and quiet, the sound of nature all around you and fantastic company from all walks of life!!! LORRAINE
  • Well, I've only just managed to write this review as I now have partial use of my arms back after this trip :-) Joking aside, it's a great trip and good to have Pin Mill as a destination point. You go with the tide (relief) and the company was great fun. There was no pressure to keep up with the faster paddlers as all were enjoying the scenery whatever their experience. There is a certain time pressure to keep up with the tide but as a beginner, I can confirm this is perfectly possible. We had a beer at the end to celebrate. I contemplated drinking it from a straw due to tired arms but I managed to muster a final blast of energy. Phew. JO
  • Great day out, thoroughly enjoyed it. I can imagine it being a little daunting if it was your first time in a kayak but Kurt would easily guide you through. Now waiting for our new kayak purchases to arrive before becoming members. JAMES
  • We were part of a small group to kayak from Shotley to Pinmill on Sunday. Bright beautiful day in November, perfect conditions. The paddling up river was good but not as easy as l thought it would be, a good challenge. A seal popped up ahead. Lunch break at the lovely Pinmill pub then the return was hard going at first until the tide fully turned and then a gentle return to Shotley. A thoroughly enjoyable day with nice people, all up for some banter and the wildlife was amazing. Well worth the money. Thanks, Kurt. CLAIRE

New Years Eve Night Trip and Fireworks

  • Very well organised with comprehensive emails prior to the event including a suggested kit list. A shuttle was provided to the launch point. The briefings were excellent, with each guest being looked after throughout the course of the evening. KIT
  • So well organised, and what a lovely bunch of people. A great way to see in the new year! KERRY
  • It was an amazing adventure. Everything was explained by the guides. Nothing was too much trouble. Everyone from experienced to beginners was looked after and given personal treatment. JOHN
  • The guides were absolutely amazing! Couldn't thank them enough for such an amazing night and teaching me how to kayak as I was an complete beginner! EMMA
  • Such a unique experience, NOMAD was brilliant - so organised yet easygoing. BRONWYN
  • Friendly and patient guides, lot of fun overall. APURV

Navigation; Trip Planning for Kayakers

  • Using examples from Nomad’s own trips, this eye-opening yet easily understood course walks you through the planning considerations that underpin every trip. Using sources of freely available information plus an ordinary map and compass, you’re shown how that information combines to provide properly informed decisions, necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable coastal paddle however short or long. No particular knowledge is assumed but the knowledge and confidence you’ll gain will place you head and shoulders above the average paddler in this respect. The very useful template provided will also allow you to quickly plan future trips, (not forgetting to re-check the latest weather forecast on the day!) e.g. Where’s the best place to launch and why? What times should you launch and return? How might the combined effect of wind and tide affect your plan? How do you use a map and compass to fix your position and monitor progress? What should you consider before deciding to cut across that short stretch of open water? How can an ordinary piece of string provide an essential planning tool? Which emergency bail-out points will provide a safe beaching and avoid you ending up in a worse situation, surrounded by acres of mud on a falling tide? All of this and more is delivered in Kurt’s informal but always professional style. Along with the accompanying real-life anecdotes, this course should be mandatory training for any aspiring kayaker. Thoroughly recommended. JOHN
  • Very useful course. Clear and well-paced instruction. This course has given me the confidence and the knowledge to plan simple trips and where to find all the relevant information needed. JEROMY

Moonlight Kayaking

  • Nomad Paddles Are Never Ordinary: Our small group of eight launched from Pin Mill in the late evening on a warm summer evening. Just before sunset and with no other river craft moving we had this sheltered, tree-lined and beautiful section of the Orwell to ourselves. With a gentle, cooling breeze as we reached slack water, we paddled along almost in silence, the only other sound is the cry of a nearby Oyster Catcher. We paused to watch the hazy sunset, perfectly framed by the Orwell Bridge. Kayaks being able to go places other craft cannot, we were able to explore right up to the water’s edge, seeing areas that few others have ever accessed. Switching on our red head-torches in order to be seen in this unfamiliar but enchanting twilight world we paddled on to Woolverstone Marina before crossing the river and heading back, all talk along the way being of what a wonderfully memorable trip this had been. JOHN
  • This was my first trip with Nomad and I was made to feel welcome as soon as I arrived. We set off just before 9pm and once we were out on the river, we had a great view of the sun setting behind the Orwell Bridge. It was a small group and the pace was fairly easy, initially through the shallows at the edge of the river, then the pace picked up a bit as we crossed to the other side. I was thrilled to hear and then see a pair of Oystercatchers along the shore. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and looking forward to my next paddle with Nomad. Thank you to Becky and Kurt, whose confidence and enthusiasm made me feel safe, even in the middle of a river in the middle of the night!! DINA

Learn to Eskimo Roll

  • Great afternoon. Thanks Kurt and Becky RICHARD
  • As a paddler returning to the sport after a long break I wanted a chance to spend some time with a knowledgable coach & see if I could remember the basics in a safe environment. Had a great few hours down at Felixstowe ferry on a lovely morning & as it quickly became evident my choice of Nomad was spot on. Kurt ably backed up by the lovely Becky were engaging with the rare ability to mix great coaching with humour and conversation. Didn't quite progress to the full roll (mainly down to my rustiness) but very close & am sure with the great pointers Kurt gave I will get it cracked. So if you are looking for some great coaching with a professional set up look no further and make that booking, I will certainly be returning. MARTIN
  • Had a great afternoon session with Kurt. I didn't quite make the roll but I think I came quite close. Kurt has left me with plenty to work on. JOHN
  • While not being one of the 8 out of 10 who manage a complete roll the first time they do this course, I stand testament to the fact that the other 2 out of 10 can achieve this skill through perseverance. Kurt is an excellent instructor, and his good humour and patience made the experience very enjoyable and rewarding. If anyone contemplating this course thinks rolling a kayak to be too difficult, just stick with it, if I could achieve it, anyone can. JEROMY
  • Kurt’s patience and coaching wisdom give great confidence, my general goofiness and maybe the terrible weather meant that I was very near to a successful roll when I ran out of time and stamina, but I’ll be back. It was a really good morning in proper cold wild conditions- pretty much the real thing, not a nice cosy swimming pool. Thank you, Kurt, I’m sure I will roll next time with more fitness, better cockpit fit and some grit! Do it - you won’t regret it!! IAN
  • I found this to be a great course. Some time invested on dry land first and then to the water, bit by bit building up to a roll. The parts of the roll I was letting myself down on were put right and by the end of the session, I was 95% there. With Kurt's encouragement and simple breakdown of the roll into its fundamental parts I have been able to practice it and today managed 10 good rolls in a row. I just need to keep practising which I will. Thanks, Nomad Sea Kayaking. GILES
  • Excellent.... having tried this a couple of years ago with no success I thought I must learn to roll this year. Turning up on a sunny day was a bonus. Kurt put me through my paces, identified my problems and slowly and steadily built up the fundamentals for a roll. Building the whole thing together resulted in me achieving a number of successful rolls by the end of the session. Really well put together one - one to one tuition - Result one happy paddler. DAVID
  • Having already taken the Introduction to Sea Kayaking (non-tidal) earlier in the year, I knew Kurt's excellent training style would be the best route to getting rolls under my belt, and he didn't disappoint! Whilst I didn't manage a 100% solo roll on the day, Kurt got me to 95% and I've every confidence that it's only a matter of practising the steps to smooth out the kinks and add this recovery to my ever-growing list of kayaking skills. DARREN

Kayaking Taster Session

  • Great time had by all the family. Kurt was very accommodating with the children (aged 8 & 11) and offered lots of advice to all. The boys were bubbling with enthusiasm. Thank you. JULIE & DAVID
  • This was a really relaxed session for my daughter (6) and I. We just paddled around in the shallows (she had not done it before) and we bought a picnic for after and there is a playground for further kid fun. We didn't spend ages in the water and we mainly just splashed about. A great intro for Lucy and if we had a question the team were on hand. JO

Introduction to Kayaking

  • An excellent introduction to kayaking! Through Kurt's friendly and positive instruction on basic strokes, we very quickly understood how to manoeuvre the kayak in an energy-efficient way. The no-nonsense advice on equipment and clothing was particularly helpful and should save a lot of money by not buying the wrong or unnecessary gear. Thanks for a great day. TONY
  • I’ve always liked the idea of learning to kayak but I’ve never known where to start. A bit of Googling at the beginning of the year brought me to Nomad and I decided to book a session. I've completed two sessions with Kurt - ‘Introduction to Kayaking - Non-tidal’ and ‘Introduction to Sea Kayaking’. We started both sessions by discussing our previous kayaking experience and what we were aiming to get out of the course. Kurt kept each of our aims in mind and gave us relevant advice throughout. I was worried, as I essentially had no experience, but I needn’t have been. Kurt was incredibly attentive and explained everything straightforwardly, highlighting the most important points and making sure everybody had grasped them properly. He paid attention to our technique and was always on hand to give us advice and encouragement when we needed it. By the end, I couldn’t wait to get out on the water again. The sections on equipment and the features of the different types of kayak were incredibly useful. A lot of what you read online can be either grossly oversimplified, overcomplicated and confusing, or just plain wrong so it’s really beneficial to have somebody experienced guide you through it. Kurt is a brilliantly engaging teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you’re thinking about learning kayaking, there really is no better place to start. TOM
  • I have just completed this course and I would like to thank Kurt for a very organised, detailed, informative day, which was also really good fun and a real confidence builder. Kurt made a real novice like me feel relaxed and positive about my abilities. I was given loads of advice about my forthcoming trip - little nuggets of advice from someone with a huge amount of experience and knowledge. Many thanks again and I would recommend this company to everyone. TAMSIN
  • This course was perfect for me as a complete novice to kayaking. Kurt made the day a very enjoyable one with his friendly manner, constant reassurance and encouragement. We learnt much about the various boats, equipment and clothing that was available to buy or even, not to buy. The morning was spent out on the water learning various paddle strokes which was great fun and then the daunting bit came; capsizing. But with lots of words of encouragement from Kurt I did it! Since completing the course, I have hired a kayak and had the confidence to paddle on the reservoir, with my husband. So thank you, Kurt, for your guidance and giving me the confidence to do this. SUSAN
  • Together we had a fab first days training with Kurt attending the none-tidal course. Kurt is a very thorough instructor, engaging, motivational, very knowledgeable and a great confidence giver and with a cheeky sense of humour to boot :) !! After the initial getting to know you at the beginning, we were introduced to our kayaks and then taken onto the water to learn about different strokes, how and when to apply them, manoeuvring over the water, rotation, spatial awareness, observation, coming into land and so much more!!. After approx two hours on the water we had a short break, and then carried onto the capsizing and recover, which was also great fun and we can't wait to do it again. Post all the physical bits we were introduced to Kit, which Kurt had prepared to showcase so we understood exactly what is required to take this further. We are already booked onto the tidal course and are making plans for a big splurge on purchasing the necessary gear to get out there and practice our new found skills. We would recommend this course to anyone starting out or wishing to brush up their skills. Also a fab venue at Alton Waters, with a nice cafe which serves hot and cold food and the Best Hot chocolate ever, very friendly staff and good changing facilities. Thanks, Kurt for a fab day, we were buzzing at the end of it!!! SANDIE & STUART
  • Great day, great course, great instructor. ROY
  • I had been wishfully thinking for years about kayaking but now 63 years old took the plunge on a 'now or never' basis. The Introduction to Kayaking was the best day I've had for the past 20 years. The course wasn't too hard in terms of physical activity and is doable for any 60+ year old if you have basic fitness. Don't be daunted, do it. Kurt and Becky put us through the necessary strokes, and we had time to repeat and improve them. It was pure bliss to be in the countryside watching the carp catch flies on the surface and curious ducks paddling faster than I. My brother took up kayaking last year aged 70, and built a sea kayak over the lockdown, so I'm aiming at Nigel Dennis's, Explorer 20/20 kayak, all I need is a mortgage to get it. NORELLE
  • I have wanted to learn how to Kayak for quite some time. But when my husband started to open water swim, I knew that now was the perfect opportunity to start. Many people had said to me "Just buy a kayak and learn on the water" or "You don't need lessons to kayak", all I can say is they were wrong. If you seriously want to learn how to Kayak and I mean kayak properly, Becky and Kurt are the best people to see. The course was fun and very informative. Kurt and Becky ran through everything with us, from buying the right kayak, equipment and clothing to the do's and dont's when purchasing. We also had time on the water of course, which I must admit I was quite frightened of. Becky and Kurt were understanding of this and helped me quickly achieve my first assisted recovery. On this course they gave me a taster on what it's really like to kayak and I loved it. I love the peacefulness, head space it gave me and the feeling of being close to nature! I can't wait to move on to the tidal course and I hope to become pretty good at kayaking, fingers crossed. Thank you, Kurt and Becky, you both were fantastic kayak instructors and just so funny! LAVINIA
  • Fantastic day never tried before was going to love or hate, I wasn't very good however Kurt and Becky were fab very encouraging getting out of kayak to get my paddle strokes right, was concerned about capsizing exercise but was fine. Haven't laughed so much in ages and gave it my best shot really enjoyed myself and will try another adventure with them All I can say is cold!! Layers are the key put enough on till you can just do your coat up that's enough😂 thanks guys Love Derek and Lara. DEREK & LARA
  • I started sea kayaking in July this year and my first experience was the non-tidal course at Alton Water. I was relaxed, comfortable and reassured from the beginning. Kurt’s approach is friendly and professional. He helps, teaches and guides you in accordance to your level and ability, and at a speed that you are comfortable with – a perfect balance. Communication and contact before the day was spot on, with a detailed itinerary being among it (so you knew exactly where you had to be, at what time and what you needed to take with you). I learned so much that day, loved every minute, and got hooked! KERRY
  • Going some way beyond what the title may suggest, even those with some paddling experience can expect a few challenges and maybe some surprises out on Alton Water that might take you outside of your immediate comfort zone (but that’s how we learn!). Not to be under-estimated this packed one-day foundation skills course offers a great learning experience under expert guidance and controlled conditions that teaches not only the basic strokes needed to paddle and manoeuvre a kayak smoothly and efficiently on non-tidal waters but also how to keep yourself and others safe through knowledge, preparation and awareness. Expect to get wet, but do it! JOHN
  • Kurt is passionate about the craft of Kayaking and in no uncertain terms he is 'hawkeye' on safety. This course doesn't mess around, you could say it does what it says on the tin. I came away with a core set of skills (and practice practice practice ringing in my ears), a healthy respect for water (Kurt in his no messing way said I was too blasé about safety) and also the beginnings of the feeling that this could be REALLY COOL. I liked how time was taken after being on the water to talk about kit. In the first instance, everyone loves a bit of kit but with so much out there, it was great as a total novice to understand the fundamentals and more. JO
  • A really excellent brush up on basic techniques, I have not had any training for 40 years so much overdue! The only reason that I did not rate the course 4 stars is that I wish I had asked to have a go at rescue drills for a sit-inside kayak as well as the sit on top. My fault really as I expect Kurt would have said yes. I plan to go on the tidal course or on an overnight trip so perhaps I could do this then. All in all a great day with plenty of fun banter, thanks, Kurt. GWYN
  • I booked this course in order to get the basics as quickly as possible. It did this and much more. Kurt is a fund of knowledge and patience. You know that you are in safe and professional hands. The course is geared towards one's personal needs and abilities and was an amazing day. If you want to start or improve Kayaking then do book on one of these courses. Highly recommended. ELIZABETH
  • Completed this course yesterday and it is an absolute essential for anyone considering taking up this sport. Kurt, the course instructor, was excellent. He combined a friendly relaxed approach with a professional competence that had our safety in mind at all times. It was an enjoyable day and I learnt a lot. DAVID
  • Just returned from Alton water and my introduction to kayaking course. Highly recommend this. I've owned sit on kayaks for a couple of years now which I've used recreationally with the kids. I wish I had done this course when I bought them. Kurt who is a top guy has taught me so much in the time we had on the water. I feel confident I now know "how" to control the kayaks with the strokes and recover from capsizes both from sit on tops and decked kayaks which I will be purchasing in the future. Kurt makes everything enjoyable and his ability to teach is great. He's a great laugh and I have got the message it's practice, practice, practice. I will be getting out on my own but am going to book on this course again so I can get a little more practice with the decked kayaks as they are totally different to my sit on. I am a new member and this is my first course which before today I thought that was what it was all about but after speaking to Kurt I will be changing my membership to take advantage of the trips to practice, practice, practice!!!!!! Thanks for a great day. DARREN
  • I have just completed the non-tidal introduction to kayaking at Alton Water and have to say that it was brilliant! I found Kurt extremely professional and he has an aura about him that inspires confidence. I have been kayaking a number of times previously on holidays but have never been shown how to do it properly. This course was perfect for me to learn the basics and to improve my technique. Like others, I too had a fear of capsizing and what I would do upside down in the water. Kurt was very clear with his instructions and gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge! It was a successful recovery and hopefully, I can press on from here without that nagging 'what if . . ' in the back of my mind. As a beginner it is easy to think that you just jump in a kayak and off you go. The introduction to the equipment was a real eye-opener for me and emphasised the need to always be fully prepared for all eventualities. Finally, I had some great companions and we had fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will definitely be looking to continue my adventure with Nomad Sea Kayaking. ANDREW
  • As our course had been delayed for months because of the pandemic, Becky and Kurt were champing at the bit to get us on the water. However, it was not to be - in the end the wind wouldn't allow it. Despite it being a "dry" introduction I thoroughly enjoyed it and strangely enough it still whet my appetite to learn kayaking, not least because Becky and Kurt are so passionate about what they do. Anyway, these two being the pros that they are, they have rearranged a session for us all on the water which will happen very soon. I'm really looking forward to it and intend to join up for a year so that I can go on lots more trips and learn how to kayak properly. Can't recommend these two enough. ALISON
  • I attended the intro course on 29 October. The course was informative, interesting and well presented. I found the theory part of the course covering boat dynamics, paddle types and choices, clothing and equipment, extremely useful; in particular, the areas covering safety equipment and clothing. The practical part of the course covering paddle strokes straightened out my bad habits and showed the most efficient and effective way of paddling. The assisted recovery part of the course, I have to admit, caused me some worry as it was completely new to me and worried about my extraction from an upside-down boat. Kurt gave me confidence by poo-pooing my fears, in his normal inimitable way, and I got through it without drowning. All the practical side will need lots of practice to get on top of them, and to stay there, but I now feel more confident. Overall a great course which I would recommend to anyone taking up kayaking. ALEX

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

  • Another great day on the water with Nomad. I had been on the Intro to Sea Kayaking non- tidal course earlier in the year so was looking to gain some new skills and practice what I’d learned previously. This course provided both - going back over the basic paddle strokes and assisted recoveries but adding new skills like edging. We were a group of 5 with mixed ability but Kurt and Becky worked hard to make sure everyone got what they needed from the day. The small group size means you get plenty of individual feedback which is really helpful as a beginner and I now have a number of pointers that I can work on by myself. To top it off, we struck lucky with the weather, and ate our picnic lunches bathed in the sunshine sitting on a shingle spit we’d paddled out to. This was a great introduction to what sea kayaking has to offer - can’t wait for my next fix! VICKY
  • If you want to get on the water, especially after a period of time off, or to start to learn in tidal water, this is a fantastic way to do it. It was a wonderful day and each aspect we covered was clearly taught and fun to do. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get out there again. SUSAN
  • After not having kayaked for many years this was an excellent reintroduction aided by fantastic weather and a small group allowing for individual attention. I felt increasingly confident and comfortable as Kurt's expert instruction and pithy comments helped me focus on the crucial techniques I needed to work on to improve paddling skill and safety awareness. I am definitely going to do more trips and courses with Nomad and I would certainly recommend this course. STEVE
  • Thank you for a great day on the water with patient coaching and perfect content for my needs. MAX
  • My second experience of sea kayaking was in August 2016, when I followed up doing the non-tidal course with the tidal course at Brightlingsea. Four of us were out that day and my what a day – fabulous. Incorporating and adding to what I had learned on the previous course, it was great to try and put newly learnt skills into practice. The conditions were perfect to try out everything. Kurt was on hand, as usual, to assist and guide, to give reassurance and tips – always creating a comfortable, friendly environment and making you as safe as possible. The others on the course were also very friendly, lovely to meet, and were constantly giving you encouragement and support. It was a full and long day, but exhaustion couldn’t dim the adrenalin and feel-good vibes at the end of it. KERRY
  • A good, enjoyable, full day out in a small and convivial group under Kurt's expert guidance, knowledge and skills aimed specifically at newcomers paddling tidal waters. (Prior to this, having purchased my own kayak and paddling gear I’d repeated the introductory non-tidal course in order to gain better in-the-water (as opposed to on-the-water) confidence and associated assisted-recovery technique. A practice session in the shallows of Alton Water during the intervening week helped further improve that situation). Practice, practice, practice is of course key to embedding new knowledge and skills so I've also been on a few of Nomad’s local paddling trips and find these the ideal partner to their instructional courses. Whatever your level of paddling skills or kayaking aspirations, Nomad provides the ideal route to a better paddling experience. JOHN
  • For me personally, this was a challenging course. The cold and rain don't usually bother me but I have yet to get the right kit so by the end I was cold. My fault, but if you are reading this review do indulge yourself in some seaworthy gear. I'm also not very fit so by the end of the day I was tired. Having said that this course was very valuable to me. Kurt adapted the day to the group and was ever watchful over progress. The unexpected element for me was the practical side such as harbour etiquette and basic navigational theory. It all helps to build confidence because I don't know what I don't know if you get my drift. With the small group Kurt has ample time to support individual needs which I think is probably what makes this course so successful. Thanks, Kurt, I'll consider making carrot cake for next time. JO
  • Luckily the weather on the day was very warm which I think contributed to sapping my energy as the day went on. Although it was an introduction to me on how different paddling with and against tidal flow is to being on rivers and Lakes which I am used to. It's great to be guided by Kurt with the necessary feedback to develop and improve new and previously learnt skills and the "banter" is good too!!!!! Good day out on the water. Thanks. DARREN

Intermediate Sea Kayaking

  • Brilliant, great time had! Three days of comprehensive paddling and skills coaching. The rough water day was ROUGH but that helped to improve my rough water skills, particularly stopping to take a few seconds to assess and formulate before acting. Sometimes a casualty can just swim out of a feature. My coach was great, patient, knowledgeable and skilled and he constantly took me out of my comfort bubble in safe environments. Admin after booking was a little slow but I did book over a bank holiday. If you're considering this course, book it! JASON
  • I found this course to be very helpful both in content and confidence building. The two days were well planned and very enjoyable, having two locations offered the opportunity to develop a number of rescue, towing and general paddling skill in a variety of conditions. As the number of participants is limited on this course I always felt safe and confident in all situations, both in the kayak and in the water. I always enjoy paddling with Nomad Sea Kayaking as their guides are great teachers allowing you to learn at your own pace and always encouraging, even when you drop the end of your tow line in the water instead of clipping to the other boat in a rescue scenario. The two days also gave me a better understanding of the local area with regard to tides, shipping and general eyeball navigation techniques. I think this course is a good opportunity to put all that theory about rescue and towing in to practice in real life conditions. As a result of the two days I am now redesigning my tow system having realised that the way a piece of equipment leaves the manufactures is not necessarily the best set up for personal use. If you have the basic skills but need a bit more confidence to venture further, I would highly recommend this Nomad course. Thank you Kurt JEROMY

Dorset Kayaking and Wild Camping

  • An excellent weekend! Kurt took 7 of us with different skill levels from Swanage, round the headland to Studland bay and into Poole harbour, overnight wild camping, then back to Swanage the next day. The weather was kind to us and the sea was reassuringly flat for a beginner like me. as a first trip out on the sea it was an adventure, but being part of a group with a well-qualified leader gave me the confidence to just really enjoy the experience. Looking forward to the next one! TONY
  • Great weekend of mainly calm water, friendly group with a range of experience from beginner to more confident. If you want a weekend of fun, good company and views of the cliffs that you can only get from a kayak this is a good trip. The experienced Guides make for a trip that whatever your ability you should enjoy. Kurt is good at tailoring trips to suit the abilities there. Looking forward to the next one!! DAVID
  • We watched the weather closely up to the weekend of our trip. It was predicted to be reasonable Saturday, worsening into Sunday (wind and rain). Kurt made it clear about the changing conditions and the effect it would have on our experience overall. We heeded the warnings and agreed to go anyway - and we’re all glad we did. During Saturday, the weather was better than expected, which was a bonus. Sunday, however, did prove difficult, exactly as predicted, as we returned around Studland Bay (it was exhilarating though!). We could not continue safely around the headland and back into Swanage, so tactical measures were taken to get us all back to our vehicles. But this took nothing away from what was otherwise a very enjoyable and well-organised trip. Our group comprised of 3 beginners and 3 experienced … and Kurt. We were lucky not to get rained on Saturday night, but we were ready for it nonetheless. The wild camping and campfire was a success! Overall, this is a very relaxed AND exciting trip rolled into one; amazing views, caves, wildlife, good company, laughs with a few thrills and spills too! I would recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure. CRAIG

Discover Kayaking Trip

  • Another great trip out on the water with Nomad. Our instructors/Guides Becky and Kurt ensured the session was fun and safe for everyone. We had a mixed group of ages and experience, with some having never kayaked, but everyone was well looked after and encouraged along the way. We were blessed with stunning weather and the Orwell was very picturesque. If you’ve never kayaked before I’d strongly recommend giving one of these sessions a go - they’re fun, well organised and a great way to spend a few hours. VICKY
  • A well planned, stress-less and enjoyable day. We followed the tide both up and down the River Orwell, and were lucky with the weather. Some were nervous to start, having had very little Kayaking experience, but as soon as we got into open water it was clear that the group had nothing to fear, with close-knit groups following each other lead by an experienced NOMAD Kayaker. STEVE
  • The fantastic first-ever trip out on a sea kayak, my daughter has been on a river kayak a couple of times, but my first time on the water. Becky and Kurt were great, ensuring we were both safe and entertained during the trip. The weather was great and the sea calm, and although neither of us is very fit, it was both enjoyable and taxed our arms a little. Being on the water was amazing and Becky ensured we didn't lag too far behind whilst Kurt was forever eagle-eyed on other water users and our safety. I would highly recommend this for anyone curious about sea kayaking as well as wanting an enjoyable couple of hours on the water. Afterwards, Kurt and Becky were full of practical advice and next steps for taking our adventures further. Top tip for the day is to ensure you arrive about 15 mins early at the launch site and have money for the pub. SPENCER & PIPER
  • A great trip. We were blessed with fab weather and a start from Pin Mill with the Saturday crowds watching with interest. With Kurt and Becky's thoughtful advice and help, we left without any dramas. The trip up to Woolverstone was fab. The company was very enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone fancying a couple of very enjoyable hours under the watchful and expert eye of our guide. Plenty to see along the way but the sheer joy of being back on the sea after many years was unbeatable. Thanks, guys...if anything it went way too quickly. SHIRLEY
  • Just done my second trip out with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Kurt and Becky run a very friendly, relaxed but professional operation that will help both beginners and those with some experience learn new skills in a safe environment. I’m looking forward very much to participating in more of their sessions and would recommend them to anybody wanting to tackle a more interesting and challenging kayak experience on the coast beyond your local lake, stream or canal. NORMAN
  • Very successful birthday present for my 14-year-old son! Neither of us are very experienced kayakers but we got so much out of our morning; we saw many beautiful sights in lovely autumnal light and our expert guides were cheerful and encouraging - very many thanks to Kurt and Becky for their enthusiastic welcome and committed professionalism. My advice to anyone considering making a booking is to read the clothing guidelines; although you will definitely get wet this advice will help you to stay warm! JULIA
  • We arrived to find our intended launch point experiencing winds gusting to Force 8(!). However, thanks to Kurt's knowledge and experience our largely inexperienced group were quickly re-located a few short miles to paddle and enjoy a sheltered and beautiful stretch of the Orwell under the summer sky. Easy launching, good company and a relatively short but memorable trip, suitable for all. JOHN
  • I had a wonderful afternoon on the river. The guide Kurt was 100% professional; totally safe and gave me confidence. I am a 60-year-old lady and not very fit but enjoyed the trip so much. I had never been on a kayak before, but, following tuition, managed easily. Kurt pointed out the birds/sea creatures. Sometimes there are seals. Would recommend this activity for a family fun afternoon. ISOBEL
  • This was a birthday treat for myself which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was not too physically challenging but not too easy either. The Nomad team were friendly, welcoming, organised and professional. The only slightly down side was a soggy bottom! You will get wet. DIANE
  • A thoroughly enjoyable experience and my first time kayaking at sea. I had done similar things on lakes whilst in scouts so chose to do the introduction day to see how it was and I cant wait to go back. Guides are both knowledgeable and pleasant in equal measure and are very passionate about the environment that their business thrives in. Would recommend this to anyone considering trying it as it's not too labour intensive and you get some lovely views. My only points I'd make is that you will get wet from launching the kayak up to about knee height, which to be honest was probably an oversight on my part as I'd not given it much consideration, and parking is tight as the carpark is small so may be best to attend early as it can be a bit of a walk for street parking if the weather is nice. AARON

Coastal Paddler Multi Training Days

Level II

  • A tough course. Four days of personal skills, pilotage on the go, rough water skills and a big emphasis on recoveries in moving water. You'll need a working roll on one side which will be tested statically and on the move in real conditions. Personalised coaching with a lot of 121 time provided and a lot of fun had. Take it seriously as the assessment is strict and only the best will pass. A great few days and I'm a far better and safer paddler for it. Thanks, NSK. JONATHAN

Level I

  • This course was exactly what I hoped it would be. It was intensive, full-on and at times, hard work. Kurt prods you on, past your comfort zone, and in only 3 days I learned a ton of very useful skills. Everything is harder in "moving water" but with practice, it's doable. My confidence in the sea, in conditions I'd not previously experienced, has increased dramatically. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks for a rewarding and enjoyable 3 days. MARK
  • This was the course I have been waiting for. I have always been a little low on confidence when paddling in moving water, I have always been the one to stay out of the action and as a consequence I'm the one having the least fun. This course took me out of my comfort zone and put all the skills I've learnt through Nomad's other courses to the test in a more dynamic environment. Paddle strokes, self rescues and assisted rescues were the order of day one, with a bit of current and pilotage thrown in for good measure. Day two was where I found myself extended, although not too precious about my boat I am concerned about myself and have always erred on the side of caution and this up till now has slowed my development as a paddler. However day two saw me paddling with a boat full of water through groins in more dynamic conditions - I would never had tried this had it not been for this course. I surprised myself in that it showed that my confidence was catching up with my paddling skills. Although tiring I had a lot of fun on this day. Day three was the best, even though I was often way out of my comfort zone. It was filled with unintended capsizes, self and assisted rescues in rougher conditions that I have been used to, towing in tricky situations, being dumped on the beach by a wave, failing to relaunch and then succeeding despite the waves, fetching a ball in places I would never have paddled before, the knowledge that with the correct advice, thanks Kurt, I could plan a trip successfully and most of all it was filled with fun. Overall I have come out of this course a much more confident paddler, I will be going out a lot more from now on, I have also met similar minded people who are also up for an adventure. Now if anyone spots a Scotty kayak pump off Felixstowe please let me know, it's mine. JEROMY

Advanced basics for Sea Kayakers (2 Days)

  • This was superb and I would thoroughly recommend it if you have the basics. I learned some great new techniques and honed other skills that I had some experience of but was starting to develop bad habits. Throughout, attention was given to making sure we progressed only once we had tried and were comfortable with new stuff, or at least at a point where we could go and practice in our own time - and we still got through everything we set out to do at the start. Kurt, our guide was very clear with describing what was required and gave very specific and constructive feedback, while at the same time being encouraging. The combination was perfect for learning and building confidence. We moved along at a good pace and as well as learning specific skills, you get to learn sea craft principles and how to deal with changing situations such as tide, wind, currents, navigation and risk assessment. You can only get this by being on the water in the right environment with an expert guide. This course delivered on all these and we had a lot of fun in the process. MARK
  • Sea kayaking is an adventurous sport and to fully enjoy it you need to be confident in your ability. Building confidence is what these courses are all about. Kurt's expertise and experience allowed me to safely practice the assisted recoveries learnt in previous courses, this time in open moving water. Learn more about and try unassisted recoveries, towing and adding some valuable new strokes to help manoeuvre in confined spaces. The course also helped me understand more about winds and tides, and how to anticipate how these might affect the sea conditions as the day progresses. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day! Thank you. TONY
  • I found this course to be very helpful both in content and confidence-building. The two days were well planned and very enjoyable, having two locations offered the opportunity to develop a number of rescues, towing and general paddling skill in a variety of conditions. As the number of participants is limited on this course I always felt safe and confident in all situations, both in the kayak and in the water. I always enjoy paddling with Nomad Sea Kayaking as their guides are great teachers allowing you to learn at your own pace and always encouraging, even when you drop the end of your tow line in the water instead of clipping to the other boat in a rescue scenario. The two days also gave me a better understanding of the local area with regard to tides, shipping and general eyeball navigation techniques. I think this course is a good opportunity to put all that theory about rescue and towing in to practice in real-life conditions. As a result of the two days, I am now redesigning my tow system having realised that the way a piece of equipment leaves the manufactures is not necessarily the best set up for personal use. If you have the basic skills but need a bit more confidence to venture further, I would highly recommend this Nomad course. Thank you Kurt. JEROMY

Gift Vouchers

  • Simple and easy ordering, my gift voucher arrived within a few hours of payment being made. Thanks. MIKE

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