Private Kayak Lessons & Coaching

Private Tuition 1-2-1 Coaching

Varies based on student needs.

Price: £179.99 p/seat
Telephone 01473 375026 for upcoming availability.

Private kayak lessons & coaching tuition for one full day based on the specific needs of the student. The ratio is 1:1 with the coach's full attention for the full day based on the student's exact needs. A 'self-assessment' form will be sent to the student with the coaching plan built around the students 'gaps' in skills based on their feedback on the self-assessment. At the completion of the day, the student revisits their own self-assessment to find where their skills have improved.

The day can be as intensive as the student needs and launch venues will depend on the specific needs of the guest.

Please Note: This is a tailored one to one coaching day and dates are specific to individual guests so please contact our office on 01473 - 375 026 to arrange your specific date. We can accommodate any weekday too.  

Please email your preference and we’ll try to accommodate it. Thank you.

Weather Remit: A wind of a maximum of 15 knots steady blow and this includes wind gusts. The course will be rescheduled if the wind exceeds this limit and there is further discretion on the part of the Lead Guide with all-night events. Rain, snow and other conditions don’t generally affect our ability on the water. Exceptions are sometimes made and this is at the discretion of your Coach and/or the Operations Director. Your Coach will make a decision based on the wind speed (including wind gusts) in combination with tide strength and direction, time of day or night and size of group alongside other factors that may influence the safety and comfort of the entire group. NSK wants to get your event completed as soon as possible; please trust the judgement of your coach/Guide.

Launch location TBC
Departure time
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Kayak, buoyancy aid and paddle provided.
Parking Yes, some free and some pay and display.
Additional Notes Your kayak, sit-on-top or touring kayak (decked), paddle and buoyancy aid is provided where necessary.


Please read through your confirmation email for guidance on what to wear and bring on the day and feel free to contact your coach on his direct line provided throughout our emails. Thank you.


All guest reviews have been verified by NOMAD Sea Kayaking. In addition our guest reviews are verifiable directly with the guest who made the review. Please contact NOMAD Sea Kayaking for further details on how to verify our website reviews for yourself.

I chose the 1:1 coaching session on the strength of the reviews on here, and it did not disappoint! I am new to kayaking and wanted to start with a really good foundation. I also wanted to be able to have lots of time with the coach so I could ask lots of questions. Kurt contacted me before our session to find out exactly what I was after. I wanted to practise handling a kayak on the land, try getting it on and off my car and have it set up comfortably for me. I also thought it would be helpful to learn good paddling techniques from the start! On the day, Kurt and Becky swiftly put me at ease. We started with the basics and then Kurt tailored the session to me at my pace of learning. We also practised assisted rescues and it was reassuring that this is a skill I could use if I need to! Overall, I was super chuffed with the day. I am much more confident on (and off) the water and I had so much fun! It reminded me that adults need to carve out time to have fun and play too!!!

− Louise Howlett, May 2019

Thank you, Kurt and Becky!

Helen and I wanted to thank you for a fabulous day on Saturday Everything turned out to be perfect and we so appreciated the personal attention and fantastic training that we received We feel far more relaxed about the upcoming trip to Antarctica and confident that we can manage anything that they throw at us!!!

We hope we may be able to join you for an adventure in the future.

− Drs Nick & Helen Carroll, Jan 2019

Nick and Helen, thank you!

Have an amazing trip and we look forward to hearing all about your Antarctic adventure when you return.

We hope to see you on the water in the summer.

Becky NSK


My chosen 121 was on Self-Recovery. An essential skill. The alternative being nothing less than total reliance upon others, (who may not even possess the few kayaking skills I have!). No matter what I’d tried previously, wasting hours trying to emulate those “expert” (but strangely unhelpful) videos I’d found on YouTube I hadn’t been able to achieve self-recovery. This was worrying. Was it me? On the 121 Kurt reassured me that my problem was by no means uncommon; many factors such as different heights, weights, muscular structure, general build, gender, plus different lengths, widths, deck heights and weights of kayak mean that every paddler/kayak combination is unique. You have to work those to best advantage. You’ve also got to have your own recovery process clear in your head and practice, practice and practice to make it instinctive. Kurt analysed where my recovery problems lay and quickly came up with alternative methods of approach. Trying each of those we arrived at a good Plan A (a fast self-recovery with no additional assistance). Plan B (as backup and using an aid) came next following the same process. Nomad’s 121 option offers excellent use of Kurt’s knowledge and experience. The whole time spent learning to self-recover the proper way was made enjoyable. I’ve still got to practice and then get signed off in deep water, but over just a few hours I gained a skill that may one day save my life.

− John Beales, Sep 2018

Great feedback John thank you. You've come a long way in building your confidence and that process continues with more practice; there just isn't any substitute for regular and ongoing training/practice. You know what to do and how to do it and your recovery skill is much approved. Keep working at it and we'll 'sign it off' in deep water onl;y when you are competent, confident and ready. Well done! (Kurt)


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