Whetman Guide short long tow system with contact tow Rope tow system with Kraken carabiner Tape tow system with Kraken tow Whetman Guide tow system laid out with old style carabiners

Whetman Guide Rope Tow System (post inc)

The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system that can be repacked in rough water & deployed again. Floating rope, buoyancy built into the bag, shock-absorbing bungee & heavy duty YKK zip plus quick release belt as standard. Images show the 'tape' version which has a tendency to snag. NOMAD Sea Kayaking sells the rope version only as this is what our coaches & guides use & recommend.

The bag has two tows:

  • Main Tow (short and long)
  • Contact Tow

NOMAD Sea Kayaking Verdict: This is our chosen tow system for all NSK guides & coaches, pressure tested over a number of years in advanced sea conditions. Kraken stainless karabiners are included throughout. Images shoe the ’tape’ version, we strongly recommend the rope system to prevent snags & this is what we supply.

Karabiner Maintenance
Sea salt crystals can form & block up the karabiner spring and screw collar and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after every use & spray with silicone spray. 

These are select items of equipment that have been specifically selected & tried & tested. NOMAD Sea Kayaking only sells equipment our guides & coaches use every day & have tested hard in all sea conditions. 

The designer, Steve Whetman, is a veteran kayaker & adventurer with over 30 years in kayak sport & 15 years in paddlesport manufacturing.  Steve is totally focused on creating exciting gear for paddlers, constantly improving his designs for better safety & efficiency on the water where it matters most.