Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

Felixstowe, Suffolk Coast

Price: £199.99 p/seat
10 Seats Available
2 member slots available

NOW including our newly developed 'Socially Distanced (COVID-19) Assisted Recoveries'.

This Intermediate Kayak course follows on from the 'Intro to Sea Kayaking' course and is a one full, intensive day programme. You should now have the basic applied skills to control and manage your kayak, paddling forward with good trunk rotation, steering & turning with edge and drawing efficiently to the side. We'll add important strokes like 'hanging draw' and 'draw on the move' to your 'toolbox' which we'll use in moving water, particularly small surf and beam seas (swell from the side).

We'll paddle decked sea kayaks (sit-on-top kayaks are available) on tidal, coastal waters with exposure to small swells and wind chop. The objective of this programme is to cement your existing skills developed in basic tidal conditions and progress these to a higher skill level on open deep tidal waters along a coastline. The goal is to extend your paddling, developing your confidence to allow you to paddle further and longer in more challenging conditions.

The day is spent along a coastline, seeking out the conditions we need and we'll be doing a number of landings and launches from surf beaches in varying degrees of difficulty. Attention is paid to basic seamanship and understanding the intentions of other larger craft and where and what they will do when we are in or near a shipping channel. We’ll work through all of your strokes taught in the 'Intro to Sea Kayaking' before moving on to your assisted recoveries AND a self-recovery in deep moving water. We also begin work with the tow system and contact tows.

COVID 19 - All of our courses now teach our newly developed 'Socially Distanced Assisted Recovery' approved for use in deep, tidal waters!

We will review the equipment we carry on our person and in and on our boats to keep warm, safe and well-fed and watered. Students are expected to carry the equipment as listed and NSK stocks the tow systems and helmets, please see Link: Guide Tow System 

Please telephone or email for helmet specifications and prices.

Participants are welcome to use their own craft if they have them and the programme lasts 6-8 hours depending on the student’s ability. We don’t exceed twelve (12) students per course with two (2) coaches so there is plenty of focus on individual needs and we take a tailored approach to all of our courses. This programme is focused on guests wishing to further develop tidal sea kayaking skills. 

Weather Remit: A wind of a maximum of 18 knots steady blow and this includes wind gusts. The course will be rescheduled if the wind exceeds this limit and there is further discretion on the part of the Lead Guide with all-night events. Rain, snow and other conditions don’t generally affect our ability on the water. Exceptions are sometimes made and this is at the discretion of your Coach and/or the Operations Director. Your Coach will make a decision based on the wind speed (including wind gusts) in combination with tide strength and direction, time of day or night and size of the group alongside other factors that may influence the safety and comfort of the entire group. NSK wants to get your event completed as soon as possible; please trust the judgement of your coach/Guide. 

Every student MUST already know and be able to perform a solid, well-executed assisted recovery in deep water.

Trained or untrained - which are you?

Sixteen years of age and over.

Launch location Bawdsey Quay
Departure time 10am.
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Kayaks are included in the listed price but students are recommended to use their own boat, paddle and buoyancy aid. Helmets and tow systems are required.
Parking On site and free
Additional Notes *Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.* Kayaks are included in the listed price but students are recommended to use their own boat, paddle and buoyancy aid. Helmets and tow systems are required. Sea Kayakers on this programme are expected to be ‘switched on’ and adequately equipped with the following as a minimum; - Helmet. - Spare split paddles on deck. - Emergency grab bag. - Practical and workable first aid kit. - Spare warm clothing, food and fluids. - Three means of calling for assistance e.g. marine VHF, flares, whistle, heliograph, strobe et cetera. - Tow system and contact tow. All gear must be secured below deck to minimise ‘flotsam’ and gear above deck secured to prevent it floating off during capsize. Careful thought should be given to paddle parks. Students DO NOT need to roll their kayak or self-recover. Your Coach/Guide will have a secure key safe available for the duration of your course/trip BUT we will not accept liability for loss of your car keys. We also won't be able to keep any other belongings for you; please leave these in your car or take them with you.


Corona Virus
This course remains scheduled to go-ahead for the scheduled date pending the current restrictions being lifted. Any changes and students will be informed directly.

*Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.*

Course Notes

Please come prepared with helmet and tow system and warm clothing, food and fluids. Participants must carry a whistle on their buoyancy aid as a minimum as well as bilge pumps. Please check the weather forecast and tides and build a picture of what to expect in terms of sea conditions across the day.

Be advised that your Coach/s have the legal right to deny participation without refund if your Coach/s feel that you are unprepared and pose a danger to yourself, the group or your Coach/s. This could be for many reasons; you cannot complete a solid assisted recovery, you do not have appropriate/ sufficient clothing, equipment, spare warm clothing and/or food/fluids (this is not an exhaustive list).

PLEASE read through all of our online notes, FAQ's and confirmation email and contact us with any questions.


Thank you.


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