FAQs - Kayak Trip Preparation

Do I need any particular skills to do a trip?

No particular skills or previous experience is needed. You don't even need to be a swimmer.

Are your trips graded by difficulty?

It’s impossible to grade different events as the sea offers so many unexpected variables. Clearly, the shorter trips are generally easier in that you have a shorter distance to cover. Other than that, kayaking is what it is so just be reasonable and realistic about your expectations and ability and GIVE IT A GO.......you won’t regret it.

Do I need to be fit to do a trip?

No particular fitness is needed other than being normal/healthy weight for your age and height and have a positive attitude towards the outdoors. Engage with the elements and put in the effort when it’s needed. Have a good read of the ‘Trip Details’ on the booking page for trip data including the distances for each trip.

What equipment is included in the price?

Your 15.5ft stable sit-on-top kayak, paddle and buoyancy are included in the price. Decked touring kayaks (with spraydeck) are available upon request at a charge of £20 each. You will be asked for a certificate of competence OR demonstrate a basic wet exit drill and an assisted recovery in order to paddle the touring kayaks.

What do I need to wear?

Your confirmation email will give you guidance on what to wear – you don’t need any specialist kayaking gear and we recommend layering your clothing. Avoid all denim and cotton items!

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

Your confirmation email will provide detail but in essence, you only need to bring a packed lunch, snacks and plenty of drinking fluids. There is plenty of packing space so bring along as much as you like and we always recommend extra warm clothing.