FAQs - General Tips

Please maintain the 'social distancing' protocols as set out by the government and stay at least 2 metres away from anyone not part of your household. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and please wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Your equipment is sanitised prior to every use and your Guides will have hand wash soap and sanitiser available to all guests. Your Lead Guide will provide further guidance during your safety briefing.

This is an outdoor experience so embrace the elements. If the wind blows and it rains, look up and enjoy the wind and raindrops on your face. Look around you and enjoy the abundance of wildlife from marine birds on the east coast, seals on our ‘Seal Colony’ trip and the abundance of mammals, reptiles and insects at your feet, on the beach and around our wild campsites. There is so much to see and experience - embrace it!

Please ensure you fully inform us of any medical condition/s, disabilities, phobias or anything that may limit your participation on your chosen event. Don’t expect us to ‘know’ about every medical/mental health condition and/or disability. It is your responsibility to ensure we are fully informed so that we can fully accommodate you and ensure we are prepared. We want you and all of the guests in your group to have a good time and gain value for money.

Try to keep up with the rest of the group and if you’re struggling with any aspect of managing your kayak, ask your Guide for some help. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Listen to your Guides – do what we tell you to do particularly when you’re on the water. We are professionals and the experts and we are directly responsible for your safety and well-being – we take this very seriously.

Read through your confirmation email thoroughly and refer to our website for any further information you may need, it's all there. Come prepared; ensure you have the right gear and if in any doubt about anything please contact your allocated Lead Guide or Coach, you will be provided with their direct contact details including mobile number and email address. Don't leave anything to the last minute, ensure you know exactly what to expect and you are fully prepared well in advance of your event.
For our hiking events you'll need all of your own gear. Ensure your feet and boots are well broken in and bring everything that is listed as mandatory. And don’t forget, a whistle is mandatory for all hiking guests and must be attached to the front of each guest’s rucksack.

Please arrive at least one hour before your confirmed launch time and DON'T BE LATE.

Your Guides are very busy pre-launch, with a lot of equipment, safety checks and briefings to complete with our guests. If you arrive late, 20 minutes or less before your scheduled launch time, your Guides will have removed your kayak and related equipment from the launch site assuming your booking to be a ‘no show’. Your guides will have no time to replace them for launch and your booking will be forfeit with no refund. You have been warned.

Pay attention to your safety briefing and ask questions - there is no such thing as a 'stupid question!'

This is your event so enjoy it – if in doubt about anything, ask your Guide and we will be very pleased to help you.

Don't leave it to the last minute, ensure you are fully prepared and know exactly what to expect from your event. All of the relevant information is provided. Please don't try to contact our office or your allocated Lead Guide or Coach after hours or over the weekends; they have private lives too.