FAQs - Wild Camping Trips

I’ve never camped before – do I need any special skills?

No special skills are needed – camping is for the most part common sense. A pragmatic attitude helps and your Guides are there to help you with all aspects of your experience.

What equipment do I need?

Attached to your confirmation email will be your ‘Kit List’. The items listed are for guidance only but provide a good list to follow for a comfortable camp. And of course, you can ring or email us at any point to get professional advice and guidance.

What does 'all inclusive' include?

The 'all-inclusive' events include a two-man geodesic tent, inflatable sleeping mat and your sleeping bag. Dinner and breakfast are freshly prepared meals and included in your price as well as your evening wine (red or white). Tea and coffee and sweet treats are also included throughout your time in camp. Of course your sit-on-top kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid is provided and all of our events are Guided by full-time professional Guides. Kit lists are available on each individual event booking page as too what you should wear whilst paddling (and more to the point, what NOT to wear).

What about the toilet?

Your 'trip details' email will have an attachment titled 'LEAVE NO TRACE' and dedicated to this important topic. Please read through it carefully and follow the guidance. NSK operates a simple 'Carry in, Carry out' policy ensuring the hygiene of our guests and cleanliness of the environment we enjoy. Our Guides are experienced and have developed and honed their techniques over years of operations in environments around the world; follow their guidance and don't hesitate to contact NSK and ask questions. We are all very happy to share our knowledge and skills with our guests.

What clothing will I need?

Our confirmation email and your guideline kit list provide all the information you need – your clothes is split into two areas; wet clothes for paddling and dry clothes for the campsite, all layered for warmth and easy venting when it gets warm. Keep it simple and keep your gear to a minimum.

Will there be an open wood fire on the beach?

Your Guides will either bring dry wood in with the group or have a ‘stash’ of wood on the beach. Alternatively, driftwood is collected on some beaches. Your Guide/s will build, start and manage the fire for you and we maintain safety standards such as building and maintaining small fires, not burning refuse, and a six-step process to put our fires out and clear the area. NOMAD Sea Kayaking follows 'Leave No Trace' policies. (L.N.T.)