Infinity subscription

The ‘Infinity’ Membership subscription − paddle as much as you like & as often as you want! A monthly or annual subscription that includes unlimited kayak trips & courses, with no limitations on how often you paddle or do a trip, tour, event or training course. All for one small monthly payment from just £19.99 per month offering unrivalled value for money!

Great value for money! I joined in early 2016 with absolutely no paddling skills & I'm now approaching intermediate level with Eskimo rolling in the new year. I've made use of well over one thousand two hundred pounds of courses & trips for just a one-off payment less than three hundred & ninety-nine pound or split it into monthly instalments. Either way, it's a 'no brainer' if you want to adventure outdoors regularly & learn new skills in great company. The social side is pretty good too!

- Andy Kear, September 2016

Question: As a beginner paddler, which Subscription will help me progress the most as well as offer the be the best value for money?

Answer: For beginner paddlers, the 'Infinity Combo' Subscription offers the biggest savings. Progressing through our courses gaining skills, combined with trips to practice your new skills & build confidence, Infinity Combo Subscribers can save over £800 per year! 

Question: I am a beginner kayaker. Is a Subscription right for me?

AnswerAs a new paddler, it‘s important to not only learn but also to practice, practice & practice some more! Courses with NOMAD Sea Kayaking are comprehensive & work through a sequence, helping you progress & build your knowledge. Our trips are ideal for stretching your abilities with the protection of full time, professional guides in attendance at all times, giving you the time on the water to practice your new skills you have gained on our courses. 

Your new skills will give you the confidence to extend your paddling, going further & doing more. Our early courses cover equipment, clothing & safety gear so that when you are ready to start buying your own equipment, you have the knowledge & back up of our team to help you to make the right purchases. All of our Subscriptions are suitable & recommended for beginner paddlers.

Question: How much do I save by subscribing rather than booking events individually?

Answer: That depends what you would like to subscribe for! If you are just looking for coaching then our 'Infinity II' Subscription Is for you; our Subscribers can take a course or courses as many times as they like. 'Infinity I' is for paddlers who want to do trips alone. Both Subscriptions offer  significant savings which depend on how many trips or courses you book. The more you use it, the greater the value.

Question: What other benefits are there to going for your 'Infinity Premium' Subscription? 

Answer: Our 'Infinity Premium' is our top of the range Subscription. Perfect if you are keen to join us for our exclusive Kayak and Wild Camp weekends & our New Year’s Eve Kayak and Fireworks events, which are not included in our other Subscriptions. Don’t forget our ‘Friends and Family Discount’ which is also at its maximum rate of 15%!


This is not a club but a means to save a lot of money through a monthly or annual Subscription. For those who want to learn new skills & gain paddling time on the water,  Subscriptions offer unlimited trips & courses with convenience & huge savings! 

Subscribers can book up to three trips & one course at any one time. As soon as any of these trips or courses is completed you can immediately book your next event. This helps your diary as well as ours & ensures that all Subscribers have access to every event. 

Don’t forget, you can also repeat any event, included in your Subscription, as many times as you like & there are no limits!