A good quality long/short tow system.

Towlines - Get One!

Having recently run some courses where towlines were used I realised how many of my regular sea kayakers have and wear their towlines but never practice deploying them quickly in an emergency and in rough water. The results are a lot of nervous looks, wobbles and the inevitable capsizes. So we'll s... Read More

Published On: 27th September 2015

Warming Weather!!

Temperatures on the Rise?

The next two years could be the hottest on record globally, says research from the UK's Met Office. And that's good news for us sea kayakers!The Met Office warns that big changes could be underway in the climate system with greenhouse gases increasing the impact of natural trends. The research ... Read More

Published On: 14th September 2015

This is a skeg!

Jammed Skegs?

We know the importance of skegs and how much they assist in maintaining a heading in a crosswind. But this is sea kayaking and anything remotely mechanical will break, its just a matter of time. And skegs are renowned for jamming when launching off a shingle beach, the shingle simply jams ... Read More

Published On: 9th September 2015