Intro to Kayaking COUPLE Booking SAVE 9%!

Sutton, Suffolk
Introduction to kayaking training course on the Orwell estuary. Introduction to kayaking training course. Exiting the water on a rescue recovery exercise. Paddles played out ready for use. Essential equipment for sea kayakers. Teaching forward paddling stroke with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Teaching the basics on a training course on the Orwell estuary. Forward paddling with trunk rotation with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Royal Harwich Yacht Club on the Orwell estuary. Guided sea kayak tours & training courses with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Sea kayak coach with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Lenda carbon paddles with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Motif of NOMAD Sea Kayaking, little orange angry kraken squid.

Intro to Kayaking COUPLE Booking SAVE 9%!

Duration: 6-7 hrs. Distance: +/- 2nm. Group Size: 6-12. Coaches: x2. Coach Ratio: 6:1. Incl: Kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid. Skills: Beginner. Fitness: Basic.

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£164.99 p/seat

Your Essential Beginner's Course! 

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of kayaking with our Introduction to Kayaking day course, designed for beginners & those new to the sport. Discover the joys of safe paddling learn new skills to confidently navigate the water, regardless of your age or ability.

Unlock the Essentials in Three Stages:

  1. Boat & Paddle Dynamics: Understand the fundamentals of kayak manoeuvrability & paddle techniques.
  2. Water Session: Dive into basic control strokes & learn how to complete a full Assisted Recovery with a paddle buddy, both as the recoverer & the casualty.
  3. Equipment & Clothing Options: Explore gear essentials & outfitting choices to enhance your kayaking experience throughout the year.

No-Nonsense Learning, Maximum Fun!

Straightforward skills & information without the fluff – learning should be simple & enjoyable. Embrace the excitement of learning in a fun-filled environment, where every moment on the water is an adventure worth cherishing.

Leave Empowered & Enthused: Guaranteed!

Depart with newfound knowledge, capability, and an unmatched enthusiasm for kayaking – we guarantee it! Feel confident & inspired to take the next steps in your kayaking journey, armed with the skills & insights gained from our course.

Safety First, Always:

Trust in our high-quality, stable fleet of sit-on-top kayaks & touring kayaks & our impeccable 100% safety record spanning over 19 years. Benefit from the expertise of our British Canoe and I.S.K.G.A. trained guides, ensuring a safe & secure learning environment.

Environmentally Conscious & Low Impact:

Embrace the low-impact nature of kayaking, fostering harmony with birdlife, marine mammals, & sea life. Enjoy the serenity of gentle paddling with no engine noise or water pollution, guided by our Interaction Policy to minimise stress on animals & paddlers alike.

The Basics
- Starts at 10am, finishes 4-5pm dependant on weather & group.
- Three stages; 1. Boat & paddle dynamics. 2. Water session teaching basic strokes & assisted recovery. 3. Equipment & clothing options (after lunch).
- Straight forward skills & information you need to know, no B.S!
- Fun! We want to have fun .... or why bother.
- You'll leave knowledgeable, capable & super enthused; guaranteed!

- Our fleet of sit-on-top kayaks are high quality & stable.
- We have 100% safety track record over 18 years!
- British Canoe & I.S.K.G.A trained & qualified, full time guides.

Low Impact
Kayaks are low impact & friendly to birdlife, marine mammals & sea life.
- No engine noise.
- No water pollution.
- Gentle & slow.
- Interaction Policy is in place which minimises any stress on animals (or paddlers). *See note at bottom of page.

Award Winning Coaches
- Our coaching team has been recognised as highly commended.
- Amongst the most experienced coaches in the U.K with 18 years of full time experience on the sea globally.

All Inclusive
- The price you see is what you pay, no hidden costs.
- Everything you need to enjoy this experience is provided.

Options at your Discretion
- Select a different type of kayak to suit your needs (Sit-on-top or a decked touring kayak).
- Ensure your valuables remain dry & secure with our optional Peli box range for hire or purchase.
- You can even opt for insurance that provides extra dates in case of unforeseen bad weather.
- You can use your own kayak & equipment if you choose to.

Recommended Activity by the Mental Health Foundation
- See Thriving with Nature Guide.
- Tranquility & beauty.
- Open space & time with yourself
- Make new friends, make new memories.
- Focus on fun!

- Great exercise for core (abdominals, obliques & torso muscles).
- Fresh air, sunshine, wind, salt water!
- Rebuild your confidence achieving skills you never thought you could.

Offset your Carbon Footprint
- You can offset your personal carbon footprint for this event with a click of your mouse.
- You can even donate a tree sapling or hedging & visit your growing tree in years to come.

An essential day course for any age & ability, be safe on the water & develop the skills to manage your kayak.  

This is the perfect course for guests wishing to develop skills for kayak fishing, leisure sit-on-top kayaking, river paddling & of course basic tidal sea kayaking skills. You'll leave enthused & excited, knowing exactly what to do next & how to achieve it.

This is our most popular courses & a good, fun way to get started & build your confidence.

Book TWO (2) seats minimum to qualify for the 9% Couple discount. Price is per person.

Introduction to Sea Kayaking


Launch location

Alton Water Sports Centre, IP9 2RY

Next Departure time

3rd August 2024, 10:00 AM


Kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid included.


Pay & Display

Additional Notes

Toilets are available on site - please enter through the main gate & take a ticket. Follow the road towards the water & turn left into the carpark. You will see our kayak trailer & vehicle at the front of the carpark, nearest the water.

Please bring along a fold-up chair or blanket for the theory sections as we'll be working on the grass in the afternoon. Picnic tables are available.