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The Environmental Impact of NOMAD Sea Kayaking

Our Environmental ImpactAs a business, we don't want to just 'spin' our green credentials and give some blurb about how wonderful we are. We all know the huge challenges faced by humans as a species with regard to climate change and we realise our impact on this as a business. After all, we use... Read More

Published On: 12th December 2019

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NOMAD Community Projects

NOMAD Ventures GB CIC (a community interest company) trading as NOMAD Community Projects.This is a 'not for profit' enterprise with no shareholders and no dividends paid out and all assets legally locked into the enterprise - all for the benefit of our local communities! Objectives: To he... Read More

Published On: 6th December 2019

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Armadillo Base Layer, Review II

This is our second review of the Armadillo Merino long John base layer. We've tested these under a dry suit sea kayaking and a two-week thru-hike wild camping throughout so these long johns were used every day throughout.  100% Merino wool provides lightweight warmth and comfort in the toughes... Read More

Published On: 28th November 2019