Frequently Asked Questions

What You Ought to Know!

This is one of the most informative pages on our website with direct answers to direct questions that most guests don't want to ask or simply forget to ask.


Kayak Trip Preparation

Do I need any particular skills to do a trip?

No particular skills or previous experience is needed. You don't even need to be a swimmer. A positive attitude towards the outdoors is however a prerequisite!

Do I need to be fit to do a trip?

No particular fitness is needed other than being of a normal/healthy weight for your age & height & have a positive attitude towards the outdoors. Engage with the elements & put in the effort when it’s needed. Have a good read of the ‘Trip Details’ on the booking page for trip data including the distances for each trip. 

If you are over 6 foot 2 inches, your height may make you ‘tippy’ in a kayak due to a high centre of gravity. A high body weight will affect the stability of most kayaks, even in calm conditions, so please keep this in mind & be honest & realistic with yourself.

What if I run late?

Your Guides are very busy pre launch, with a lot of equipment, safety checks & briefings to complete with our guests, particularly with COVID disinfecting protocols in place. We also follow the tides & mother nature waits for no man. We cannot wait for late comers.

If you arrive late, that is 20 minutes or less before your scheduled launch time, your Guides will have removed your kayak and related equipment from the launch site assuming your booking to be a ‘no show’. Your guides will have no time to replace them for launch & your booking will be forfeit with no refund.

What time does my event start?

Launch times for different events will vary dependant on the tides for that area. The specific launch time for your event will be listed on your event page on our website under ‘NEXT DEPARTURE TIME’.

Please arrive at least one hour before your confirmed launch time & DON’T BE LATE.

Are your trips graded by difficulty?

It’s impossible to grade different events as the sea offers so many unexpected variables. Clearly, the shorter trips are generally easier in that you have a shorter distance to cover. Read all of our online material; we are always upfront, honest & realistic about every event so our guests know exactly what to expect. Other than that, kayaking is what it is so be reasonable and realistic about your expectations & ability & GIVE IT A won’t regret it.

What equipment is included in the price?

Your 4.3m stable sit-on-top kayak, paddle & buoyancy are included in the price for all guests; if you don't select a choice of kayak, our booking system will default to a sit-on-top. Decked touring and full-size sea kayaks (with spraydeck) are available when placing your booking. These kayaks are not suitable for beginner paddlers & there are safety requirements for using decked kayaks so please read the accompanying information on decked kayak use when you place your booking. All ‘Inclusive Wild Camping Events' include all of your camping equipment, hot meals & drinks.

What do I need to wear?

All of the information you need regarding clothing is in documents on your dashboard & on our BLOG. You don’t need any specialist kayaking gear. 

Layer your clothing & avoid all denim & cotton clothing!

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

Our website and information on your personal dashboard within the website will provide detail but in essence, you only need to bring a packed lunch, snacks for energy & plenty of drinking fluids. There is plenty of packing space so bring along as much as you like & we always recommend extra warm clothing. Keep it all dry in a dry-bag, wrap it up in a thick bin liner.

You can hire or buy a waterproof Peli Case when you book your event.

Can I leave my car keys & valuables with my Coach/Guide?

When booking guests can hire or purchase a Peli waterproof case for their valuables. Your Coach/Guide does not have the capacity to secure your valuables.