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This course follows on from the 'Introduction to Kayaking' (non tidal) course for new entrants to the sport of kayaking. You should now have the basic personal skills to control and manage your kayak. We'll paddle touring sea kayaks (decked) on tidal coastel waters with some minimal exposure to small swells and wind chop. The objective of this programme is to cement your existing skills learn't on flat non tidal waters and progress these to a higher skill level on open deep tidal waters along a coastline. In other words, you're now progressing to the sea.

We will work through all of your strokes taught in the 'Introduction to Sea Kayaking' before moving on to your assisted recoveries. These will be done in the shallows first and then progressed to deep open water to build your confidence. The technique is different for decked touring boats and so we'll spend some time perfecting these skills so that it works for you when you need it.

The day is spent out on the water paddling along a coastline as a day trip, coaching along the way. The focus on equipment will be on what you can and need to carry with you to keep warm, safe and well fed and watered. Participants are welcome to use their own craft if they have them and the programme lasts 6-8 hours dependant on the student’s ability. We don’t exceed eight (8) students per course thereby providing one to one coaching time as and when needed. Trained or untrained - which are you?

Sixteen years of age and over.

Please Note: We only open new dates as they are filled so please contact us should you have a specific date/s in mind and if available, we will open your date on the website for booking.


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