About NOMAD Sea Kayaking

We've been doing this for over sixteen years with a 100% clean safety track record & an enviable reputation in the United Kingdom, particularly in the east of England. NOMAD Sea Kayaking offers the flexibility that many companies cannot or are unwilling to offer; we’re quick on our feet and adaptable, offering our guests flexible guided tours & bespoke tailored events to suit your exact brief. We are also the exclusive dealer for NDK Kayaks & Celtic Paddles on the east coast.

Our Skills

The nature of our work demands high standards of training & ongoing personal paddlesport development. All NOMAD Guides are BCU &/or ISKGA trained & qualified & have years of experience in some of the most technical paddling conditions the UK has to offer. The BCU & ISKGA qualifications are recognised as amongst the very best anywhere in the world. NOMAD Sea Kayaking maintains the highest professional & safety standards in the industry & we have a 100% safety record in sixteen years of operations.

Our Environmental Impact

As a business, we don't want to just 'greenwash' our environmental credentials & give some blurb about how wonderful we are. We all know the huge challenges faced by humans as a species with regard to climate change & we realise our impact on CO2 emissions as a business. After all, we use a large fleet of plastic kayaks, drive old diesel vehicles & drive long distances to our launch venues. So we make a very real effort to try & make real practical changes wherever we can & back it up with hard evidence of the positive impact of these changes.

We started by clearing rubbish from our beaches. From day one of operations, our very first tour to the Walton Backwaters some sixteen years ago, our guides & guests began collecting refuse found in the water & on the beaches, packing it all up & bringing it back with us for disposal. This has developed over the years to where we are now; organised & publicised community beach cleans where all of the refuse collected is surveyed & logged for the Marine Conservation Society. We continue to do beach cleans on all of our kayaking trips & wild camps.

We then decided to drop our original & very popular wild camping & kayaking weekend to Dorset, saving a carbon footprint of approximately one tonne per trip over the entire event, including our guests using their own cars for the drive. 

Accountability for carbon footprint is crucial in the battle against climate change & NOMAD Sea Kayaking will be the first company to 'put our money where our mouth is' by publishing our carbon footprint as a business as well as our actions to offset it & how this is done. This will be in real time, measurable & accumulative.

These environmental changes are not easy & very limited. For example, we have investigated the viability of an electric commercial van but none is currently available that can tow big loads with a range of more than 30 miles! As a business, we still have to pay the bills so dropping one of our most popular events ever is a big deal for us. 

NOMAD Community Projects, A Not For Profit

The not for profit NOMAD Community Projects enterprise enables us to walk the walk! Rather than working on the fringes doing low impact environmental work with small groups, we are able to not only measure our carbon emissions as a business, but also those of our guests. These emissions are then offset by planting trees with the Woodland Trust so every guest can volunteer their time as they choose to plant trees for their children's future whilst offsetting their carbon emissions for the event they attended. Our website is new & under construction over the next 12-18 months & visitors will see the launch of our unique & industry first carbon emissions meter.

Our Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with any aspect of your trip or course, we will re-book you on the next available date FREE of charge.

sea kayaks at sunset, Suffolk kayak and wild camping trip.
Hot water flask with supplies on a shingle beach as part of the all inclusive Suffolk wild camping trips
Sit-on-top and touring kayaks lines up on a shingle beach in Suffolk
Green tents pitched neatly on beach wild camping and kayaking sea kayak trips in Suffolk and Essex
Sunset in Suffolk, sea kayaking and wild camping.
Kayakers on the water on a beginner kayaking and wild camping trip in Suffolk