NDK Echo Sea Kayak in red top view


The Echo is a great expedition/play kayak for very small and small paddlers; perfect for both surf and rough water, as well as longer trips along the coast.

 It offers a lower deck & tighter fit than the Pilgrim or Pilgrim Expedition, & features NDKs smaller cockpit for those paddlers 90 – 150 lbs. Designed to replace the custom cut-down (LV) versions of these two boats, it eliminates the excess rocker resulting from post mould, deck height reduction. The result is a fast, fun, playful boat that behaves beautifully in the wind. The Echo, like the Romany, approaches that ‘all use’ performance design. This kayak has been designed for the smaller paddler. For its size, it is fast & manoeuvrable, it has a keyhole cockpit & a low deck to minimise the effect of wind. The kayak rolls well & is fast for its length.


Length 507cm (16ft 7”)
Width 50cm
Front hatch approx. 62 liters
Rear hatch approx. 40.5 liters
Day hatch approx. 31.7 liters
Cockpit approx. 120 liters

Measurements for a Spray Deck:

Length of the cockpit to the outer rim – 32.5 inches
Width of cockpit to the outer rim – 17 inches

Note: This kayak will replace the Pilgrim & the Pilgrim Expedition cut down versions. 

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