Frequently Asked Questions

What You Ought to Know!

This is one of the most informative pages on our website with direct answers to direct questions that most guests don't want to ask or simply forget to ask.


Disabilities and/or Health Conditions

Can I participate with a disability or condition?

Yes, you can. Please ensure you provide as much information as reasonably possible when placing your booking & the Lead Guide or Coach will contact you directly to chat it through if necessary.

Will my disability or condition affect the way I am treated or single me out in any way?

We treat all of our guests equally i.e. the same booking process, the same communications (telephone, email and social media) & the same prices for everyone. We don't distinguish between one person or another, we don't need to. There may be operational limitations dependant on your particular event & the weather on the day but your allocated Lead Guide or Coach will discuss the intricacies of your event with you thoroughly so you know what to expect.

What medical information do we need to provide?

You only need to inform us of anything that may affect your ability to participate, particularly in a group. For example, if you are a wheelchair user participating in a group kayak event, the process of helping you to your kayak upon launch may affect our departure time & the effect of tides on the group. 

I am concerned about confidentiality; what happens to the medical information I provide?

Your booking is seen by three people who handle your booking from start to finish; the office-based 'Team Support' who initially administers your booking & the Operations Manager who allocates your booking to a Lead Guide or Coach for your event. The allocated Lead Guide/Coach for your event will be made aware of any conditions & they will contact you directly to discuss if necessary. 

When you place your booking you can also request a confidential call that will ensure your call remains confidential between your Lead Guide/Coach & yourself. The Lead Guide/Coach has the authority to make any changes he or she deems necessary to ensure the safety of the whole group including yourself.

Will I be contacted about any conditions I may have declared when booking?

Yes, your allocated Lead Guide or Coach may be in direct contact with you to discuss your requirements as our guest with the focus on your full participation & enjoyment as far as is possible.