Dorset Kayak & Wild Camping

Dorset Kayak & Wild Camping

Price: £169.99

A 2 day ADVENTURE to remember. Launching from Swanage and paddling across the bay towards the headland where we'll find a large cave entrance for a visit. The rocky coastline here is dominated by a high cliff face and the paddling is great fun through small gaps with rolling swells and a lot of bird life. 

The wonderful eroded chalk stacks and caves of 'Old Harry Rocks' offer beautiful views with a landing possible on an ebb tide and good conditions. 'Old Harry' is an archaic name for Satan and is generally used to describe the stack at the seaward end. In the nineteenth-century Harry had a wife, but he was widowed in 1896 when this accompanying stack collapsed into the sea.

The white sandy beaches of Studland Bay offer sunbathing, snorkelling & swimming. Wild camp on beaches, see quiet coves only accessible by kayak with excellent fishing (mackerel, sea bass & pollack), socialise around an open wood fire and enjoy the good company of the group! Perfect for Stag Parties and large groups!

The entire trip is registered with Portland Coastguard and guided by BCU qualified Guides and we complete our adventure back at Swanage Bay around 3pm on the final day, usually a Sunday.

We ask all of our guests to participate in a beach clean of any beach we land on during your event, usually at the end of our lunch break. Please bring along a strong bin bag and gloves (if they need them) to help us with the beach clean. Obviously this isnt compulsory but we all use the environment and we want to take care of it for future visitors and the marine wildlife that live there. After all, this is our coastline.

Sixteen years of age and over. Basic camping gear required.


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