Latest News; Dorset Kayak and Wild Camp


As all of you know we are an environmentally responsible company. We are passionate about our environment and share our passion with our guests and members through our courses, trips, and various social media channels. We also try to ensure that we, wherever possible, minimise our impact and keep our carbon footprint low. We encourage others to do the same.

With this in mind, we have taken the decision to adjust our trips and remove our Dorset Kayak and Wild Camp event. For this journey, we would emit 0.14 tonnes of CO2 emissions. If we had 6 additional vehicles coming down with Kayaks etc that is nearly 1 tonne of CO2 just for this weekend alone produced by our trip. To put this into perspective the average UK person is accountable for 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year!

We hope that you can understand our decision in this changing world. Please support us by doing everything you can to help reduce your Carbon Footprint and have a look at the commitments our Guides and colleagues are making at Entomology & Our Contribution.

These can be small changes in your everyday life. Help us be the change that saves our planet.



Published On: 12th November 2019