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About Making Fire

Anthropologists tell us that making fire was a major step forward in primitive man’s development. It's said this achievement was so important that it is memorialised in the mythologies of all the ancient civilisations with stories of godlike fire givers and fire thieves. The ability to make fi... Read More

Published On: 18th November 2015

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Bushcraft & Sea Kayaking

Bushcraft and sea kayaking; how do these two skills fit? Imagine you're paddling with a small group of friends along a coastline. Conditions begin to worsen (as they often do) and one of your group capsizes. No problem, you pop him/her back into their boat and crack on. The swell increased and the w... Read More

Published On: 14th November 2015

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Split Paddles - Don't Lose your Spares!

Sea kayakers should always carry a spare paddle onboard their kayak just in case you have equipment failure of some kind. Where you carry your splits is up to you, front or back deck as long as you have them on board. My personal preference is on my front deck which allows me to extract one half of... Read More

Published On: 4th November 2015

Sarah in her sea kayak.

World Expedition Completed

British adventurer Sarah Outen set out from Tower Bridge in April 2011 on her London2London: Via the World expedition. Her goal: to row, bike and kayak around the northern hemisphere, inspiring children and fundraising for charities. Sarah has overcome huge obstacles and endured extreme conditions ... Read More

Published On: 3rd November 2015