Explore Kayaking - Couple DISCOUNT Save 15%!

Chelmondiston, Suffolk
"This was our first experience of sit on kayaks & it was exactly what we needed. There was no pressure...."
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Commercial dredger sailing up the Orwell estuary on the Explore Kayaking guided trip with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Kayaker on the Orwell estuary with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Kayaker on a sit-on-top kayak on the Orwell Estuary. Red sit-on-top kayaks. Woolverstone Marina at sunset. The Orwell estuary near Pin Mill with NOMAD Sea Kayaking. Sea kayakers at sunset on the Orwell estuary.

Explore Kayaking - Couple DISCOUNT Save 15%!

Duration: 1.5 hrs. Distance: +/- 2nm. Group Size: 6-12. Guided: Yes. Guide Ratio: 6:1. Incl: Kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid. Skills: Beginner. Fitness: Basic. Age: 16+

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£59.99 p/seat

Explore Kayaking: A Beginner's Guided Trip 

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the stunning waters of the Orwell estuary, a sanctuary boasting unparalleled beauty & teeming with diverse wildlife. Our 1.5-hour guided kayaking trip is the perfect introduction to this picturesque haven, tailored for beginners of all ages.

Low Impact, High Adventure:
Glide through serene waters with our low-impact & comfortable sit-on-top kayaks, ensuring minimal disturbance to the vibrant birdlife & marine ecosystems.
Experience the tranquility of silent paddling with no engine noise or water pollution, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Safety First, Always:
Trust in our fleet of stable, high-quality kayaks, providing a secure & comfortable ride for every adventurer.
With an impeccable 100% safety track record over 18 years, our British Canoe and I.S.K.G.A trained guides ensure a worry-free experience from start to finish.

All-Inclusive Experience:
Say goodbye to hidden costs – the price you see is the price you pay, with all necessary equipment provided for your convenience.
Simply pack your favorite snacks and drinks, and we'll take care of the rest.

Award-Winning Guides:
Join our highly commended guide team, boasting 18 years of full-time guiding experience on the seas worldwide.
Benefit from the expertise of some of the most seasoned guides in the UK, ensuring an unforgettable adventure every time.

Unique & Unforgettable:
Immerse yourself in the only kayak trip of its kind on the Orwell estuary in Suffolk, offering an unparalleled glimpse into this hidden gem.

Experience the Benefits:
Engage your core muscles & soak in the invigorating sunshine, wind, and saltwater – the perfect recipe for a healthy & rejuvenating experience.
As recommended by the Mental Health Foundation, discover the therapeutic benefits of nature as you thrive amidst the tranquility and beauty of the estuary waters.

Offset Your Impact:
Take a step towards sustainability by offsetting your carbon footprint with a simple click, or contribute to our tree planting initiative for a lasting environmental impact.

Don't miss your chance to seize the wonders and beauty of the Orwell estuary waters. Book your guided kayaking adventure today & unlock a world of exploration & serenity!


  • Low Impact Kayaks are low impact & friendly to birdlife, marine mammals & sea life.  
  • No engine noise. 
  • No water pollution. 
  • Gentle & slow. 
  • Interaction Policy is in place which minimises any stress on animals (or paddlers). 
  • Safe - Our fleet of sit-on-top kayaks are high quality & stable. We have 100% safety track record over 18 years! 
  • British Canoe & I.S.K.G.A trained & qualified, full time guides. 
  • All Inclusive - The price you see is what you pay, no hidden costs. - Everything you need to enjoy this experience is provided. - Just bring snacks & drinks.
  •  Award Winning Guides - Our guide team has been recognised as highly commended. - Amongst the most experienced guides in the U.K with 18 years of full time guiding experience on the sea globally. 
  • Options at your Discretion - select a different type of kayak to suit your needs. 
  • Ensure your valuables remain dry & secure with our optional Peli box range for hire or purchase. You can even opt for insurance that provides extra dates in case of unforeseen bad weather. 
  • And you can even use your own kayak & equipment if you choose to.

The perfect introduction to kayak for beginners so Book Now while places are available!

Oliver Pearson

July 29th 2022

This was our first experience of sit on kayaks & it was exactly what we needed. There was no pressure. Kurt is an excellent instructor. He explained everything we needed without any of the negative traits that are sometimes found with other instructors. The length of the session was just right for us. Long enough for us to get comfortable and confident with the kayaks, but not so long as to get tired & start making silly mistakes. The location was pretty perfect. Ample free parking, good facilities, a very pleasant marina. The weather was fantastic too!

Thanks for your kind words Oliver, it was a lovely event with great weather. I'm glad you all had a good time & built some memories.


Jo Pearson

July 29th 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed our Explore Kayaking session & highly recommend it to other beginning Kayakers. It enabled us to try out sit-on kayaking in a safe & supported environment not to mention being in a beautiful area; even the weather was perfect! Our guide, Kurt, was very helpful & informative. One word of warning, if your hands blister easily, you may want to wear gloves while you are paddling.

Thank you Jo, looking forward to seeing you, Oliver & Alex again soon.


Liam Roberts

February 24th 2024

Kurt was a confidence inspiring guide who took things at a manageable pace. He was knowledgeable about the local area & had some good stories to fill in the rest periods. Given this is an intro to kayaking we didn't paddle far but we made it inland to a quiet beach with decent views & some great birdlife. You will get a wet backside & wet feet even if you stay in the kayak, but it's not really noticeable as you paddle along. I found the kayaks comfortable for the ride (I'm 6'2 86kg) and didn't have any issues fitness wise despite a sedentary day job. I'd happily visit Woolverstone again & go for a paddle with this company.

Thanks Liam, it was a lovely afternoon of paddling & good company.



Launch location

Pin Mill, IP9 1JW

Next Departure time

23rd June 2024, 1:30 PM


Sit-on-top kayak, paddle & buoyancy aid provided.


On site.

Additional Notes

Feel free to bring along extra warm clothing, hat, gloves et cetera, whatever you need to stay warm, there is plenty of room in our kayaks. In very hot weather please bring a sun hat, sun cream, sunglasses. We recommend leaving your electronics onshore unless it is waterproofed & secured. The more expensive the item, the quicker it sinks!! 

We offer Peli waterproof hard cases for rent that will guarantee they do not get wet or damaged. Please select your Peli waterproof box when placing your booking.