Expedition Basic Training - Polar

Bawdsey, Suffolk
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Expedition Basic Training - Polar

Duration: 6-7 hrs. Distance: up to 3nm. Group Size: 1. Coaches: x1. Coach Ratio: 1:1. Gear: Sea Kayak (decked), buoyancy aid & paddle included. Skills: Beginner Fitness: Basic

£269.99 p/seat

Tailored training in preparation for guided expeditions in polar regions to a maximum of Beaufort scale 3 to 4.

Over almost two decades of kayak coaching, NOMAD Sea Kayaking has trained dozens of individuals & couples in preparation for their cruise to a polar region & subsequent sea kayak trip to visit local wildlife colonies. 

The cruise lines have high safety standards to adhere to, particularly operating in the harsh environs of extreme cold in the Arctic & Antarctic regions. Prior to anyone being accepted to their guided excursion, participants must meet a basic safety criteria of skills, listed generally as follows;

  1. Proper use & understanding of sea kayak equipment.
  2. Lifting & carrying of kayaks.
  3. Overview of kayak parts, hatches, rudder & foot peg adjustment.
  4. Safe entry & exit from a kayak on a beach & a floating dock.
  5. Proper paddling posture.
  6. Efficient forward paddling technique.
  7. Stop & backwards paddling.
  8. Manoeuvring a kayak without a rudder.
  9. Paddling technique for windy conditions.
  10. On water communication including hand & paddle signals.
  11. Capsize & wet exit drill.
  12. Assisted deep water recoveries as casualty & recoverer.
  13. Basic seamanship; affect of weather & tides on kayakers.

All of the above is covered with additional training around clothing, particularly the layering system & basic safety equipment & its correct use. We also climatise paddlers to being in deep water comfortably & safely whilst maintaining direct contact with their kayak at all times should they capsize.

Time on water: Up to a maximum of five (5) hours with one hour lunch break & one hour beach coaching.

This is a very full day with a lot to take onboard; guests are encouraged to record information on their smart phone or to use notebooks throughout the day. We also strongly recommend that guests take every opportunity to paddle as much as they can in between their training & their actual event.

Opportunities to gain paddle experience here.


Launch location

Bawdsey Quay, IP12 3AX

Next Departure time

13th June 2024, 10:00 AM


Sea kayak, spray deck, paddle & buoyancy aid included.


FREE public carpark.

Additional Notes

Available week dates are provided but guests can offer their own dates for availability. These will be added to our website for booking.
The venue may be adjusted based on the needs & ability of the customer.