Frequently Asked Questions

What You Ought to Know!

This is one of the most informative pages on our website with direct answers to direct questions that most guests don't want to ask or simply forget to ask.


Important Stuff

What happens if the weather is too bad or there are COVID restrictions for the event to go ahead on the scheduled date?

The Lead Guide for your event has the final say as he/she is directly responsible for your well-being & safety both on & off the water. Our weather remit varies from event to event but for most of our kayaking trips the wind parameter is anything up to 15 knots. Should an event have to be rescheduled due to inclement weather or any COVID restrictions that don't allow us to operate our events, NOMAD Sea Kayaking will let you know as early as reasonably possible. You won't need to do anything; we will automatically reschedule your event to the next available trip & notify you by email. Should you not be able to attend that date, let us know & we will reschedule you to the following available date & confirm by email. We offer two 'available' dates before your event is forfeit. 

You can purchase the Bad Weather Cover when you book which will give you the choice of up to two extra dates, in addition to the two dates we offer as part of your original booking, at a reasonable one-off cost. Bad Weather Cover does cover rescheduled events due to COVID restrictions. 

As with all of our rescheduled events, customers can nominate someone else to take their place; just let us know so we can make the changes to your original booking.

We make an exception for the New Year's Eve Fireworks Night Trip' due to the fact that it only comes around once a year. If this event has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, all guests will either be offered two alternative dates for the same event (minus the fireworks but with an added hot drink & sweet for the stop) OR guests can select any event from our published events online. This can be done anytime throughout the next calendar year. 

And again, as with all of our rescheduled events, customers can nominate someone else to take their place; let us & we'll make it happen. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do;

We offer refunds in two instances; should NOMAD Sea Kayaking have to cancel your event due to a fault on our part, that is, unavailable/sick Guides or coaches, break downs, lack of boats, shortage of equipment, you will be offered a full refund. Secondly, should you cancel within fourteen (14) days of the date you placed your original booking, you will receive a full refund.

We do not offer a refund for 'no shows' on the day of your event, 'bailouts' during any event, or should a guest forfeit their event by not accepting one of the alternative dates offered by NOMAD Sea Kayaking should we be forced to reschedule an event for safety or quality due to inclement weather or COVID restrictions outside of our control.

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Trade, they are available 24/7 to everyone & are straightforward & reasonably simple. If you don't like anything we do, do not book with us. It's that simple.

I have made a booking and received an email. Can I reply?

All emails from our website are sent from a “No Reply” email address so please DO NOT REPLY to these. Don’t worry though as there are plenty of other ways to contact us! 

The telephone is the easiest and quickest way to get an answer to any questions; please keep all calls to business hours of 8.30am - 5pm and try not to leave queries until 24 hours before an event to give you time to prepare. We may all be out on the water and need time to get back to you! Our office number is 01473 - 375 026.

If YOU send N.S.K. a request i.e. you want us to carry out an action for you, the responsibility rests with you to follow up & make 100% sure we, NOMAD Sea Kayaking have received your request. If you don't, there is a fair chance it may not happen as we don't know what you want. Got it?

Email us at 

You can also find us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

Where can I find your terms & Conditions of Trade?

At the very bottom of every page of our website

Assigning seats.

You've made your booking, now you need to tell us who you have booked for. Don't leave the website before you have completed your booking & accepted your own seat & invited your guests to do the same. You also have to ensure your guests receive & accept their invitations. It's simple; non-assigned seats will NOT be able to attend the event, even if you turn up on the scheduled day. Oooops!

Do I need to read through your Terms & Conditions of Trade?

It's always helpful to have a scan read through which should only take a few minutes. It covers things like our policy on inclement weather & any physical limitations that may affect your event like height & size limits et cetera. If in doubt just ring us & ask & we'll give you the low down.

If you don't like our way of doing business, don't book with us. We are honest operators with sixteen years of uninterrupted trading and we are always fair.

Where do I find information about what to wear & bring along for my event?

Once booked, you will receive your ‘booking confirmation’ email (including your booking reference number) which is effectively your ticket of entry. The events page on our website contains everything you need to know for your event such as launch time & venue address as well as what to wear & bring along with you. Please read it through thoroughly.
You can also find a wealth of information about your trip, what to expect & our environmental policy here on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

We provide a huge amount of information to all of our guests in order to manage their expectations, please take the time to read through it & prepare yourself & you will get so much more from your event.

If my event is rescheduled due to inclement weather or COVID restrictions, what if I can't make one of the two alternative dates offered by NSK?

NOMAD Sea Kayaking cannot be responsible for our guest's personal diaries/schedules; it is impossible for us to offer unlimited alternative dates. If you cannot make the next available date we have offered, let us know & we will reschedule you again to the next earliest available date & confirm by email. Should you not be able to or willing to accept this date, you will forfeit your event having declined both published dates we offered. 

You do have the option of purchasing added dates under the 'Bad Weather & COVID-19 Cover' which provides extra dates for you to choose from. This is done when placing your booking & we STRONGLY recommend you take this up if you have a busy personal schedule. This service cannot currently be booked retrospectively although we intend to offer this as a 'retrospective service' later in 2021.  

You also have the choice of 'gifting' your seat to anyone over the age of 16 years; just let us know and we'll credit your account to the value of the seat & ask the new guest to place their booking.

Please be patient & try to be a little understanding; NOMAD Sea Kayaking has absolutely no control over the weather (or COVID restrictions). We offer the next two consecutive dates because commercially we have to complete all of our booked & scheduled events as soon as practically possible. If we don't, we would end up servicing old bookings only & not have capacity to service new bookings - this would simply bankrupt our business. 

We may be a not-for-profit operation but we do still have to cover our costs so we have every incentive to complete your event as soon as possible & in the best conditions for the comfort of all of our guests.

Do I pay for NOMAD Community Projects events?

The events offered by NOMAD Community Projects are subsidised by funders (other charities who support the environmental work carried out) AND NOMAD Sea Kayaking which provides the Guides, equipment & vehicles. So there is a cost to these events that are carried by N.S.K. We ask that anyone booking these events take them seriously. Any 'no shows' to the event will be charged the balance for that event. Forget  example; the 'Charity Beach Clean' is a £20 voluntary contribution from the guest & the balance of £59.99 of the cost is carried equally by our funders & NOMAD Sea Kayaking. 'No show' guests will be charged the balance of the cost of £59.99 including VAT.

What about the Corona Virus, I don't want to be contaminated?

April 2023: There are NO RESTRICTIONS in place.