Clothing for Beginner Kayakers - Layering.

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A description of a basic wet layering system for paddlers new to the sport of kayaking. Whether fishing from a kayak, river paddling or developing hard core sea kayaking skills, we cover the simple basics of what to wear and how to wear it whilst maintaining a tight budget until you are ready to take the plunge and commit.

The video covers just the basics needed to get started with the emphasis on;
1) Layering your clothing
2) Avoiding cotton and denim
3) Using good quality wool as much as possible and
4) Dressing for submersion

There is a little bad language in the 'Blooper' at the end of the video so be aware. And have a look at the following links to related articles that you may find interesting Outdoor Research Mitts and Wind Anorak and Armadillo Merino Johnnies

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions at all or just need some free advice; we love our work and are happy to help.

Published On: 4th February 2019