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Gift Voucher - Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

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Intermediate Sea Kayaking

This course follows on from the 'Intro to Sea Kayaking' course. You should now have the basic applied skills to control and manage your kayak, paddling forward with good trunk rotation, steering & turning with edge and drawing efficiently to the side. We'll add important strokes like 'hanging draw' and 'draw on the move' to your 'toolbox' which we'll use in moving water, particularly small surf and beam seas (swell from the side).

We'll paddle decked sea kayaks (sit-on-top kayaks are available) on tidal, coastal waters with exposure to small swells and wind chop. The objective of this program is to cement your existing skills developed in basic tidal conditions and progress these to a higher skill level on open deep tidal waters along a coastline. The goal is to extend your paddling, developing your confidence to allow you to paddle further and longer in more challenging conditions.

The day is spent along a coastline, seeking out the conditions we need and we'll be doing a number of landings and launches from surf beaches in varying degrees of difficulty. Attention is paid to basic seamanship and understanding the intentions of other larger craft and where and what they will do when we are in or near a shipping channel. We’ll work through all of your strokes taught in the 'Intro to Sea Kayaking' before moving on to your assisted recoveries AND a self-recovery in deep moving water. We also begin work with the tow system and contact tows.

We will review the equipment we carry on our person and in and on our boats to keep warm, safe and well-fed and watered. Students are expected to carry the equipment as listed and NSK stocks the tow systems and helmets, please see Link: Guide Tow System 

Please telephone or email for helmet specifications and prices.

Participants are welcome to use their own craft if they have them and the program lasts 6-8 hours dependant on the student’s ability. We don’t exceed ten(10) students per course with two (2) coaches so there is plenty of focus on individual needs and we take a tailored approach to all of our courses. This program is focused on guests wishing to further develop tidal sea kayaking skills. 

Trained or untrained - which are you?

Every student MUST already know and be able to perform a solid, well-executed assisted recovery in deep water.

Sixteen years of age and over.


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I found this course to be very helpful both in content and confidence building. The two days were well planned and very enjoyable, having two locations offered the opportunity to develop a number of rescue, towing and general paddling skill in a variety of conditions. As the number of participants is limited on this course I always felt safe and confident in all situations, both in the kayak and in the water. I always enjoy paddling with Nomad Sea Kayaking as their guides are great teachers allowing you to learn at your own pace and always encouraging, even when you drop the end of your tow line in the water instead of clipping to the other boat in a rescue scenario. The two days also gave me a better understanding of the local area with regard to tides, shipping and general eyeball navigation techniques. I think this course is a good opportunity to put all that theory about rescue and towing in to practice in real life conditions. As a result of the two days I am now redesigning my tow system having realised that the way a piece of equipment leaves the manufactures is not necessarily the best set up for personal use. If you have the basic skills but need a bit more confidence to venture further, I would highly recommend this Nomad course. Thank you Kurt

− Jeromy Bosch, Nov 2016

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