FAQs - Hiking Events

Do I need any previous experience?

You don’t need any particular previous experience but you will need some basic equipment. So you will have probably have done some hillwalking in the past.

Do I need to be fit?

You certainly don’t need to be an ‘athlete’ but by the nature of hiking, walking in all weather up and down hills, your comfort is relative to your ability. Pay attention to the total mileage stated in the event description and judge your ability for yourself. But please telephone us should you not be sure (01473-375 026).

What equipment is needed?

You will need the basics; good broken-in lightweight boots or trail runners, layered clothing, a rucksack and water bottle. Walking poles are recommended but not mandatory. An experienced Guide will be leading your group and will help you as you go and also provide some tuition so you’ll learn new skills along the way. Add to this your tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag for the overnight wild camps as well as a stove, pot and camp meals. Each guest is provided with a comprehensive kit list when booking.

Keep your gear to the bare essentials and as lightweight as possible - you will be carrying it all! A whistle is compulsory and to be carried on the front strap of each guests pack.

How fast do you walk?

The pace is determined by the ability of the group but we try to achieve an average pace of approximately 2.5mph. Of course, the overall distance may be affected by the pace of the group and your Guide can adjust this. Groups are allowed to spread out as they chat and enjoy the experience but it is the responsibility of the hikers at the back to keep up as needed.

What about the toilet?

Your 'trip details' email will have an attachment titled 'LEAVE NO TRACE' and dedicated to this important topic. Please read through it carefully and follow the guidance. NSK operates a simple 'Carry in, Carry out' policy ensuring the hygiene of our guests and cleanliness of the environment we enjoy. Our Guides are experienced and have developed and honed their techniques over years of operations in environments around the world; follow their guidance and don't hesitate to contact NSK and ask questions. We are all very happy to share our knowledge and skills with our guests.

What about the weather?

Unlike Kayaking our safety is not as affected by weather and so as a general rule, we will hike in all weather including strong wind, rain, hail and snow. We always keep our guests informed of what to expect from the weather for their event through the live weather update on our website as well as online ‘Notes from your Guide’. It’s the variable weather conditions that make these adventures so exciting and enjoyable.