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/storage/Sea kayakers watch a sunset with NOMAD Sea Kayaking.
2nd April 2024 / Environment

Eco-Friendly Adventures: Your Guide to Responsible Sea Exploration

As responsible sea explorers, it's our duty to minimise our impact on the environment. The power to make a difference lies in our hands!

/storage/Tranquil blue waters with NOMAD Sea Kayaking.
28th February 2024 / Environment

Mastering the Waves: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Tides & Currents.

It's crucial to understand the ebb & flow of the ocean's mighty currents. Join us as we dive into the world of tidal awareness & learn how to navigate the waves like seasoned sea paddlers.

1st February 2024 / Environment

Eco-Friendly Tips For Sea Kayakers

Diving deep into the world of Eco-friendly sea kayaking & uncovering ways to paddle responsibly while enjoying the wonders of the sea.

/storage/Winter sea kayaking in Walton Backwaters with NOMAD Sea Kayaking
27th January 2024 / Environment

Winter Sea Kayaking in the UK

As the days grow shorter & the air turns more crisp, there's a special allure to venturing out onto the waters in winter.

/storage/Huskies pulling a sled through Arctic snow with Fjallraven Polar.
30th March 2023 / Environment

Fjallraven Polar & NOMAD Sea Kayaking

NOMAD Sea Kayaking's very own & much loved Rebecca (Becky) was chosen from 14 460 applicants to venture across the Arctic tundra with Fjallraven Polar.

/storage/View of the blue ocean as seen from the beach between drift wood.
22nd December 2021 / Environment

Five Good Reasons to Sea Kayak.

Sea kayaking exposes us to fresh air, exercise & good mental health, allowing us to encounter the rare quiet, spiritual moments & once in a lifetime experiences. Read on for five reasons to SEA kayak.

/storage/Kayakers clearing beach of rubbish.
1st October 2021 / Environment

Plastic-Free Paddling

A kayak adventure with a twist in Suffolk with NOMAD Community Projects.

/storage/Beekeeper in beekeeper suit viewing a fresh honeycomb.
23rd September 2021 / Environment

Trees, Bees, and Sore Knees - Crowdfunder

People in the UK are known to give generously to charities, however, only 3% of charitable giving in the UK is for nature, the environment, or UK conservation.

/storage/A sunflower with bright sunshine and a blue sky.
15th September 2021 / Environment

Our Haven for Nature

Join us as we explore the area we plan to create our Haven for Nature.

10th August 2021 / Environment

Offset Your CO2 Footprint!

Every event has had a CO2 calculation made for each guest, for that event & built into our website booking process.

/storage/Beach cleaning by kayak event
18th May 2021 / Environment

Help Us Help The Environment!

This is a sponsored event so get your finger out peeps!

/storage/Plastic bottles on a beach with volunteer refuse collectors in the background.
6th May 2021 / Environment

NOMAD Community Projects Beach Clean by Kayak '21

Our first beach clean of the 2021 season and 77 kilos of rubbish collected!

/storage/Looking up towards the tree canopy against a blue sky.
22nd March 2021 / Environment

Sixteen Tennis Courts of Trees!!

NOMAD Community Projects is planting 420 saplings with the help of our volunteers on land in Clopton, Suffolk. This is part of our strategy of offsetting carbon emissions through active rewilding.

/storage/Sunrise over a bramble patch in Suffolk.
18th February 2021 / Environment

Rewilding Britain

People may think we already have plenty of wildland, but in fact, our National Parks and AONBs are not particularly valuable for nature conservation in the current state.

/storage/An example of some of the trash we get to collect in one meeting.
12th December 2019 / Environment

The Environmental Impact of NOMAD Sea Kayaking

What effect we, as a business, have on our environment & what we are doing to reduce that impact.

/storage/Dorset kayaking & wild camping weekend trip.
12th November 2019 / Environment

Dorset Kayak & Wild Camping Removed

A short explaination of why our Dorset Kayak & Wild Camp adventures are temporarily ‘on hold’ (No its not because of COVID!)

/storage/Cleaning our beaches jetsam on the beach
30th September 2019 / Environment

Beach Cleaning - Kayakers Call To Arms

We have been ’Beach Cleaning’ on all of our events since before it was cool! This press release launches the first of our Big Beach Clean events.

/storage/Our insects are under huge threat with losses of 75% plus
16th October 2018 / Environment

Alarming Study Shows Massive Insect Loss

Insects; Where have they gone & why does it matter? Here we start to answer both of these important questions.

/storage/Diagram showing the life cycle of a Stag beetle
10th October 2018 / Environment

NSK Natural History - Entomology and Our Contribution.

Why do sea kayakers have a Natural History Channel? Let’s tell you!

/storage/Clearing a used wood fire safely
2nd October 2018 / Environment

NSK Natural History Channel - Clearing an Open Fire

Do you know how to clear a fire area up after wild camping? The ‘leave no trace‘ principle isn’t about keeping things tidy as much as ensuring the environment is pristine for nature.   

/storage/Two birds natural history
26th September 2018 / Environment

NSK Natural History Channel - Introduction

Interesting, thought provoking & inspiring. 

/storage/Little Tern in flight
15th February 2018 / Environment

The Plight of Little Terns (Part II) - Volunteering

If we haven’t persuaded you yet; read on!

/storage/STOP TALKING and take ACTION!
14th November 2017 / Environment


Stand up and Fight!

/storage/Little Tern is a threatened species in Britain
12th May 2016 / Environment

The Plight of Little Terns

Volunteering & kayaking to help the Little Terns