The Hollyhocks Eco Retreat

Luxury Eco Retreat for tranquil breaks, set in woodland, deep in the Suffolk countryside.


Luxury Country glamping with traditional SUFFOLK HOSPITALITY.

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Nestled amidst the enchanting Suffolk countryside, our Eco Retreat invites you to escape the ordinary & embrace the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in a tranquil haven where your family-sized bell tent awaits, surrounded by lush woodlands that promise seclusion & serenity.

Unplug from the hustle & bustle as you discover a realm of privacy and peace. Engage in the timeless art of traditional skills, from the crackling warmth of open wood fires to the rhythmic symphony of wood chopping with a forest axe. Our outdoor kitchen beckons culinary enthusiasts to craft delightful meals surrounded by nature's embrace.

Indulge in the luxury of hot water beneath the open skies as you savor the simplicity of an outdoor shower. And keep your senses attuned to the wonders of the wild, as our secluded haven is frequented by the elusive badger, adding a touch of untamed magic to your glamping experience.

This is more than a getaway; it's an immersion into a world where tranquility, nature, and traditional skills harmonize to create an unforgettable escape. Escape to a world where luxury meets the untamed beauty of nature. Our glamping tent holidays redefine the art of outdoor living, offering a symphony of features that elevate your experience to extraordinary heights:

  1. Fireside Bliss: Gather around the open fire pit for sizzling barbecues & the enchanting warmth of glowing log fires, creating a cozy ambiance under the stars.

  2. Farm-to-Tent Delights: Indulge in the farm-fresh allure with organic eggs and vegetables, handpicked from our on-site garden, ensuring each meal is a celebration of local flavors.

  3. Herb Haven: Enhance your culinary creations with the convenience of fresh herbs growing right next to your rustic open-air kitchen, adding a fragrant touch to every dish.

  4. Alfresco Culinary Retreat: Immerse yourself in the charm of our outdoor kitchen, equipped with a gas cooker, ice box, and a basin with hot water for washing up – a sanctuary for gastronomic delights amidst nature's embrace.

  5. Shower Serenity: Experience the luxury of a Joolca outdoor shower, where hot water meets complete privacy, offering a refreshing & rejuvenating escape in the heart of nature.

  6. Timber Tales: Embrace the allure of traditional skills as you split your own logs with a chopping block, wood pile, and forest axe, creating a connection with the land beneath your feet.

  7. Nighttime Warmth: Revel in the warmth of your woodburner, providing a cozy glow through the night, ensuring your glamping experience is not just an escape but a comforting retreat.

  8. Wild Symphony: Let nature's orchestra surround you with woodland animals; owls hooting, badgers clearing their sett, and majestic Red deer & muntjac feeding through the dark nights, while daily, buzzards soar high overhead.

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury & the embrace of nature. Your glamping adventure begins here, where every moment is an ode to the extraordinary. Join us in the heart of Suffolk's beauty, where every moment is a celebration of the extraordinary.

 NB: Our bell tent is fully furnished & carpeted with a king size double bed & all linen included.

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Follow th meandering path to your private hideaway in the woods
Your early morning view
Organic eggs from our friendly flock of foul
Fresh herbs for our guests culinary creations