Members Newsletter II - Winter 2016

Members Newsletter II - Winter 2016

Hi all Members,

Welcome to our winter newsletter updating Members on NOMAD Sea Kayaking news. Work on our new website continues and the following will be coming online over the coming days and weeks;
* Blog categories by month and subject matter.
* Blog videos (the first should be online within a couple of weeks or sooner).
* Weather report for every trip and course shown on the relevant event page.
* Alongside the weather report, comments from the Lead Guide for that particular event as to the trip STATUS i.e. expected conditions, change of launch venue, revised launch times to coincide with the tides, event cancellations, reschedules, swell warnings, gear advisory et cetera.
* Videos for every one of our trips and events - please note that when you book you will be asked if you have any objections to appearing in any videos or photographs for the event you are attending.

NOMAD Sea Kayaking is currently working through the process of taking on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This will allow us to constantly build new training courses, trips and one-off events to suit our Members needs by identifying individual training and event needs. So we will provide new and fresh events that our customers and Members want to buy rather than the same old events that NOMAD has always sold. The programme will begin on or around the 11th March 2016 and the first campaign will launch approximately 30 days later or sooner. Further website development will be the ability for our Members and guests to rate our business and performance by event scoring us directly which will relate to an exact quantifiable number. The system is called Net Promoter Score (NPS) and you will definitely notice when it arrives - be patient as this will follow the CRM over a few months.

It will take time to collect and gather the Member and guest data to build these new events and activities but we are very excited about this as it will really take the business to a new level by understanding our Members and retail customers and providing to their exact needs.

'iKayaker' Application
'iKayaker' will have to be updated since the launch of the new website and we hope that we'll be able to kickstart the project this year although we have our hands full with all of the current developments. Philip Trwoga who developed the first Application will be heading this up and we thank him for all of his efforts to date.

Upcoming Events to Note
* Introduction to Sea Kayaking - 26 March 2016
* Seal Colony Trip - 27th March 2016
* Sea Kayaking for Improvers Course - 9 April 2016
* Eskimo Rolling - 2 May 2016
All events have dates online and are available for booking.

Member Referrals
A long term incentive will be launched to increase our Members and in the interim we can offer a £100 credit towards and Celtic paddle, NDK sea kayak or Kari Tek Easy Load Roofrack system when referring any three signed up members. The bigger our Membership, the more events we can offer so it's in all of our interests to refer friends, family and colleagues wherever possible.
If Members have any specific incentives they would prefer, please let us know at or telephone 01473-375026.

Now Recruiting
We continue to recruit Guides and coaches for paid work! All Guides are contracted as a freelance and paid direct to their bank account with the rate of pay determined by qualifications and experience. We are also developing an apprentice programme where new entrants will be trained by NOMAD with internationally recognised qualifications and of course these qualifications will result in greater earnings. The new website takes all applications from the ‘About Us’ and the first training course will be scheduled for April 2016.

Membership Number:
Don't forget to use your unique membership number when booking - you should all have your membership number but if not, please just email or telephone 01473 – 375 026.

There is a lot of development planned for 2016 and we appreciate the support of all of our Members and retail customers - after all, all of this work is being done for you. The focus for 2016 and 2017 is on improving our offering to our Members so please feel free to feedback to us any way you like, email or telephone anytime.

We're looking forward to a great year of paddling adventures together with our Members and guests. See you on the water!

Kind regards to all,

NOMAD Sea Kayaking
Sales & Bookings 0845 - 872 48 68 (local call)
01473 – 375 026 (from a mobile)


Published On: 4th March 2016