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/storage/Hive tool used with a bee colony.
11th April 2022 / News

Community Projects - 2022 Quarterly Update

Updating you all on the progress made by NOMAD Community Projects in the first quarter of 2022.

/storage/Kayakers clearing beach of rubbish.
1st October 2021 / News

Plastic-Free Paddling

A kayak adventure with a twist in Suffolk with NOMAD Community Projects.

/storage/A sunflower with bright sunshine and a blue sky.
15th September 2021 / Environment

Our Haven for Nature

Join us as we explore the area we plan to create our Haven for Nature.

/storage/Plastic bottles on a beach with volunteer refuse collectors in the background.
6th May 2021 / General

NOMAD Community Projects Beach Clean by Kayak '21

Our first beach clean of the 2021 season and 77 kilos of rubbish collected!

/storage/An example of some of the trash we get to collect in one meeting.
12th December 2019 / Environment

The Environmental Impact of NOMAD Sea Kayaking

What effect we, as a business, have on our environment & what we are doing to reduce that impact.

/storage/Surveying Stag beetles (Lucanus Cervus) NOMAD Community Projects
6th December 2019 / Video Blog

NOMAD Community Projects

A video introducing our new not-for-profit community interest company & what we will be doing to support & help the people and environment in our local area.

/storage/A clean beach after our community clear up.
2nd November 2019 / News


Press Release: How & why NOMAD Sea Kayaking & a local USAF base have joined forces.

/storage/Cleaning our beaches jetsam on the beach
30th September 2019 / Environment

Beach Cleaning - Kayakers Call To Arms

We have been ’Beach Cleaning’ on all of our events since before it was cool! This press release launches the first of our Big Beach Clean events.

/storage/Our insects are under huge threat with losses of 75% plus
16th October 2018 / Environment

Alarming Study Shows Massive Insect Loss

Insects; Where have they gone & why does it matter? Here we start to answer both of these important questions.

/storage/Diagram showing the life cycle of a Stag beetle
10th October 2018 / Video Blog

NSK Natural History - Entomology and Our Contribution.

Why do sea kayakers have a Natural History Channel? Let’s tell you!

/storage/Two birds natural history
26th September 2018 / Video Blog

NSK Natural History Channel - Introduction

Interesting, thought provoking & inspiring. 

/storage/Little Tern is a threatened species in Britain
12th May 2016 / Environment

The Plight of Little Terns

Volunteering & kayaking to help the Little Terns