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Staying Warm in the Wet of Winter?

Winter is (in my humble opinion) the best time of year to paddle – little wind, beautiful bright cold days and very little people (and boats) about. Car parks are empty and so are the launch sites. Warmth and good clothing is critical and I’m regularly asked what paddlers should wear. B... Read More

Published On: 22nd December 2017

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Kit List for New Entrants

Many of our new entrant customers who attend their first 'Introduction to Kayaking - Non Tidal' course ask for a comprehensive kit list based on part of the content of the theory session of the course. the course offers students a no-nonsence summary of the bare minimum of gear and safety equipment ... Read More

Published On: 21st July 2016

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Split Paddles - Don't Lose your Spares!

Sea kayakers should always carry a spare paddle on board their kayak just in case you have equipment failure of some kind. Where you carry your splits is up to you, front or back deck as long as you have them onboard. My personal preference is on my front deck which allows me to extract one half of... Read More

Published On: 4th November 2015

Cold water shock!

Cold Water Shock

For east coast sea kayakers, cold water is part of paddling our coastline. However how many paddlers understand the mechanics of cold water shock when capsizing or entering the water? So following is a summary of what to expect and the affects and implications of cold water shock on sea kayakers. &... Read More

Published On: 19th October 2015