NSK YouTube Channel

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A short introduction to the NOMAD Sea Kayaking YouTube channel; with short unchoreographed and unscripted videos covering three basic areas;

1. Sea kayaking skills and tips

2. Outdoor gear reviews

3. Environmental issues & discussion

The content is focused on a no-fuss, no B.S. approach, telling it as it is, direct and unabashed with absolutely no political correctness. If you are easily offended, too bad, don't watch. For the rest of you normal folk, enjoy! We at NSK have fourteen years of trading experience leading groups into the great outdoors. We only review and discuss equipment we use ourselves and use regularly, every week or every month in ALL seasons.

NOMAD Sea Kayaking does not receive any sponsorship, advertising or financial benefit of any kind for any of our YouTube channel work. Just simple, clear and direct information that is useful to our viewers.


Published On: 18th September 2018