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/storage/Home page of the new web site showing matching orange kayaks lined up on a shingle beach with blue skies in the background.
5th February 2021 / General

New Website Launch 2021

The new website has been some time in the planning & a full year of hard work to implement. We hope it adds value to our guests' experience of NOMAD Sea Kayaking.

/storage/Sea kayak with swans in the background
13th August 2020 / Trips

Discover Kayaking Trip

Take a dive into our trip on the beautiful Orwell estuary, called 'Discover Kayaking'

/storage/Wild camping tents in Suffolk.
10th August 2020 / Trips

Our Suffolk Wild Camp

If you've been curious to see what a Kayak & Wild Camp weekend looks like, join us here for a visit!

/storage/Aerial view of a beach with two kayaks on it
14th July 2020 / General

Wild Camp Kayaking!

Kayak and Wild Camp site early morning reveal ... 

/storage/Guide loading kayaks to a kayak trailer.
13th July 2020 / News

The Life of a Guide.

The NOMAD camera fairy catching some of the team while they work behind the scenes.

/storage/Assisted recovery strop, spliced to the deck lines at both ends.
24th June 2020 / Safety

Using a Recovery Strop when Sea Kayaking

Practical advice on using a strop for recoveries on sea kayaks.

/storage/Ocean Saver bio disinfectant
1st June 2020 / Video Blog

COVID -19 Update IV

/storage/Guides exercising to maintain fitness levels
25th May 2020 / Video Blog

Life of a Guide; Fitness

Our Guides have to maintain their fitness to keep them good at what they do. No gyms for Team NOMAD! Join us for a quick look at a fraction of what it takes.

/storage/Scrubbing kayaks fighting COVID-19
14th May 2020 / Video Blog

COVID-19 Update III

We talk how easing of lockdown will effect our events & BC industry guidelines for getting back on the water.

/storage/Wood fire beach wild camping Dorset Jurassic coast
7th May 2020 / News


Holidaying at home in the UK has never been more cool! You will be amazed at what you’ve been missing that’s right here on your doorstep.

/storage/Staycation kayaks on the beach ready to launch
30th April 2020 / News

Britain set for a 'Staycation' Boom!

Travelling abroad on holiday has its 'COVID'  risks & for more & more of us, holidaying in the U.K. is a more attractive option!

/storage/Disinfecting our kayaks before every event
28th April 2020 / News

Social Distancing & Kayaking

A short video about the measures we are taking to keep all of our guests, students, Guides and Coaches safe during COVID.

/storage/The life of a guide kayaker getting wet
17th April 2020 / Video Blog

The Life of a Guide

Not a typical end to a trip, but sometimes Mother Nature can get the better of us! A quick, short video from the tent.

/storage/Guide scrubbing kayak clean
16th April 2020 / Video Blog

COVID-19, Update II

/storage/NOMAD Sea Kayaking Crowdfunding
14th April 2020 / Video Blog

Crowdfunder; Thank You!

An update on our Crowdfunder campaign & a very big THANK YOU!

/storage/Coach recovering a large sit-on-top kayak
9th April 2020 / News

Crowfunder; Please Support Us

The launch of our Crowdfunder campaign and how, with a little help, we are going to survive lockdown.

/storage/Gear needed to comfortably poop in the backcountry.
6th April 2020 / Skills

Pooping in the Woods

We encourage low impact camping on all of our wild camp weekends. Here we go through how this works when you really need to go to the loo!  

/storage/NOMAD School of Adventure
2nd April 2020 / Video Blog

Save US!!

Giving all of our guests an update on what we are doing to keep going & a quick reminder to support your local small businesses.

/storage/Spread the love bears cuddling
1st April 2020 / Video Blog

Spread The Love!

Keep going! Support local business & take care of each other.

/storage/An example of some of the trash we get to collect in one meeting.
12th December 2019 / Environment

The Environmental Impact of NOMAD Sea Kayaking

What effect we, as a business, have on our environment & what we are doing to reduce that impact.

/storage/Surveying Stag beetles (Lucanus Cervus) NOMAD Community Projects
6th December 2019 / Video Blog

NOMAD Community Projects

A video introducing our new not-for-profit community interest company & what we will be doing to support & help the people and environment in our local area.

/storage/Armadillo merino wool base layer
28th November 2019 / Equipment & Clothing

Armadillo Base Layer, Review II

Armadillo 100% Merino Wool Long Johnnies review. How have they held up after hiking & sea kayaking?

/storage/Dorset kayaking & wild camping weekend trip.
12th November 2019 / Environment

Dorset Kayak & Wild Camping Removed

A short explaination of why our Dorset Kayak & Wild Camp adventures are temporarily ‘on hold’ (No its not because of COVID!)

/storage/A clean beach after our community clear up.
2nd November 2019 / News


Press Release: How & why NOMAD Sea Kayaking & a local USAF base have joined forces.