Advanced Sea Kayaking Course

Advanced Basics for Sea Kayakers (2 Days)

Shotley Gate, Suffolk

Price: £249.99 p/seat
10 Seats Available
4 member slots available

NOW including our newly developed 'Socially Distanced (COVID-19) Assisted Recoveries'.

This course is the next step in your development from the 'Intermediate Sea Kayaking’ course.

You have your paddle strokes and recoveries under your belt and you are effective in tidal water. Now, with our Advanced Sea Kayaking Course, we want to further develop your skills on open deep water. Emphasis is on advanced ‘basics’ focusing on the skills you need to extend your paddling adventures and be safe in sometimes challenging conditions. Students must have a dependable roll on one side and a solid, dependable self-recovery. These skills will be extended to re-entry and roll in flat water initially and then extended to moving water on day two.

The course consists of two comprehensive training days taking in the sights and sounds of the lower Stour and Orwell estuaries and the rich maritime history of Harwich harbour. Day two is a full day at the mouth of the Deben estuary is moving water and small surf with a lot of fun to be had.

Participants should be very comfortable in their sea kayak and proficient in their control strokes before developing more advanced strokes and techniques. Each paddler should carry a personal tow line and a helmet and we will consider repair kits and grab bags as well as the methods for calling for assistance when out on the water. Coldwater shock and hypothermia are key features for sea kayakers and we will look at both in some depth. We will break down our 'recovery' technique and ensure we are all completing recoveries as both the rescuer and the casualty, using the same method each time. This will require entering the water a number of times so come prepared. Recoveries may be conducted under pressure i.e. in small overfalls, strong flow up to 4-6 knots and in boating channels with flow.

COVID 19 - All of our courses now teach our newly developed 'Socially Distanced Assisted Recovery' approved for use in deep, tidal waters!

Our high instructor to client ratios will enable you to get a lot of individual feedback to inspire learning and so the groups are limited to eight (8) students with one coach and one assistant on any single program. NOMAD Sea Kayaking takes a tailored approach to all of our courses and this program is focused on guests wishing to further develop tidal sea kayaking skills. Training will take place in some moving water with the objective to improve your skills in sea state 3-4 in up to force 3-4 winds with horizontal and vertical sea movement – you will get wet! The training style is informal and relaxed. Please provide your logbook to your coach on the morning of your first day.

Weather Remit: A wind of a maximum of 20 knots steady blow and this includes wind gusts. The course will be rescheduled if the wind exceeds this limit and there is further discretion on the part of the Lead Guide with all-night events. Rain, snow and other conditions don’t generally affect our ability on the water. Exceptions are sometimes made and this is at the discretion of your Coach and/or the Operations Director. Your Coach will make a decision based on the wind speed (including wind gusts) in combination with tide strength and direction, time of day or night and size of the group alongside other factors that may influence the safety and comfort of the entire group. NSK wants to get your event completed as soon as possible; please trust the judgement of your coach/Guide.

Trained or untrained - which are you?

Sixteen years of age and over.

Launch location Opposite Bristol Arms Pub
Departure time 10am.
Kayakers - Final times will be confirmed a week prior to the trip based on the tides at the launch site. See Guide Notes tab for final confirmed launch time.
Hikers - Departure time is as stated.
Equipment Own sea kayak, buoyancy aid and paddle provided by student.
Parking Free on site.
Additional Notes Sea Kayakers on this programme are expected to be ‘switched on’ and adequately equipped with the following as a minimum; - Helmet. - Spare split paddles on deck. - Emergency grab bag. - Practical and workable first aid kit. - Spare warm clothing, food and fluids. - Three means of calling for assistance e.g. marine VHF, flares, whistle, heliograph, strobe et cetera. - Tow System and contact tow. All gear must be secured below deck to minimise ‘flotsam’ and gear above deck secured to prevent it floating off during capsize. Careful thought should be given to paddle parks. Students will need a dependable roll on one side and a reliable self-recovery. *Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.* Your Coach/Guide will have a secure key safe available for the duration of your course/trip BUT we will not accept liability for loss of your car keys. We also won't be able to keep any other belongings for you; please leave these in your car or take them with you.


Corona Virus
This course remains scheduled to go-ahead for the scheduled date pending the current restrictions being lifted. Any changes and students will be informed directly. Please do a weather check, in particular, wind and wind gusts and ensure you are aware of the tides for both days.

*Social distancing guidelines will be maintained on all NSK trips, courses, wild camps and events. Your Lead Guide will provide guidance during your safety briefing.*

Event Notes


Day 1: Launching opposite the Bristol Arms, Shotley (IP9 1PU).
Day 2:
Launching from Felixstowe Ferry (beach) IP11 9RY.

Come prepared with helmet and tow system and warm clothing, food and fluids. Participants must carry a whistle on their buoyancy aid as a minimum as well as bilge pumps. Please check the weather forecast and tides and build a picture of what to expect in terms of sea conditions across the two days. 

Be advised that your Coach/s have the legal right to deny participation without refund if your Coach/s feel that you are unprepared and pose a danger to yourself, the group or your Coach/s. This could be because of your clothing, equipment, spare warm clothing and/or food/fluids (this is not an exhaustive list).

PLEASE read through all of our online notes, FAQ's and confirmation email and COME PREPARED. Thank you.


All guest reviews have been verified by NOMAD Sea Kayaking. In addition our guest reviews are verifiable directly with the guest who made the review. Please contact NOMAD Sea Kayaking for further details on how to verify our website reviews for yourself.

Sea kayaking is an adventurous sport and to fully enjoy it you need to be confident in your ability. Building confidence is what these courses are all about. Kurt's expertise and experience allowed me to safely practice the assisted recoveries learnt in previous courses, this time in open moving water. Learn more about and try unassisted recoveries, towing and adding some valuable new strokes to help manoeuvre in confined spaces. The course also helped me understand more about winds and tides, and how to anticipate how these might affect the sea conditions as the day progresses. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day! Thank you.

− Tony Sandles, May 2018

Thanks Tony, glad you enjoyed it. 


This was superb and I would thoroughly recommend it if you have the basics. I learned some great new techniques and honed other skills that I had some experience of but was starting to develop bad habits. Throughout, attention was given to making sure we progressed only once we had tried and were comfortable with new stuff, or at least at a point where we could go and practice in our own time - and we still got through everything we set out to do at the start. Kurt, our guide was very clear with describing what was required and gave very specific and constructive feedback, while at the same time being encouraging. The combination was perfect for learning and building confidence. We moved along at a good pace and as well as learning specific skills, you get to learn sea craft principles and how to deal with changing situations such as tide, wind, currents, navigation and risk assessment. You can only get this by being on the water in the right environment with an expert guide. This course delivered on all these and we had a lot of fun in the process.

− Mark Compton, Nov 2015

Great feedback, thanks Mark, keep practising. Kurt 


I found this course to be very helpful both in content and confidence-building. The two days were well planned and very enjoyable, having two locations offered the opportunity to develop a number of rescues, towing and general paddling skill in a variety of conditions. As the number of participants is limited on this course I always felt safe and confident in all situations, both in the kayak and in the water. I always enjoy paddling with Nomad Sea Kayaking as their guides are great teachers allowing you to learn at your own pace and always encouraging, even when you drop the end of your tow line in the water instead of clipping to the other boat in a rescue scenario. The two days also gave me a better understanding of the local area with regard to tides, shipping and general eyeball navigation techniques. I think this course is a good opportunity to put all that theory about rescue and towing in to practice in real-life conditions. As a result of the two days, I am now redesigning my tow system having realised that the way a piece of equipment leaves the manufactures is not necessarily the best set up for personal use. If you have the basic skills but need a bit more confidence to venture further, I would highly recommend this Nomad course. Thank you Kurt.

− Jeromy Bosch, Sep 2015

Thanks for your feedback Jeromy, please telephone us if you need any advice on any aspect of your equipment; we can review the adjustments you've made to your tow system when we meet up next week for your 'Eskimo Rolling' course. Kurt


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