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/storage/Beekeeper in beekeeper suit viewing a fresh honeycomb.
23rd September 2021 / Environment

Trees, Bees, and Sore Knees - Crowdfunder

People in the UK are known to give generously to charities, however, only 3% of charitable giving in the UK is for nature, the environment, or UK conservation.

/storage/This Girl Can, female sea kayaker on the beach with her sea kayak.
21st May 2021 / Equipment & Clothing


Ladies, if you're considering Sea Kayaking but put off by the thought of carrying a large sea kayak on your car, don't be. If THIS GIRL CAN, so can you!

/storage/Ocean Saver bio disinfectant
1st June 2020 / Video Blog

COVID -19 Update IV

/storage/Guides exercising to maintain fitness levels
25th May 2020 / Video Blog

Life of a Guide; Fitness

Our Guides have to maintain their fitness to keep them good at what they do. No gyms for Team NOMAD! Join us for a quick look at a fraction of what it takes.

/storage/Scrubbing kayaks fighting COVID-19
14th May 2020 / Video Blog

COVID-19 Update III

We talk how easing of lockdown will effect our events & BC industry guidelines for getting back on the water.

/storage/The life of a guide kayaker getting wet
17th April 2020 / Video Blog

The Life of a Guide

Not a typical end to a trip, but sometimes Mother Nature can get the better of us! A quick, short video from the tent.

/storage/Guide scrubbing kayak clean
16th April 2020 / Video Blog

COVID-19, Update II

/storage/NOMAD Sea Kayaking Crowdfunding
14th April 2020 / Video Blog

Crowdfunder; Thank You!

An update on our Crowdfunder campaign & a very big THANK YOU!

/storage/NOMAD School of Adventure
2nd April 2020 / Video Blog

Save US!!

Giving all of our guests an update on what we are doing to keep going & a quick reminder to support your local small businesses.

/storage/Spread the love bears cuddling
1st April 2020 / Video Blog

Spread The Love!

Keep going! Support local business & take care of each other.

/storage/Surveying Stag beetles (Lucanus Cervus) NOMAD Community Projects
6th December 2019 / Video Blog

NOMAD Community Projects

A video introducing our new not-for-profit community interest company & what we will be doing to support & help the people and environment in our local area.

/storage/Sea Guide tow system used on kayaks
18th August 2019 / Video Blog

Sea Guide Towline

Showing one of the essential items of safety equipment we use & train with. Designed & built in the UK.

/storage/The Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail
10th July 2019 / Video Blog

Altra Timps Trail Runners - Review from the Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail

Review of Altra Trail Runners for hiking. Filmed in California at the iconic PCT southern terminus

/storage/Sestrals Quilt made by As Tucas
23rd May 2019 / Video Blog

AS Tucas Millaris Bivy and Sestrals Quilt

Review of this ultralight sleeping system for wild camping. Tent & sleeping bags are not the only option!

/storage/Stretches for kayakers
4th May 2019 / Video Blog

Stretches for Kayakers - Improve your Flexibility

A quick video showing easy stretches, suitable for doing at home, suggested for kayakers. No offence was taken during the filming of this video!

/storage/Clothing layers for kayakers canoeists sea kayakers.
4th February 2019 / Video Blog

Clothing for Beginner Kayakers - Layering.

Layering for new kayakers; how to stay warm without spending a fortune!

/storage/A paddle your most important piece of equipment
28th January 2019 / Video Blog

Paddles for Beginner Kayakers

How do you choose which paddle is right for you as a beginner paddler? Here we try to help answer that question.

/storage/Fjallraven Classic 2018 Hiking trek
22nd January 2019 / Video Blog

The Fjallraven Classic 2018

A video diary of 110 km of hiking & wild camping, north of the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland.

/storage/Using hiking poles in the mountains
21st January 2019 / Video Blog

Hiking Poles and how To Use Them

A step to step guide for the correct use of hiking poles for propulsion & stability instead of just carrying them!

/storage/Armadillo merino wool base layer
17th December 2018 / Equipment & Clothing

Armadillo Base Layer Review I

Armadillo 100% merino wool baselayers; pros and cons for sea kayakers & long distance hikers.

/storage/Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak
20th November 2018 / Equipment & Clothing

Review IV - Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak

Review of this light, packable anorak as part of a layering system for hiking, cycling and paddling.

/storage/Keb fleece mid layer fleece
17th October 2018 / Video Blog

Review III - Fjallraven Keb (Trekking) Fleece

Review of this warm & versatile fleece jacket from Fjallraven 

/storage/Diagram showing the life cycle of a Stag beetle
10th October 2018 / Environment

NSK Natural History - Entomology and Our Contribution.

Why do sea kayakers have a Natural History Channel? Let’s tell you!

/storage/Clearing a used wood fire safely
2nd October 2018 / Environment

NSK Natural History Channel - Clearing an Open Fire

Do you know how to clear a fire area up after wild camping? The ‘leave no trace‘ principle isn’t about keeping things tidy as much as ensuring the environment is pristine for nature.