FAQs - Night Kayak Trips

Do I need a bright torch?

Bright light will ruin your night vision, so bring a standard, small head torch which includes a red light. The red light will protect your night vision and your Guide will ask you to switch to red night light approximately fifteen (15) minutes before launching. Protect your eyes from white light as much as possible. Each paddler will also be issued with a small chemical light to be fixed to the front of their buoyancy aid. And finally each guest is issued with a number and your Guide will do frequent 'number offs' where every paddle calls out their number so that we know we have everyone in the group. Our standard operating procedure (SOP) has been developed over twelve years of safely running these trips.

Is paddling at night safe?

Paddling at night is no different to paddling during the day. Visibility is good with a lot of artificial light from the surrounding shoreline and each paddler wears a chemical light stick on their buoyancy aid. Guides have navigation lights on their kayaks and our standard operating procedure (SOP) is tightened up with regular headcounts. We have twelve years experience of leading this Night Trip here on the east coast and we have a perfect track record.

How can we enjoy this trip if we can’t see anything?

Although we will be paddling at night, its amazing how much can be seen just using your night vision. There is a lot of surrounding artificial light and you'll find that you use your head torch very little throughout the entire event - everyone is clearly marked and visible. Paddling at night is a  surreal experience and it’s an experience not offered anywhere on the east coast and very few commercial kayaking companies offer night trips in the United Kingdom.

Do I need any specialist equipment for this trip?

No particular skills or experience are needed. Bring warm clothes, food and a hot drink in a flask and listen to your Guides, we'll do all the hard work. A head torch including a red light is very useful.

What about the weather, how does this affect us?

As with all of our events, we are subject to weather and this is outside of our control. We set a safety remit for every event generally focused on the wind which is the feature that affects us the most out on the open water. The published, official safety remit for this event is 15 knots of wind with no gusts. We need flat calm conditions in order to paddle safely AND comfortably at night, particularly in areas of water where there is absolutely no light, deep water and strongly tidal.

Your Lead Guide will keep all guests fully informed well in advance of your event through the event page on our website as well as direct emails and telephone calls where necessary.