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NOMAD Sea Kayaking is the dealer in the east of England for Nigel Dennis (NDK) composite sea kayaks, Celtic paddles and the Easy Load Roof Rack system. These are top end, specialist items that need some research and a lot of advice from an expert in the field. So please telephone NOMAD Sea Kayaking and ask to speak to our relevant in house expert who will offer free advice with no obligation to purchase and offer a demonstration where practical. We also offer used sea kayaks from time to time on behalf of our long term customers and Members as well as the odd bit of new or used gear so please see what's available; they tend to sell very quickly.

Buy wrong, pay twice!!

NDK (Nigel Dennis) Composite Sea Kayaks

NDK (Nigel Dennis) Composite Sea Kayaks

NOMAD Sea Kayaking is the official dealer for NDK (Nigel Dennis) composite sea kayaks in the south-east.

Nigel completed the first-ever sea kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain together with Paul Caffyn and since then Nigel has carried out expeditions in Antarctica, Easter Island and the televised expedition around Cape Horn. In many ways Nigel has inspired fellow sea kayakers to explore the great coastlines of the world

Through expeditions and everyday use, Nigel became aware of the limitations of the kayaks currently on the market and began creating his own designs which he has manufactured since 1993. He introduced the offset day hatch to enable the unsupported paddler to access provisions whilst afloat. He also added the keyhole cockpit which allows for a faster and easier entry and exit compared to the original small ocean cockpit.

Nigel’s kayaks have not only benefited from his own expertise, they have also been tried and tested in severe weather conditions and extreme temperature on expeditions across the globe. Today a whole range of kayaks are available, each designed with specific needs in mind, which overall cater for a wide spectrum of kayakers.

The Kayaks
With a choice of sixteen very different kayaks to suit every paddler and every kayak can be individually tailored to your individual paddling needs and personal taste including deck and hull colour, custom paint job, cockpit size, the position of bulkhead, accessories, seat and skeg. NDK sea kayaks are built with the serious paddler in mind, professional expedition leaders, commercial Guides and coaches and you can see this with the important design features that are generally not found in other designs. A good example is the inclusion of a ‘white water’ sloping rear cockpit bulkhead which allows the kayak to be emptied from the water thereby minimising the need for an x-rescue (assisted recovery) across the deck of another kayak. The lower back deck to allows for less freeboard and therefore less wind effect on the boat but it allows for easier rolling. Each of these design features wasn’t invented by a designer sitting in an office behind a draughtsboard but by professional kayakers around the world feeding back to the manufacturer and more than twenty years of kayak development based on experience on the water. And NDK sea kayaks are the ‘four-wheel drive’ of the industry, offering heavy layups and excellent heavy-duty builds that with a bit of care and thought can last for decades.

Making your Purchase
Each kayak is designed for a different purpose and to suit a different size paddler so it’s important to get some initial advice from an expert and then ‘demo’ as many boats as you can before making your purchase. Once you have a good idea of your preferred kayak, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quotation and when you decide to go ahead NOMAD will process your order and keep you updated of the progress of your build. Build time is approximately two to six weeks depending on the orders going through the factory at the time and you’ll be advised within two working days of approximate delivery date. We will either collect your boat from Anglesey for you or you can take the opportunity to collect it yourself and visit the factory to see the build process yourself first hand. And of course Anglesey offers amongst the very best paddling destinations in the world! All after-sales care is by NOMAD Sea Kayaking and we will see to your individual needs.

Please contact us and speak to our in house expert to get your advice and get one step closer to owning one of the premium composite sea kayaks in the world.

Enquiries: 01473 - 375 026


Whetman Guide Tow System

Whetman Guide Tow System

A high quality robustly constructed and well thought out system and frankly, the best that we can find on the market. The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system which can be repacked in rough water and then be deployed again.

The bag has two tows:
Main Tow
Second Tow

Each system is quick and easy to deploy with 'clean line' throughout by using tape with a sliding float so that it doesn't get in the way. Carrying your contact tow integrated into your main tow line means you don't have to have a stand-alone contact tow on your front deck - no fumbling and wasted time.

NSK now recommends this Tow system on all of our courses.

Karabiner Maintenance
Sea salt crystals can form & block up the karabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use & spray with silicone spray.

Please contact us by email or telephone to place your order;

Enquiries: 01473 - 375 026


Celtic - Innovative Paddle Technology

Celtic - Innovative Paddle Technology

NOMAD Sea Kayaking is the official Celtic paddles dealer in the south-east.

Celtic Paddles Ltd was formed for the manufacture of paddles specifically for the Intermediate to advanced paddler. Celtic Paddles now produces the Pro and Classic range and all of the Pro range and most of the Classic range are manufactured in Wales here in the United Kingdom. This enables Celtic to design and manufacture a standard range of paddles with the option of customising if needed. Celtic manufacture tough and reliable products and they are in an ideal location on Anglesey to test their paddles. And with the help of sponsored and professional paddlers across the UK and abroad, they receive feedback on design performance. This enables Celtic to make alterations to both the specifications and designs and keep up with ever-changing demands and developments within our sport.

Nigel Dennis has been involved within the industry for many years and has put together an impressive network of experienced retailers, expedition centres and expedition, performance paddlers. NOMAD Sea Kayaking is one of these centres.

Choosing a high specification paddle is a technical process and should not be rushed. Your paddle will cost upwards of £100 and it should be tailored to meet your exact paddling needs. Please contact our office and speak with our in house expert who will ask you some questions and make an initial recommendation. Then follow this up with a ‘demo’ session at one of our trips or enrol for the ‘Paddle Power’ workshop before making your purchasing decision. We won’t rush you and you’ll be very pleased with the results when you receive your new tailored Celtic paddle.

“The choice of paddle is as important as the kayak!” (Nigel Dennis)

Enquiries: 01473 - 375 026


Tiedown Straps - Whetman

Tiedown Straps - Whetman

A high-quality tie-down straps, sold in pairs. Hand made in the UK  and tensile tested, very strong. Stocks are limited, please order early.

Sold in pairs plus postage direct to your home address, lengths of;

1m - £10
2m - £14
3m - £15.50
4m - £17.50
5m - £19.00 

Please email your order to


Whetman Contact Tow

Whetman Contact Tow

Short contact line for quick close contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak. Quick-release cam buckle with toggle also provides length adjustment. Port & Starboard colour-coded lines and two colour coded carabiners. Selection of snag-free carabiner styles available, all held in position by a retainer ring.

The primary application is a very short quick "contact" towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow of the casualty, putting the bow just behind the hip position of the rescuer.

The second application is to enable a stabilised raft up by crossing the Contact Line over two boats and connecting to the outer deck lines of each boat, then adjusting it to be tight so as to prevent any chance of capsize.

NSK now recommends the Whetman Contact Tow on all of our courses.

To order pulse contact NOMAD Sea Kayaking;


Telephone: 01473 - 375 026

Whetman SOT and SUP Safety Tape

Whetman SOT and SUP Safety Tape

Deck Tape 4M

4 Metres of red floating 25mm tape with yellow loop straps & quick release buckles at both ends. For SUPs and Sit On Kayaks - a connector system with the ability to quick release at both ends.

Available to order now; email: or telephone 01473-375 026.



Kari Tek Easy Load Roof Rack

Kari Tek Easy Load Roof Rack

NOMAD Sea Kayaking is the main dealer in the south-east for the Kari Tek Easy Load Roof Rack. The Easy Load Roof Rack is a kayak or canoe roof rack which lowers to the side of your vehicle for safe, easy and secure loading of boats onto cars, people carriers, 4x4s and vans. It works equally well with sit on tops or small dinghies. The system is available in versions to fit your vehicle’s existing roof rack crossbars or to mount via roof rail systems, including Kari-Tek's own discrete and stylish roof rails.  For high top vehicles (2.2m high or more) we recommend the High Lift roof rack with an integral winch. NOMAD Sea Kayaking can offer a free, no-obligation demonstration and quotation. We’ll manage your order and we can even install your system for you.

Enquiries: 01473 - 375 026


**SOLD** Elie STRAIT 120 Composite Sea Kayak £649 including accessories

**SOLD** Elie STRAIT 120 Composite Sea Kayak £649 including accessories

The Elie STRAIT 120 has all the great attributes and benefits of the Strait 140 but on a smaller scale for smaller paddlers and those who are looking for a little more manoeuvrability. Built on a deep V chine hull, this sit-in touring kayak is quicker, faster and more nimble. It features adjustable footrests, padded thigh braces, and an ERGOFLEX seating system for increased comfort and to help you maintain an efficient paddling position, a quick lock hatch, and 8” day hatch with storage bag and bungee cords to secure your personal items, a reflective lifeline, a keel extension and ergonomic carrying handles.

Made of POLY-XR™, a polyethene 30% more rigid than standard polyethene, this sit-in kayak is lighter, stiffer and stronger.

Our Aqua-Bound Manta Ray paddle is a must-have accessory to fully enjoy a fast-paced water adventure with your STRAIT 120 and engineer dreams to share with everyone. See you on the water!


Cockpit cover R4
Spraydeck Size 6
Aqua-Bound Manta Ray carbon paddle 215cm
Flares x 4

Viewings by appointment to 01473 - 375 026. Payment prior to collection by BACS transfer.

COLVIC WATSON 28ft Ketch Motor Sailer

COLVIC WATSON 28ft Ketch Motor Sailer

YouTube link to a video

COLVIC WATSON 28ft Ketch Motor Sailer For PRIVATE SALE - £22K NO OFFERS ACCEPTED (Price valid from the 1st August 2018)

The spacious cockpit leads into a well-equipped wheelhouse protecting you from the weather. A companionway leads down into the saloon with a quarter berth on the starboard side and seating for four adults around a saloon table on the port side, this converts into a spacious double bed. Starboard is a gimballed gas cooker with double rings, grill and oven next to a stainless steel washbasin with running hot and cold water provided by the calorifier and water pump. Through the companionway with a hanging locker on the starboard side and the head opposite with a brand new Jabsco marine toilet which has been never been used. A 60-litre waste tank holds your black water whilst in the Marina; again this is brand new and never used. The forecastle has two separate bunks with enough space for comfort.

Lockers throughout for storage, a 50-litre onboard water tank and a 50-litre diesel fuel tank, the boat has been completely rewired with six 240 volt outlets, two in the forecastle, two amidships and two in the wheelhouse and a shore power connection in the cockpit. The hull was painted in dark blue and all of the top sides painted in white on August 2015. Canvas dodgers in matching 'beige/sand' with sail covers for both the mainsail and mizzen as well as a Bimini which goes over the main boom and protects the main area of the deck from both heat and cold.

Standing rigging and running rigging needs to be updated but the boat is in good running order and ready to motor sail. The engine room has good open access with engine room LED lighting and an electric bilge pump with an auto pump controlled from the main dashboard. A new dashboard was installed in 2013 when the boat was rewired. The engine is a marinised Leyland BOC 18hp diesel which does NOT smoke on cold start. A simple design that runs reliably all day.

The boat has been a comfortable and spacious live onboard for the past five years with 6' 2" headroom throughout; a perfect weekend boat for coastal outings for two people in great comfort and up to five people at a squeeze.

In the water at Woolverstone Marina and available to view by appointment. A serious buyer is welcome to survey and I am willing to lift the boat for the purpose of the survey.

Enquiries to KURT on 01473-375 026.

**SOLD**P&H Capella 167 Composite Sea Kayak

**SOLD**P&H Capella 167 Composite Sea Kayak

**SOLD** For Sale: P&H Capella 167 Sea Kayak **SOLD**

• Built in 2008.
• Good sea-worthy condition.
• Deck lines and bungees replaced 12 months ago.
• Hatches replaced 3 years ago and in excellent condition.
• Complete with Silva 70P compass, Lomo hand pump and a Reedchillcheater Aquatherm spraydeck to fit a medium waist.
•Quick-releasee catch fitted to aid with a contact tow if necessary.
• Paddle park.
• Hull has the usual launching scratches for a kayak of this age.
• 3 Small repairs to chips in the gel coat; the glass fiber mat not damaged in any way, please see photos.
• Front bulkhead has been fiber-glassed in as the original sealant was beginning to leak, this fix, although not pretty is very strong and waterproof – please see photo.
• Fitted with a KeelEazy strip to help protect it from rough landings.
• Skeg works as it should and has had a chord fitted to enable it to be released easily when clogged with sand from a beach landing.
• Extra foam on seat for comfort – easily removed.

This is a good, used sea kayak from an excellent manufacturer. The kayak bares the markings of its many adventures but it is in sound sea-worthy condition. The Capella 167 is a stable and forgiving sea kayak that suits a developing sea kayaker. The kayak should give its new owner many years of great paddling. 

**SOLD** CUSTOM NDK Romany Classic Sea Kayak by Nigel Dennis **SOLD**

**SOLD** CUSTOM NDK Romany Classic Sea Kayak by Nigel Dennis **SOLD**

**SOLD** £1800 **SOLD**

Here is an opportunity to own a unique example of one of SKUK’s most iconic sea kayaks in excellent condition for over £1000 below the new price. The kayak is totally watertight and all hatches seal perfectly.  There are a few scratches as can be expected on a boat that is just over a year old. This boat was a special order so please read the ad carefully to make sure it suits.

The boat does NOT have footpegs, rather it has a custom front bulkhead designed for my inside leg of 34 inches. This design means there is more storage room in the front hatch than in a standard Romany. If your inside leg is shorter than 34’’ the bulkhead can be fitted out with foam that is available from SKUK.

Please note: this boat will NOT suit if your inside leg is longer than 34’’.

The Kayak has the following spec:

 -Romany Classic built February 2017

-Slate grey deck

-Orange hull and coving

-Glass seat with adjustable backrest

-Custom front Bulkhead

-Silver 70p compass factory fitted

-Deck recess for pump – (my pump was lost at sea)

-All hatches are on lanyards

-SKUK wire skeg operated from a RIGHT-HAND side slider

-Paddle park.

The following accessories are included free with the sale:

-Small kayak wheels bought direct from SKUK

-Reed Chill Cheater spraydeck with map hoops and bail hole in an L/XL    adjustable waist.

-Shred Ready full-cut standard helmet in good condition

-Whetman Equipment long/short tow system with quick release

-Whetman Equipment Contact tow system with quick release

-Palm short poggies

-Reed Chill Cheater cockpit cover

-White navigation light on the rear deck

Please refer to the web site below for the manufacturer’s details on the Romany Classic:

I am NOT willing to split the deal, I would like £1,800 for the boat (new price of boat was £2,880); all other items will be included free if you do not need the other items they are then yours to sell on.

Please no offers (unless higher)

Any left-handed paddlers interested in this boat can also purchase one or two Carbon cranked paddles for an added extra £100 each if purchased at the same time with the boat.

Any right-handed paddlers interested in this boat can also purchase one carbon cranked paddle for an extra £100 if purchased at the same time with the boat.

Left-handed only  - One carbon shaft Celtic split N12 700 paddle with adjustable feather and length between 212-214-216cm

Left or Right-Handed adjustable – One carbon shaft Lendal 4 piece N12 700 paddle with adjustable feather and length between 210-212-214-216

Please note: This sale is strictly cash on collection, I can, however, deliver the kayak in person within 50 miles of Colchester UK, at £1/mile, but you will have travelled to view the boat in person first.  I am not bringing the kayak for viewings.

Contact: Jeromy 07713944910