Learn to Eskimo Roll

Learn to Eskimo Roll

Alton Water Sports Centre

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Your first defence to capsizing should be a good high and low brace support stroke but the 'Eskimo Roll' is still viewed by some as the 'Holy Grail' of kayaking. Whatever your view, it’s an essential skill that will enhance your ability to deal with more challenging conditions. It will also enable you to do more paddling over longer distances as well as explore coastal features such as rock gardens and caves without being fearful of capsizing. And this will extend your paddling and add so much more to your paddling experiences.

Whitewater paddlers are welcome and we can provide a touring kayak for your session but it is recommended that you learn in in your own boat and gear if you have one. The programme is limited to 2 hours and 8 out of ten students will achieve a full 360 degree sweep or C2C roll.

Sixteen years of age and over. Trained or untrained - which are you?

Launch location Stutton, Suffolk
Departure time 10am.
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Use your own kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid. Mask & nose pinch provided unless you use your own.
Parking Free on site.
Additional Notes A touring boat (decked) can be provided but we recommend you learn to roll your own kayak as this is the boat you will eventually capsize in and have to roll. Please contact us to discuss on 01473 - 375 026 should you wish to discuss.



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Kurt’s patience and coaching wisdom gives great confidence, my general goofyness and maybe the terrible weather meant that I was very near to a successful roll when I ran out of time and stamina, but I’ll be back. It was a really good morning in proper cold wild conditions- pretty much the real thing, not a nice cosy swimming pool. Thank you Kurt, I’m sure I will roll next time with more fitness, better cockpit fit and some grit! Do it - you won’t regret it!!

− Ian Seddy, Jul 2019

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your kind review. It was a great morning and your unwavering good humour was a welcome addition to counteract the cold weather and water into which you were being immersed!

Keep practicing, stretch lots and we would love to see you again to help support you in perfecting that roll.

Enjoy the water and we hope to welcome you back to NOMAD Sea Kayaking in the future.

Best wishes,

Becky NSK


Great afternoon. Thanks Kurt and Becky

− Richard Clarke, Jul 2019

As a paddler returning to the sport after a long break I wanted a chance to spend some time with a knowledgable coach & see if I could remember the basics in a safe environment. Had a great few hours down at Felixstowe ferry on a lovely morning & as it quickly became evident my choice of Nomad was spot on. Kurt ably backed up by the lovely Becky were engaging with the rare ability to mix great coaching with humour and conversation. Didnt quite progress to the full roll (mainly down to my rustiness) but very close & am sure with the great pointers Kurt gave I will get it cracked. So if you are looking for some great coaching with a proffesional set up look no further and make that booking, I will certainly be returning.

− Martin Nottage, Jul 2019

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