About Us

About NOMAD Sea Kayaking

As a small local business, we offer the flexibility that many companies cannot or are unwilling to offer; we’re quick on our feet and adaptable, offering our guests flexible guided tours and bespoke tailored events to suit your exact brief.

Our Environmental Impact
As a business, we don't want to just 'spin' our green credentials and give some blurb about how wonderful we are. We all know the huge challenges faced by humans as a species with regard to climate change and we realise our impact on this as a business. After all, we use a large fleet of plastic kayaks, drive old diesel vehicles and drive long distances to our launch venues. So we make a very real effort to try and make real practical changes wherever we can and back it up with hard evidence of the positive impact of these changes.

We started by clearing rubbish from our beaches. From day one of operations, our very first tour to the Walton Backwaters some fifteen years ago, our Guides and guests began collecting refuse found in the water and on the beaches, packing it all up and bringing it back with us for disposal. This has developed over the years to where we are now; organised and publicised community beach cleans where all of the refuse collected is surveyed for the Marine Conservation Society and logged. We continue to do beach cleans on all of our kayaking trips and wild camps.

We then decided to drop our original and very popular wild camping and kayaking weekend to Dorset, saving a carbon footprint of approximately one ton per trip over the entire event, including our guests using their own cars for the drive.

And finally, we are just beginning a project to offset the carbon footprint of the manufacture of our kayaks by planting trees for the Woodland Trust en masse. This is a new project and there is still a lot to do but we will publicise our work through our not for profit NOMAD Community Projects enterprise and keep you all informed.

These changes are not easy and very limited. For example, we have investigated the viability of an electric commercial van but none is currently available that can tow big loads with a range of more than 30 miles! And as a business, we still have to pay the bills so dropping one of our most popular events ever is a big deal for us. But with our not for profit Community Projects enterprise, we can do so much more for our local communities and these projects will just increase, helping us to offset our negative carbon impacts.

Our Skills
The nature of our work demands high standards of training and ongoing personal paddlesport development. All NOMAD Guides are BCU and/or ISKGA trained and qualified and as a result, have years of experience in some of the most technical paddling conditions the UK has to offer. The BCU and ISKGA qualifications are recognised as amongst the very best anywhere in the world. NOMAD Sea Kayaking maintains the highest professional and safety standards in the industry and we have a 100% safety record in fifteen years of operations.

For your opportunity to join our small team of professional Guides and coaches please complete the Application Form at the bottom of this page.

Our Guarantee: 
If you're not 100% satisfied with any aspect of your trip or course, we will re-book you on the next available date FREE of charge.

Kurt Finch

Kurt Finch − Lead Guide & Coach (BCU & ISKGA)

Email: kurt@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Tel: 01473 - 375 026

Since trying to surf with the pro’s as a kid in Durban South Africa on my hollow 12ft ‘barge’ and getting absolutely trashed, I was hooked on sea paddling. Over a period of thirty five years I’ve surfed, white watered and sea kayaked in locations around the world and only really got into sea kayaking properly in 2003. In 2005 I set up NOMAD Sea Kayaking, a sea kayaking, touring and training limited company based in Suffolk on the south east coast of England. As a full time professional Guide and Coach I split my time between trip planning, business operations and leading/coaching groups and doing long distance treks around the world. As the business grows and takes on more Guides and Coaches, we rely on ISKGA for our ‘real world’ operational training and development to ensure we’re safe and responsible….and have a great time out on the water with our guests and students!

Rebecca MacInnes-Clark

Rebecca MacInnes-Clark − Sales & Marketing Manager

Email: becky@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Tel: 01473-375 026

Becky was introduced to paddling at 16 and learnt the basics on the estuaries of the Deben, Ore and Alde. After a few years of not being near a kayak, NOMAD Sea Kayaking brought her back to the water and reignited her paddling interest. Her love of the outdoors is plain to see and she believes that every generation regardless of age should get outside and appreciate what the outdoors has to offer, if not on the water, then with another of our adventures. She completed her first Fjällräven Classic trek this year as part of Team NOMAD with our Lead Guide. They covered 110km of hiking and wild camping in Swedish Lapland just North of the Arctic Circle and the team  is already planning 2019 and 2020 hikes. She brings 25 years of experience of sales and the outdoors to NOMAD Sea Kayaking and is working towards her BCU guiding qualifications.

Richard Abott

Richard Abott − Lead Guide & Coach (BCU & ISKGA)

Email: guide@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Tel: 01473 - 375 026

Richard began his paddling career with Nomad Sea Kayaking and local clubs in 2010 and has loved paddling ever since. His main passions are sea kayak and canoe touring, twinned with an enthusiasm for bushcraft and the environment. He is a BCU 4* paddler, a Level 2 BCU Coach and has completed ISKGA and Moderate Water coach training. Now that he has left the British Army he should have a lot more time to get on the water.

Dominic Gosling

Dominic Gosling − Assistant Guide (ISKGA)

Email: guide@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Tel: 01473 - 375 026

Dominic began his paddling career with NOMAD Sea Kayaking back in 2010 as a university student and he hasnt looked back. His skills progressed quickly on the rough waters of the Dorset coast and all this time spent on the water forged a competent Assistant Guide with good, solid personal paddling skills. Dom's favoured position is 'sweeper', positioned at the very back of the group ensuring the slowest paddlers keep up and keeping the group together. Dom has just qualified as a teacher and so he gets plenty of time to attend trips during the school holidays and weekends. He continues to form an integral part of our small team.

James Wheliker

James Wheliker − Guide & Coach (BCU)

Email: guide@nomadseakayaking.co.uk
Tel: 01473 - 375 026

James has been sea kayaking for 11 years and is an experienced BCU Junior Leader having paddled in Canada, the United States and the Emirates. James joined NOMAD Sea Kayaking in 2013 as a freelance Guide and continues to lead groups and assist with larger groups. James is a bit of a biology guru and in particular ‘bugs’. He loves the little critters and is the centre of attention at our wild camps where he gives impromptu talks about various species found around our camp. A great guy to have around and a valued member of our team.

Apply to join the team

NOMAD Sea Kayaking offers successful applicants a freelance contract and regular work during the season from April to October each year. You will be assessed on the water to validate your certificates and you will also complete a skills course and assessment to ensure that all of our Guides meet the same high professional standards and safety protocols. The full cost of Guide training is covered by the company.

Please complete your details below to apply to become one of our Guides and/or coaches.