Intro Sea Kayaking Course

Intro to Sea Kayaking

Brightlingsea, Essex

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NOW including our newly developed 'Socially Distanced (COVID-19) Assisted Recoveries'.

This Intro Sea Kayaking Course follows on from the 'Intro to Kayaking; Non-Tidal' course for new entrants to the sport of kayaking. You should now have the basic personal skills to control and manage your kayak, paddling forward, turning and steering with a basic deepwater recovery. We paddle sit-on-top kayaks as standard, but decked, touring sea kayaks are also available. Our course is delivered on tidal, coastal waters with some minimal exposure to small swells and wind chop. The objective of this programme is to cement your existing skills learned on flat, non-tidal waters and to transfer these skills to (small seas) tidal waters. In other words, you're now progressing to the sea.

COVID 19 - All of our courses now teach our newly developed 'Socially Distanced Assisted Recovery' approved for use in deep, tidal waters!

We will work through all of your strokes taught in the 'Intro to Kayaking' before moving on to your assisted recoveries. These will be done in the shallows first and then progressed to deep open water to build your confidence. The technique is different on a sit-on-top kayak versus decked, touring boats and so we'll spend some time perfecting these skills so that it works for you when you need it.

The day is spent out on the water paddling along a coastline as a day trip, coaching along the way. The focus on equipment will be on what you can and need to carry with you to keep warm, safe, well-fed and watered.

Participants are welcome to use their own craft if they have them and the programme lasts 6-8 hours depending on the student’s ability. We don’t exceed twelve (12) students per course with two (2) coaches so there is plenty of focus on individual needs and we take a tailored approach to all of our courses. This programme is focused on guests wishing to develop tidal sea kayaking skills. 

Weather Remit: A wind of a maximum of 15 knots steady blow and this includes wind gusts. The course will be rescheduled if the wind exceeds this limit and there is further discretion on the part of the Lead Guide with all-night events. Rain, snow and other conditions don’t generally affect our ability on the water. Exceptions are sometimes made and this is at the discretion of your Coach and/or the Operations Director. Your Coach will make a decision based on the wind speed (including wind gusts) in combination with tide strength and direction, time of day or night and size of group alongside other factors that may influence the safety and comfort of the entire group. NSK wants to get your event completed as soon as possible; please trust the judgement of your coach/Guide.

Trained or untrained - which are you?

Sixteen years of age and over.

Launch location Brightlingsea Sailing Club
Departure time 10am.
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid provided.
Parking Pay & Display
Additional Notes Your Coach/Guide will have a secure key safe available for the duration of your course/trip BUT we will not accept liability for loss of your car keys. We also won't be able to keep any other belongings for you; please leave these in your car or take them with you. There are public toilets nearby as well as hot food available throughout the week. *Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.*



Due to the new COVID-19 lockdown, this event has been rescheduled to Saturday 6th March 2021. All guests have been emailed on 2nd November 2020 so please check your inbox/spam/junk.

IMPORTANT - Corona Virus

*Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.*

Event Notes

Scheduled start for 10am. Ensure you read through your ‘Trip Details’ email and have adequate snacks, food and fluids for the day. Please arrive in good time to dress and prepare your kayak. Parking is pay and display.

Please Note: Your Guides are very busy pre-launch, with a lot of equipment, safety checks and briefings to complete with our guests. Therefore if you arrive late, 20 minutes or less before your scheduled launch time, your Guides will have removed your kayak and related equipment from the launch site assuming your booking to be a ‘no show’. Your guides will have no time to replace them for launch and your booking will be forfeit with no refund. 

Please ensure you have a good whistle on a lanyard to attach to your buoyancy aid - this is compulsory for this course. Come prepared to get wet in deep tidal water; bring extra warm clothing, snacks, packed lunch, and plenty of fluids. We will be out for the day returning around 3-4pm. Starts at 10am sharp. Read through your confirmation email thoroughly. Please check the weather and tides so that you are aware of your environment for the day.

Be advised that your Coach/s have the legal right to deny participation without refund if your Coach/s feel that you are unprepared and pose a danger to yourself, the group or your Coach/s. This could be because of your clothing, equipment, spare warm clothing and/or food/fluids (this is not an exhaustive list). PLEASE read through all of our online notes, FAQ's and confirmation email and COME PREPARED. Thank you.

Please contact our office on 01473 - 375 026 with any questions (business hours only). Please don’t ring or email us after hours as we will be closed.


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Another great day on the water with Nomad. I had been on the Intro to Sea Kayaking non- tidal course earlier in the year so was looking to gain some new skills and practice what I’d learned previously. This course provided both - going back over the basic paddle strokes and assisted recoveries but adding new skills like edging. We were a group of 5 with mixed ability but Kurt and Becky worked hard to make sure everyone got what they needed from the day. The small group size means you get plenty of individual feedback which is really helpful as a beginner and I now have a number of pointers that I can work on by myself. To top it off, we struck lucky with the weather, and ate our picnic lunches bathed in the sunshine sitting on a shingle spit we’d paddled out to. This was a great introduction to what sea kayaking has to offer - can’t wait for my next fix!

− Vicky Haywood, Oct 2018

Thank you Vicky, great work on your 'assisted recoveries' in deep water. See you on the water again soon.


After not having kayaked for many years this was an excellent reintroduction aided by fantastic weather and a small group allowing for individual attention. I felt increasingly confident and comfortable as Kurt's expert instruction and pithy comments helped me focus on the crucial techniques I needed to work on to improve paddling skill and safety awareness. I am definitely going to do more trips and courses with Nomad and I would certainly recommend this course.

− Steve Waters, Aug 2018

Thank you Stephen, don’t rely too much on training, practising your new skills is important so time on the water is what counts now. Thank you for your custom. Kurt


Luckily the weather on the day was very warm which I think contributed to sapping my energy as the day went on. Although it was an introduction to me on how different paddling with and against tidal flow is to being on rivers and Lakes which I am used to. It's great to be guided by Kurt with the necessary feedback to develop and improve new and previously learnt skills and the "banter" is good too!!!!! Good day out on the water. Thanks.

− Darren, Jun 2018

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