Whetman Limpet throw line for sea kayakers Whetman Kraken sea carabiner

Limpet Sea Throwline (post inc)

Limpet Throwline - designed specifically for the sea with 14 metre of 6mm floating line. Small & compact, attaches to a deck line with Velcro.

NOMAD Sea Kayaking Verdict:  Not widely found on most sea kayaks, NSK guides have personal experience using this very system to recover a ‘swimmer‘ from a small cave in rough conditions.....and it worked perfectly!

These are select items of equipment that have been specifically selected & tried & tested. NOMAD Sea Kayaking only sells equipment our guides & coaches use every day & have tested hard in all sea conditions. 

The designer, Steve Whetman, is a veteran kayaker & adventurer with over 30 years in kayak sport & 15 years in paddlesport manufacturing.  Steve is totally focused on creating exciting gear for paddlers, constantly improving his designs for better safety & efficiency on the water where it matters most.

This is a used item.