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/storage/Wild camping tents in Suffolk.
10th August 2020 / Trips

Our Suffolk Wild Camp

If you've been curious to see what a Kayak & Wild Camp weekend looks like, join us here for a visit!

/storage/Aerial view of a beach with two kayaks on it
14th July 2020 / General

Wild Camp Kayaking!

Kayak and Wild Camp site early morning reveal ... 

/storage/The life of a guide kayaker getting wet
17th April 2020 / Video Blog

The Life of a Guide

Not a typical end to a trip, but sometimes Mother Nature can get the better of us! A quick, short video from the tent.

/storage/Gear needed to comfortably poop in the backcountry.
6th April 2020 / Skills

Pooping in the Woods

We encourage low impact camping on all of our wild camp weekends. Here we go through how this works when you really need to go to the loo!  

/storage/Sestrals Quilt made by As Tucas
23rd May 2019 / Video Blog

AS Tucas Millaris Bivy and Sestrals Quilt

Review of this ultralight sleeping system for wild camping. Tent & sleeping bags are not the only option!

/storage/Outdoor Research waterproof windproof Schuck Mitts
30th April 2019 / Equipment & Clothing

Outdoor Research Shuck Mitts for Hiking

Review of mitts as part of a layering system for hiking.

/storage/Fjallraven Classic 2018 Hiking trek
22nd January 2019 / Video Blog

The Fjallraven Classic 2018

A video diary of 110 km of hiking & wild camping, north of the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland.

/storage/Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak
20th November 2018 / Video Blog

Review IV - Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak

Review of this light, packable anorak as part of a layering system for hiking, cycling and paddling.

/storage/Keb fleece mid layer fleece
17th October 2018 / Video Blog

Review III - Fjallraven Keb (Trekking) Fleece

Review of this warm & versatile fleece jacket from Fjallraven 

/storage/Clearing a used wood fire safely
2nd October 2018 / Video Blog

NSK Natural History Channel - Clearing an Open Fire

Do you know how to clear a fire area up after wild camping? The ‘leave no trace‘ principle isn’t about keeping things tidy as much as ensuring the environment is pristine for nature.   

/storage/Fjallraven Keb Trekking Pants
24th September 2018 / Video Blog

Review II - Fjallraven Keb (Trekking) Pant

Fjallraven trekking ’pant’; trousers for the great outdoors. Our review.

/storage/Keb working hard on the Fjallraven Classic 2018 hiking trek
19th September 2018 / Video Blog

Review 1 - Fjallraven Keb (Trekking) Jacket

A review of the Fjallraven Keb Jacket. Tested in the Swedish wilderness. The first in our Fjallraven review series.

/storage/Use your natural night vision with help from the moon & stars.
18th May 2018 / Equipment & Clothing

Illumination & Your Night Vision

Illumination (or not!) & the importance of its effect on your night vision; one of our ten essentials of enjoying the great outdoors.

/storage/Trekking the Great Outdoors with Fjallraven and Nomad Sea Kayaking
5th April 2018 / Skills

Outdoor Trekking & Wild Camping

The great outdoors & just some of the things you can do in it!

/storage/Map and compass always reliable and doesn't need batteries.
13th October 2015 / Equipment & Clothing

Navigation; Using Map & Compass

Navigation tips & hints.