Frequently Asked Questions

What You Ought to Know!

This is one of the most informative pages on our website with direct answers to direct questions that most guests don't want to ask or simply forget to ask.


Membership Subscription

What is Membership?

Becoming a Member enables guests to access all of our unique trips, courses & events, as often as they want, for a once a month payment or a one off payment for the year on a one (1) year contract. We are NOT a Club!

What are the benefits of Membership?

1. You will SAVE MONEY! Just do the maths........

2. Unlimited trips and courses.

3. New experiences.

4. New friends.

5. The opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of your events & put something back into the environment we use.

Who can join?

Anyone over the age of eighteen (18) can join & make their monthly payment by bank standing order for twelve consecutive months OR pay for the year by card.

Are there any limitations?

Members can book any trip, course or event within their chosen Membership, through their online account. Their account will recognise them & ensure they are not charged for that event. We do have a strict cancellation policy to ensure that all confirmed bookings are honoured by guests & we ask Members to limit their bookings to three trips & one course (Infinity Combo) at any one time to ensure all Members get access to their chosen events. Demand is very high & places are limited. Members can book any event, trip or course as many times as they like throughout the year, repeating events as often as they like. This is particularly handy for paddlers learning new skills.

What are the Catches?

No catches; you join online & pay your first month's Membership plus an administration fee of £50 for the year. You begin making immediate bookings online without paying a penny! 

Ensure you diarise your event & attend it; our cancellation clause is listed clearly in our Terms & Conditions & we don't make exceptions.